Top 10 Most Popular Mattress Brands In Europe By Customer Choice
The Most Famous Mattress Brands In Europe By Customer Choice
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A modern mattress is mostly made of innersprings or materials like latex, elastic, or polyurethane foams. A mattress can also be filled with natural materials, water, or air. People used to buy cotton or coir as a base and then turn it into a mattress. So, after diversity had changed, they used latex and rubber.

More mattresses are needed in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics, which is part of the healthcare industry. The big mattress companies in Europe have come out with easy-to-use, multifunctional hospital beds that can be adjusted in height and have electronic connectivity features. During the forecast period, sales of innerspring mattresses in Europe are expected to stay the same, making up more than half of the market.

That being said, the memory foam mattress segment will grow the most as a whole, even though it will have a small market share in 2019. Because of the COVID outbreak, sales dropped in the area because factories had to close for a while and there were problems with the supply chain. The market should grow at a normal rate after the COVID crisis.

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Top 10 Most Popular Mattress Brands In Europe By Customer Choice

1. Nectar (UK)


It was really easy to order from and talk to Nectar. Most of the time, Nectar will give you a free set of pillows, bed sheets, and a mattress protector when you buy directly from them.

Nectar mattresses come with a lifetime warranty (most brands only offer 10 to 20 years) and a 365-day sleep trial (most brands only offer 100 nights).

What does this mattress make you love? Everyone who sleeps on a mattress will love this one. It gives you extra support without making you less comfortable, and going to sleep on it every night feels like falling into a cloud. For light sleepers who share a bed with a noisy person, know this: you won't feel anything when your partner moves around. It's the best memory foam mattress I've ever slept on. It blocks out all noise, so you can sleep soundly through the night no matter what's going on around you.

2. Dunlopillo (UK)


Dunlopillo makes different kinds of latex and pocket sprung mattresses for people in the UK and Europe. Their focus is on eco-friendly, long-lasting latex and latex foam mattresses. The divans and mattresses they sell are priced about average. Based on customer experiences and feedback, most found their mattresses comfortable at first, but some reported problems with how firm they were and how long they lasted.

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3. Emma (UK)


A well-known British mattress in a box company is Emma. Their beds come in 4 types: the Emma Original Mattress, the Emma Hybrid Mattress, the Emma Premium Mattress, and the Emma Luxe Cooling Mattress, which is their newest bed. Their mattresses are made with good foam, and the Premium, Hybrid, and Luxe Cooling mattresses also have pocket springs. These mattresses are great for people who want well-balanced comfort, as many happy customers have said.

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4. Auping (Netherlands)


Auping is a Dutch company that has been making mattresses for a long time. They've been in business since 1888, so they have a lot of experience in this area. Every Auping single bed is made with great care and attention to detail, so you can be sure that you'll have the most comfortable night's sleep possible. The beds combine years of experience with the newest technologies to give you the best support and air flow.

Auping's bed isn't just about comfort and looks; it's also about quality and long-term durability, and the designs are always being updated to keep up with the latest market trends.

5. Havestens (Sweden)


Hastens is a Swedish company that has been making mattresses since 1852. Not long ago, they began selling a wider range of beds, bedding, pillows, and accessories for everyday life.

Some of the natural materials used to make Hastens mattresses are cotton, horsehair, wool, and flax. The mattresses are made by hand. From a business that made saddlers for family members, Hastens switched to making beds and became very famous in this area.

6. Ikea (UK)


IKEA is one of the best-known brands of cheap furniture, and they have many stores all over the UK. Their mattresses, both with springs and with foam, are very cheap. While most customers are happy with the initial comfort, there are major complaints about the sagging, firmness, and long-term comfort of some mattresses.

7. Saatva (UK)


To begin with, Saatva's mattresses are good for the environment. That's the first thing that drew me to this mattress brand. Their mattress line includes beds with a range of styles and levels of firmness. It looked like all of them would be good mattresses, but the Loom & Leaf's claim to keep you cool and relieve pressure points stood out.

8. Octaspring (Italy)


Octaspring is an Italian company that makes home furniture for companies that make seats for cars and planes. They sell their goods under the Dormeo brand name, which is known in more than 30 countries.

Octaspring is now the biggest company in the automotive and aviation industries that makes healthier and more comfortable bedding and upholstery. They have successfully used a lot of new technologies in the furniture, cell phone, and airplane industries. Because of this, the company has set a new level and standard for comfort, healthy eating, and sleeping in many different industries around the world.

9. DreamCloud (UK)


The delivery process was great because it was very smooth and easy to set up. The 2022 Sleep Awards gave the Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid the award for Best Hybrid Mattress.

10. Vispring (UK)


Vispring makes and sells mattresses and has always been on the cutting edge of new ideas in the business. Since they've been around for a long time, getting the Queen's Award for Business in 2012 is seen as a real testament to how hard they work.

There are four types of springs in Vispring beds: soft, medium, firm, and firm. Even now, Vispring still makes luxury-style beds by hand for people who have high standards and like being different. There are more than 500 Vispring stores in 50 different countries.

In Conclusion

Europeans are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, and they are always setting new standards in many fields. The mattress industry is one of the most important ones. Customers say that most of the well-known mattress brands in Europe are from the UK.

We hope that what we said will help you pick out the best mattress.

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