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Top 10 Most Expensive SHOES in the World


What was originally designed to safeguard and comfort human feet has become yet another hallmark of opulence. Top designers' high-end footwear is crafted from high-priced materials. Usually, a pair of shoes like that would cost you several thousand dollars.

However, there are some pairs of shoes whose exorbitant prices are simply unfathomable.

Here are the top 10 most expensive pairs of shoes ever made.

10. Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps – $1 mil

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Photo: Yahoo News

These lovely retro heels by Weitzman were created in the manner of the 1940s and have a distinctive T-strap that is valued at $1 million. These shoes have 100 carats worth of Kwiat diamonds totaling 1,800 carats in the form of rose-shaped ornaments on the toe.

The shoes themselves are studded with 400 Kwiat diamonds in addition to these stunning features. The Oscar-winning screenwriter for Juno Diablo Cody refused to wear the shoes during the 2008 ceremony because she thought they were just a "cheesy publicity stunt," which caused the shoes to become a topic of conversation in the entertainment industry.

9. Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos – $1.09 mil

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Photo: Pinterest

You should be aware by this point that the name Stuart Weitzman will always connote something pricey, extravagant, and opulent. And this pair of shoes is a prime example. The heels are adorned with 464 flawless diamonds all over the body, making them a shoemaker's wet dream.

The distinctive quality? The straps that adorn this particular show can, however, be easily removed and worn as a statement piece around the neck. So, it combines the highest level of style with functionality. These shoes, which were first displayed at the 2002 Academy Awards, are likely to make any woman happy and any man $1.09 million poorer.

8. Stuart Weitzman Wizard of OZ Ruby Stilettos – $1.6 mil

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Photo: Pinterest

The Wizard of Oz undoubtedly started a trend. Stuart Weitzman's more modern interpretation of the ruby slippers follows Harry Winston's original. However, this time they are heels. These glamorous, eye-catching shoes were made with 123 karat rubies.

The total number of pieces used was 643, and the rarest metal on earth, platinum, was used to set them all. The $1.6 million price tag for the footwear.

7. Tom Ford Custom by Jason Arasheben – $2 mil

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Photo: USA Today

Nick Cannon wanted to make a statement when he presided over the 2014 America's Got Talent. He also outperformed expectations by donning a pair of $2 million diamond-studded shoes. The well-known jewelry designer Jason Arasheben created the Tom Ford shoes specifically for him, and they were stunning.

White gold was meticulously adorned with more than 14,000 full-cut, round white diamonds. There were an astounding 340 carats in total. The bedazzled shoes took over 2,000 man hours to complete and nearly a year, but it appears that the effort was well worth it.

6. Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels – $2 mil

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Photo: Money Inc

These stiletto heels, which are the third Stuart Weitzman item on this list, were created in cooperation with Eddie Le Vian. These $2 million heels are a magnificent sight to behold. How else could they not be, given that they were set with the stunning gemstone tanzanite?

Along with 28 carats of diamonds, the straps contain 185 carats of tanzanite. These shoes' shiny silver construction gives them a delicate, ethereal appearance, which makes them even more alluring.

5. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers – $2 mil

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Photo: Her Beauty

These gorgeous slippers, another Stuart Weitzman creation, were made from Italian leather. The well-known fairytale figure Cinderella served as the source of inspiration. The toe straps and ankle were made from 565 Kwiat diamonds that were set in platinum and twisted into an intricate lace pattern.

Not only that, but the right shoe also contains a 5-carat amaretto diamond, which is worth over a million dollars on its own. The country singer Alison Krauss attended the 2004 Oscars in 4-inch stiletto heels that blended into the background, allowing the audience to gaze at her massive collection of sparkling diamonds.

4. Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels – $3 mil

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Photo: Pinterest

Rita Hayworth, one of the Old Hollywood darlings, earned a spot in fashion history when Stuart Weitzman turned a pair of the star's earrings into shoes. These heels stand out due to the lovely, understated Sienna Satin that was used in their construction; this is a welcome change from the usual glitz and glam found in pricey footwear.

The earrings, which are prominently displayed in the middle of the shoes, transform the entire ensemble into pure poetry. The satin ruffle near the toe section of this pair is embellished with a variety of precious gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, despite its understated elegance. These $3 million open-toed heels are owned by Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Hayworth's daughter, and are not for sale.

3. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers – $3 mil

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Photo: Pinterest

The Wizard of Oz celebrated its 50th anniversary, and jewelry designer Harry Winston's son, Ron Winston, wanted to celebrate it in style. He decided to do this by making a pair of ruby slippers similar to those worn by young Dorothy.

These shoes, which were painstakingly made using 4,600 rubies, are the pinnacle of luxury. These stunning shoes contain 50 carats of diamonds in addition to 1,350 carats of rubies. These ruby slippers, with a $3 million price tag, are a far cry from the originals, which were made from plain red sequins.

2. Debbie Wingham High Heels – $ 15.1 mil

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Photo: Daily Mail

What is the upper limit for shoes? How many? 10 000? One hundred thousand? one billion? Try 15.1 million, then. Debbie Wingham, who is experienced in producing opulent goods, was commissioned to design this horrifyingly expensive pair as a birthday gift.

The outrageous price tag on the high heels is justified by the fact that they are set with some of the most expensive and rare gemstones in the world, including blue and pink diamonds.

The plaque is made of pure gold, while the shoe's body is made of platinum. The leather used for the remaining portions of these shoes is painted with 24-karat gold. This valuable pair was stitched together with 18-carat gold thread.

1. Jada Dubai and Passion jewellers Passion Diamond Shoes – Most expensive shoes $ 17 mil

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Photo: Little Letters Lined

The most expensive shoes in the world have been produced in partnership by Jada Dubai and Passion Jewelers. The stiletto heel pumps are priced at $17 million and feature two 15 carat D-grade diamonds. Additional 238 diamonds are used to adorn the trim.

The most expensive pair of shoes in the world, made by Passion Jewelers, was on display at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai alongside a less exotic red pair that cost only $27,000 and was covered in rubies. It took 9 months for skilled shoemakers to create it out of pure gold. If it was sold is unknown.

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