Top 10 Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World
Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World

You will undoubtedly concur that it does not matter how many handbags you already own; you will never object to adding a few more to your collection.

You probably spent anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a good looking branded bag to add to your collection, but did you know that there are bags that are worth thousands and millions of dollars as well?

Top 10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Handbag Brands in the World

10. Louis Vuitton - Price Range: US$2,000 to $5,000

Although there are many Louis Vuitton knockoffs, the real thing always wins. In 1837, the company's designer and founder, Louis Vuitton, began producing trunks. That quickly developed into the prestigious line of luggage, shoes, clothing, and, of course, handbags that we know today and that go for more than $2000.

The reason why the cost of Louis Vuitton is so expensive is that

One of the top companies in the world that specializes in high-end designer clothing is Louis Vuitton. Here are 10 reasons why Louis Vuitton is so pricey, with price tags totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A bag is just a bag to someone who doesn't care much about high fashion. However, a Louis Vuitton bag is not just any ordinary bag for those enthusiasts who live and breathe all things fashion.

Vuitton bags are immediately recognizable by their color, pattern, and design, but there are other factors at play that could cause you to spend all of your life savings on one item.

Top 5 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Handbags Ever Top 5 Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Handbags Ever

9.Fendi - Price Range: $1000 to $6000

Fendi is a luxury-oriented brand that comes from the renowned Italian fashion house. This brand stands out from the competition thanks to its high level of style, making it a desirable option for those who love pricey handbags.

The company was established in 1925 and has a rich history of producing only pricey handbag items. The brand's specialty is its all-leather construction, which includes crocodile skin, lambskin, etc. Without a doubt, the bags are unique, which is why Fendi reached the $28,000 mark for one of its jewel pieces.

8. Prada - Price Range: $2,390-$7,950

Prada first entered the fashion industry in 1913. Prada is a well-known Italian brand that sells a wide range of goods for both men and women, including bags, clothing, cosmetics, and even jewelry.

Even their selection of watches enjoys considerable popularity, and their bags are thought to be among the best in the world. According to reports, their most expensive handbag costs over $10,000.

7. Chanel - Price Range: $3000 to $10,000

Chanel, a well-known French fashion house, was founded in the 20th century. The handbags of Chanel feature embellishments in diamonds and gold, making them very popular among contemporary celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Keira Knightley.

Better than pearls, it’s a fairytale dream for every girl. The Chanel Diamond Forever Bag is the most expensive Chanel Bag ever created on this planet so far.

Only 13 pieces were made.

It contains 334 diamonds (weigh 3.56 karats).

The strap is made out of 18-karat gold chain

The bag is designed with alligator leather.

And the price is $261,000 USD.

Though we are not sure whether Chanel will create a more expensive bag in the future, we do know that they stopped using exotic leather like alligator.

6. Lana Marks - Price Range: $2,655 to $19,890.

There are about 150 different handbag styles available from Lana Marks. It has earned the title of most well-known brand worldwide. Celebrities like Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie enjoy them. 1500 diamonds, estimated to be worth millions, are said to be embedded in Lana Marks' Cleopatra clutch.

5. Hilde Palladino - $38,000

A well-known international brand of women's handbags from Norway. Considering the age of the other brands on this list, they were only introduced to the world in 2001, which is quite late. Nevertheless, they quickly became well-known, and demand for their handbags increased.

The priciest handbag ever made by Hilde Palladino contains 39 rare diamonds and is covered in white crocodile leather. These handbags, which are primarily made in Italy, are what have made them household names among handbag designers. They now have many stores all over the world.

4. Marc Jacobs - $50,000

The most well-known brand in the USA is said to be Marc Jacobs. Marc, the creative director of Louis Vuitton, who is also the most influential gay man in the world today, founded the company. One of Marc Jacobs' most well-known collections is the Carolyn Crocodile Bag, which sold for $50,000.

Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags Of All Time Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags Of All Time

3.Judith Leiber - $90,000

This Hungarian handbag brand is well-known in many countries around the world. The company's most expensive handbag is shaped like a rose and is encrusted with a variety of precious stones. Bags made by Judith Leiber are adored by both men and women all over the world.

2. Hermes – Pricee Range: $15,000 to $150,000

The Birkin bag, which is one of the most popular that Hermes produces, has been seen in a variety of media, including films and television shows, as well as being carried by famous people in their everyday lives.

The business has been in the Hermès family since it was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, a man who was born in Germany and raised in France. A Birkin bag can sell for anywhere between $15,000 and $150,000 due to the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into producing each one.

1.Mouwad - $3.8 million

Although it has its roots in Geneva, Mouwad's headquarters are currently located in Dubai. Initially, Mouwad produced timepieces and jewelry, but the company eventually shifted its focus to the production of handbags.

The most famous handbag ever made by Mouwad was recently sold for $3.8 million, making it the most expensive bag ever sold in the year 2010.

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