Top 7 agricultural producing countries in the world

In any competitive exam, you may find simple questions related to the top Agricultural producing countries and their Agricultural Produce. It would be a good idea to go through some of these important facts so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity of scoring these easy few marks.

Food is a major economic commodity, but only a few countries actually outshine at food production. Most agricultural products require a lot of lands, which only the largest countries have in abundance.

9. Germany

Germany is the third largest producer of pork and also has a high milk and beef production. It is also the third largest agricultural exporter in the world, with a total export value of US $ 70.6 billion in 2014, an increase of 44.8% since 2009.

8. Japan

Top 7 agricultural producing countries in the world

In 2012, Japan produced 10,654,000 tonnes of rice and ranked 10th in the world for rice production. And it is also among the top 20 countries in production of milk , pork and chicken. Expectedly, the Japanese consume mainly rice and fish, and eat less meat compared to citizens of the United States and the European Union. Japanese agriculture, fisheries and food exports reached a record in the last year by an increase of 11.1% and was valued at 611.7 billion Japanese Yen.

7. Mexico

Mexico ranks high in the production of beef and chicken. It is also among the top 20 countries for the production of milk and pork. Despite these numbers, only a small portion of agricultural production represents the country’s GDP. The country’s agricultural exports in 2012 were estimated at more than 10 billion dollars, with annual crop output growth of 1.67%.

6. France

France ranks among the top 10 countries producing milk and beef, and among the top 20 countries for chicken and pork production. Also, it has the largest agricultural production in the European Union – 18.1% of the total European Union production comes from France, which became the fifth largest agricultural exporter in the world with an estimated export of 53.4 billion euros in 2014.

5. Russia

Russia, one of the world’s leading countries for acres of land used for agricultural production, ranks among the largest producers of milk, beef and pork in the world. After the West imposed economic sanctions on Russia because of its involvement in Ukraine’s crises, President Vladimir Putin responded by banishing the import of food from the European Union, the United States and other countries that blamed him for the crisis in Ukraine.

4. India

Top 7 agricultural producing countries in the world

India is ranked the second in the world for milk and rice production. It also has high classification as producer of chicken and beef. With the export growth rate of 21.3%, India leads the list of countries with the highest export growth over the last decade. However, 30% of children in India are underweight.

3. Brazil

Brazil ranks among the top 5 countries for production of milk , pork, chicken and beef, and ranks ninth in rice production. The country has the ninth largest economy in the world, mainly for its agricultural production which contributes to much of the country’s GDP. Brazil is also among the largest agricultural exporters.

2. United States

The United States is the second largest producer of pork and the largest producer of milk, chicken and beef. However, the country ranks 12th as a rice producer, that is why it didn’t get the first position in the overall rankings. Expectedly, this country is the largest agricultural exporter, estimated at 110 billion dollars in 2014, making it ranked No.2 here.

1. China

Top 7 agricultural producing countries in the world
The country is the largest producer of rice and pork, and is among the top 3 producers of milk, chicken and beef. In addition, China is the fourth largest exporter with 58.5 billion dollars in 2014. Compared to 2009, exports in 2014 represent a significant growth of 79.4%. Thanks to its economic growth, China has halved the number of undernourished people since the 1980s. However, 150 million Chinese are still suffering from hunger, especially in rural areas. In addition, $ 32 billion of food is wasted annually, which is why China has developed programs for recycling leftover food.

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