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So this upcoming year if you will be here as a tourist or a regular, get ready to have the best New Year’s Eve as we give you a list of all the traditions to bring in 2021 and gear up for crazy New Year parties in Canada.

Have a closer look at this article and explore amazing New year's traditions in Canada.

When is New Year's Day in Canada in 2021?

New Year's Day is the first day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar, and falls exactly one week after the Christmas Day of the previous year.

The first day of the Georgian calendar, i.e. January 1 is celebrated as New Year in the North American country of Canada.

New Year Day is observed as a legitimate holiday in the whole of Canada. In case, if New Year Day falls on any of the days of a weekend, then the very next weekday is allotted as a substitute public holiday.

This is certainly easier to remember than holidays that are celebrated on, for example, " the 1st Monday preceding May 25" or the "2nd Monday of February".

In Canada, New Year's Day is a federal statutory holiday in every province and territory.

History of New Year's Day

New Year's Day was originally observed on March 15th in the old Roman Calendar. When January and February were added during one of the many attempts to clean up the calendar, they were actually added to the end of the year.

The start of the year was fixed at January 1st in 153 BCE, by two Roman consuls. The month was named Janus after the name of the Roman god of doors and gates. Janus had two faces, one facing forward and one looking back, a fitting name for the month at the start of the year.

During the Middle Ages, a number of different Christian feast dates were used to mark the New Year, though calendars often continued to display the months in columns running from January to December in the Roman fashion.

For some parts of Europe, New Year's Day was determined by Easter, which meant a different New Year’s Day date every year.

TOP 7 truly Canadian ways to celebrate the New Year

New Year is considered to be an important time by the Canadian people, and therefore, grand preparations go into organizing mush grander New Year celebration events.

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Parties over night in Canada. Photo: chatelaine.com

1. Parties overnight - truly Canadian ways to celebrate the New Year

Prior to the day of the New Year, i.e. on the occasion of New Year Eve’s, small as well as big parties are organized all around Canada, which go on till the early morning of the New Year Day. Apart from social parties organized in the club, bars, and discotheques, people also organize private parties at home in which all near and dear ones are invited. These parties are bursting with great music, great dishes, and vibrant drinking options on the feast. Everyone eat, drink, sing, and dance all through the night till the dawn to mark a grand welcome to the coming time of the New Year.

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2. Go ice fishing - truly Canadian ways to celebrate the New Year

There’s been a renewed interest in the cold-weather sport in recent years — probably because it’s been upgraded from its origins as a freezing ramshackle hut in the middle of nowhere. Today, ice fishing typically involves a heated hut and some companies even provide equipment. High-end add-ons can include a guide and a cooking session where you get to enjoy the (gourmet) fruits of your labours. The World Fishing Network lists a number of spots in Canada among the best places to go ice fishing.

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3. Picnic with relatives - truly Canadian ways to celebrate the New Year

The long night parties leave little for everyone to hold anything on New Year Day, and therefore, it is mostly spent in resting and recovering. However, some people prefer to plan a picnic to nearby panorama, popular markets, or a tourist place. However, the tradition of bursting fireworks is something which is enthusiastically and evenly followed in both the urban and the rural part of Canada

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4. Take in the aurora borealis - truly Canadian ways to celebrate the New Year

It is sure that a fireworks display is pretty spectacular, but nothing compares to nature’s version of one. Revealed by the globalnews.ca, instead of huddling with crowds of strangers and straining for a good view of the light show, why not soak in an outdoor hot tub and let the aurora borealis do the entertaining?

It’ll make for a New Year’s Eve to remember. Check out Blachford Lake Lodge just outside Yellowknife, Fogo Island Inn in Labrador or Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge in Nunavut.

5. Strap on some skates - truly Canadian ways to celebrate the New Year

A truly Canadian pursuit no matter what day of the year, ice skating is equally fun if you’re out with friends or the whole family. If you choose a major rink, like Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, Bannerman Park in St. John’s or on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, you’ll also get a spectacular fireworks display, as well as live music and maybe even a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

6.Get down to a local band (or DJ) - truly Canadian ways to celebrate the New Year

If there’s one guarantee on New Year’s Eve, it’s that everyone will be in a great mood — especially when there’s a rockin’ band playing. Whether you’re partying down on St. John’s’ George Street, Halifax’s Grand Parade, Montreal’s Old Port, Calgary’s Olympic Plaza or Vancouver’s Harbour Event Centre, you’re sure to get down and drink up with fellow music aficionados.

7. Take a polar bear plunge - truly Canadian ways to celebrate the New Year

A New Year’s Day tradition, a polar bear swim, which involves plunging into freezing waters in the name of charity, is maybe the best way to shake off any remaining 2017 doldrums (or champagne).

Amazing New year's traditions you should in Canada!
Take a polar bear plunge

The event started in Vancouver in the early 1900s, and today takes place across the nation, inviting brave souls to don crazy get-ups and bring their nerves of steel. Proceeds generated from the event are donated to a number of local and national charities.

There are few customs and traditions which are rigorously followed with a belief that they bring good luck, peace, and prosperity to everyone. Below is just only a few of them. Hopefully, this article is helpful to those who give their big concerns to Canadian culture.


1. Where should I go for New Year’s Eve in Ontario?

Some fantastic places to visit with the family to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Ontario, Canada include Blue Mountain, Brampton, Niagara Falls, and Toronto.

2. Where can I see the best fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Canada?

Niagara Falls undoubtedly have one of the best and most unique fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Canada, since the show takes place over the falls. Apart from that, Brampton, Downtown Banff, Downtown Vancouver, Ontario, and Halifax also boast of astounding fireworks displays.

3. What are the best places to watch Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis during New Year’s Eve in Canada?

Some beautiful places that you can visit on New Year’s Eve in Canada, to ring in the New Year under the gorgeous Aurora Borealis include: Yukon, Yellowknife, Northern British Columbia, Churchill, Battle Harbour, Northern Saskatchewan, Dawson City, Nunavik, and Iqaluit.

*Note Editors: Please celebrate responsiblibly to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 during New Year Time in Canada.

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