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Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags Of All Time
Most Expensive Handbags Of All Time

Handbags and women are two things that simply cannot be separated. The year 1920 marked the beginning of this love affair, which began when handbags and purses evolved from being merely an accessory to becoming an essential component of a woman's ensemble. Louis Vuitton was the first designer to create exclusive handbags, thereby establishing a standard of luxury that is now recognized all over the world.

This begs the question: what are some of the most expensive handbags in the history of the world? Here is our list of the top 10!

Top 10 most expensive handbags of all time (updated)


We begin this list with Birkin, widely regarded as one of the most expensive handbag manufacturers ever. This lovely model also features a purple handbag made of crocodile skin that would make any purse enthusiast cry, in true Birkin fashion.

It includes white gold accents and a fair amount of diamond embellishments, which is why it cost $160,000 when it was auctioned off by Christie's. And if you still think that's a lot, as you proceed down this list, you might be in for a few surprises!

9. Fuschia Crocodile Birkin - $222,000

Hermes Birkin handbags continue to break sales records for the most expensive handbags ever, giving the impression that they are in a league of their own. With its 18-carat white gold and diamonds, this fuchsia Hermes Birkin bag will sparkle in your eyes at first glance. During a Christie's auction in Hong Kong in 2015, this gleaming bag fetched a price of $1.72 million Hong Kong dollars.

8. Chanel Diamond Forever Bag - $261,000

When you hear the word "Channel," you already know you're getting something incredibly opulent and pricey. One of the most well-known brands in fashion, whether it be for clothing, cosmetics, or fragrances, is Channel. Additionally, the company remained true to itself when it introduced the Chanel Diamond Forever bag.

Over 300 diamonds are used in the design of the crocodile skin bag, which also features an 18-karat gold chain that can be detached and worn as a necklace. Whether you think this justifies the price or not, the fact remains that one of these babies costs $261,000 and there are only 13 in existence.

7. Blood Red Hermès Braise Crocodile Birkin - $298,000

Although it is the second Hermès Birkin to appear on this list, the Blood Red Birkin is by no means the last. This bag stands out thanks to its stunning red color and a few diamonds and gold accents.

The Blood Red piece set the record for the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction back in 2016, and years later, Birkin would break that record once more. A mysterious buyer paid $298,000 for the model at the time of purchase.

6. Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin - $379,000

The price of Himalaya Birkin bags is justified. Not only is it made from Niloticus crocodiles, but the dyeing procedure alone takes many hours to lighten the color of the fabric. The harder it is to make the bag, the more subtly colored it is. The Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin is intended to evoke thoughts of the magnificent Himalayan mountains, which have white-capped tops and rich brown mountain sides. You can make one of the most expensive bags the world has ever seen by adding a few diamonds.

The most recent Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin had an 18-karat gold shell that was set with over 240 diamonds. It was purchased at a Christie's auction in Hong Kong, surpassing the price of the Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin from 2016, which was $300,108.

5. Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag - $400,000

Celebs walking the red carpet love carrying this pricey handbag. Typically, only one Cleopatra bag per year is produced, and each bag has a unique appearance in terms of color and pattern.

Up until this point, Li Bingbing, a Chinese singer and actress, has owned the most expensive Cleopatra clutch. Lina Marks and stylists specifically created the American alligator leather with 1,600 40 karat diamonds to match her lovely gown. Li Bingbing's name was also engraved in pink gold and pink diamonds.

4. Hermès Chaine D'Ancre Bag - $1.4 Million

Due to its unusual design, something that might initially raise questions is actually a pretty avant-garde and expensive Hermès bag. We are aware that it may not seem reasonable to spend $1.4 million on a few ropes tied together, but as always, the materials and exclusivity are the key.

Given its intricate, prison-like design and 1,160 diamond-studded anchor-shaped chain links, the Hermes Chaine d' Ancre Bag lives up to its name. The pricey materials and the fact that only three of this particular design by Pierre Hardy were produced are two reasons for the item's high cost.

3. Hermès Birkin By Ginza Tanaka - $1.4 Million

Together with Ginza Tanaka, Hermes intended to create a Birkin bag. They collaborated with a well-known Japanese designer, and the result is breathtaking. The bag is made of platinum, which is an expensive material in and of itself, and it also has 2000 diamonds, which are visible shining in the bag's outer shell.

The bag also has a removable diamond sling that you can wear as a necklace or bracelet. Right in the front, a centerpiece diamond with a pear-shaped 8-karat stone is removable and worn as a brooch. This pricey platinum and diamond bag has many uses and is made to last.

2. 2012 Sac Bijou Birkin - $1.9 Million

Even though it's not themost expensive handbag ever, it's certainly close. For the time being, the 2012 Sac Bijou Birkin can rejoice in the fact that, with a staggering $1.9 million price tag, it continues to be the most expensive Birkin bag. And with good cause!

There were only three models made, and given that they were entirely constructed of rose gold and diamonds, it's understandable why they cost so much. This beauty could easily cause the blindness of an innocent bystander, ruining your bank account in the process.

1. The 1001 Nights Diamond Purse By Mouawad - $3.8 Million

The 1001 Nights Diamond bag by Mouawad rounds out the top ten most expensive handbags in the world. It has held the top spot in the Guinness World Records for almost ten years, and upon closer inspection, it is easy to see why.

This masterpiece, made of 18-karat gold and almost 5,000 diamonds, required nearly 9,000 hours to complete. If you're considering treating yourself to one of these for $3.8 million, we advise you to start saving right away.

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