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New Year in Australia

In Australia, they celebrate the New Year on January 1. This day is a public holiday and many people have picnics and camp out on the beach.

They have parties that start on December 31 and at midnight they start to make noise with whistles and rattles, car horns, and church bells. To ring in the New Year.

What Do People Do?

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Major Australian cities have special New Year’s Eve events that include parades, music, and entertainment. Celebrities are often invited as guests of honor or hosts for large New Year’s Eve events. New Year’s Eve balls are popular and have various themes such as masquerade, black-tie and formal wear, tropical, or gangster and glamour. Prizes for the most intriguing or best-dressed outfits are awarded at these events. Many people also prepare their New Year’s resolutions for the next day.

Many Australians celebrate New Year’s Eve on boat cruises, urban parklands, or beaches. Others hold special parties or barbecues at their own homes. Public countdowns to New Year's Day are made at large events in major cities, such as Sydney, and are often televised so those at home can join in the celebrations. As the clock strikes midnight to mark New Year’s Day, fireworks are launched to farewell the old year and to welcome the new year. People often hug, shake hands, or kiss each other on the cheek to show their joy and appreciation for the old and new years. Many people also toast their glasses and drink champagne or wine to commemorate this occasion.

Where Can Watch NYE Fireworks in Sydney?

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There’s nothing quite like watching the fireworks being launched over the Sydney Harbour. The event is so iconic that over 1.5 million people reach the city center to experience what many consider the biggest NYE fireworks.

Here are the best spots to watch the show:

Mary Booth Reserve. Capacity: 4,500 people. Opening time: 8 am.

Cremorne Point. Capacity: 7,000 people. Opening time: 1 pm.

Bradfield Park. Capacity: 35,000 people. Opening time: 8 am.

Blues Point Reserve. Capacity: 15,000 people. Opening time: 8 am.

Darling Harbour. Capacity: 40,000 people. Opening time: 11 am.

Public Life

New Year’s Eve is not a public holiday in Australia. However, schools and educational institutions are closed on this day as it is in the school holiday period. Some government offices may be closed or have limited staff as many public servants get time off during this period.


Fireworks symbolize the crossover from New Year’s Eve, which marks the end of the old year, to New Year’s Day, which marks the beginning of the New Year. The largest and most elaborate fireworks occur at midnight between these two days as a way of saying goodbye to the past and welcoming the future. The Sydney Harbour is an iconic Australian landmark that is a special symbol of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Australia. On this night, the harbor is lit with spectacular fireworks, where hundreds of cultures unite for the Harbour of Light parade.

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