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Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
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Finding the best perfume for teenagers can be challenging because so many fragrances targeted at this demographic are overly sweet, overly fruity, or overly vanilla-scented. They are typically far too strong for their own good, to put it briefly. That makes an already overpowering scent even worse when combined with a few too many spritzes.

You should limit your choice of fragrances to those that are age-appropriate, cost-effective, and have great scents because there are so many available. We did the hard work for you to save you the trouble of having to. You should continue reading whether you are shopping for your teen or with them.

1. Best Budget: The Body Shop Mango Body Mist

Price: 3.3 oz (100 ml) bottle is priced at $12

Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
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A glass bottle that is transparent and has a spray nozzle on it holds the body mist. I'm a little apprehensive to keep the bottle in the bag because it's made of glass for fear that it might break. The bottle has a lovely mango illustration on it. TBS also sells body mists with the scents of Moringa, Strawberry, Vineyard Peach, Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Shea, and Satsuma in addition to the Mango body mist.

Pros of The Body Shop Mango Body Mist:

As per its name, the body mist does smell like mangoes with mild citrusy notes.

More suitable to use during summer times.

Fragrance of the body mist is mild and not very overpowering.

Has fruity fragrance.

Cons of The Body Shop Mango Body Mist:

Fragrance does not last for more than an hour.

Has to be constantly reapplied and layered with similar mango fragrant body lotion or body butter.

Packaging is in a glass bottle, so have to be careful while keeping in purse or bag.

Pricey for body mist as it does not last long.

Would be suitable only if you have affiliation towards mango fragrance.

The bottle did not have ingredients listed on it so need to check the TBS website.

It's not necessary to spray it in key locations. It is not overpowering and can be sprayed everywhere. The mist is made with community traded sugarcane from Brazil and community traded ethanol from Ecuador in addition to its fragrance. It is completely vegan and free of silicone, silicone, gluten, and parabens, making it safe for everyone to use. It's a great entry-level scent for a teenager looking to develop a distinctive scent of their own because it's so reasonably priced.

2. Best Trendy: Glossier You

Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
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Its debut fragrance, Glossier You eau de parfum, is available for purchase for £45. The beauty behemoth took a big chance when it created a scent it said would "grow with you no matter where you are in your personal evolution." Glossier intended for it to transcend gender, sex, and race and instead appeal to a variety of people of all ages with its spicy pink pepper top notes and warm amber heart.

Due to its broad appeal, the scent, which debuted in October 2017, has since become one of Glossier's top-rated products. In fact, the fragrance has experienced double-digit percentage growth each year since its introduction, making it one of the brand's best-selling products of 2020.

3. Best Overall for Girls: Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy

Women can use Daisy by Marc Jacobs, a floral woody musk scent. Daisy first debuted in 2007. Alberto Morillas is the man behind this fragrance's nose. Violet Leaf, Blood Grapefruit, and Strawberry make up the top notes, followed by Violet, Gardenia, and Jasmine in the middle, and Musk, White Woods, and Vanilla in the base. Both the FiFi Award for Best Packaging for Women's Prestige and the FiFi Award for Fragrance of the Year for Women's Luxe 2008 went to this perfume.

Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
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Daisy is a sparkling, floral-woody scent that is both youthful and feminine. It is dedicated to a sophisticated, alluring, and brilliant woman while also aiming for simplicity. It is preserved in a pretty bottle with a daisy flower on top. This fragrance was created by Alberto Morillas.

The fruity strawberry notes, intense violet leaf aroma, and sparkling, spicy pink grapefruit are all present in the charming Daisy fragrance. Jasmine, gardenia, and delicate violet petals make up its heart, which beats to a floral beat. According to the Fragrantica review, the white woods, vanilla, and musk make up the powdery soft dry down.

Daisy is available as an Eau de Toilette in 50ml and 100ml bottles, along with body lotion, body butter, and shower gel.

4. Best Overall for Boys: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT

Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
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With its energizing combination of melon de Cavaillon, basil, verbena, and washed suede, Polo Blue conjures up images of freedom, open waters, and a jolt of fresh air.

A teen boy should begin with something understated, and this is a great choice. It's a classic, but it's also light enough to avoid overpowering anyone's senses in the vicinity. Its primary fragrance note is oceanic and aquatic, blended with musk, suede, moss, basil, and sage. In the end, it strikes the ideal balance between inviting and mature.

Top notes include bergamot oil, cucumber accord, watery melon accord, and cantaloupe melon accord.

Aquatic accord, clary sage oil, geranium oil, and basil verbena oil make up the middle notes.

Patchouli heart, sheer musk accord, and washed suede accord serve as the base notes.

spray of eau de toilette.

Promotional discounts are ineligible for this product.

5. Best Floral: Victoria's Secret Bombshell Seduction Eau de Parfumustry

Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
Photo Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret positioned this perfume to be the sister to their best-seller Bombshell. Both are girly and fun, but this one is less fruity and more mature. As a floral oriental scent, this one exudes notes of sage, velvet must, and tuberose, making it a bit sassier, but still sweet and age-appropriate.

6. Runner-Up, Best Floral: Kate Spade Walk On Air

Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
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The Kate Spade New York woman, like Kate Spade Walk On Air, is an original imprint of nature. She looks forward to each new day. She goes after her heart. She exudes poise, assurance, and total insensibility. Without beauty or with caution, she cannot survive. Walk on air captures the elegant assurance and unbridled joy of the Kate Spade New York woman in a timeless, opportunity-rich New York. A breath of fresh air, a light, white floral blend of crinum lily, magnolia, and lily of the valley.

Top Notes: Linden blossom, Calabrian bergamot, Maidenhair fern, Tunisian neroli, Polygonatum

Heart Notes: Lily of the valley, Magnolia, Egyptian jasmine, Narcissus

Base Notes: Lily, White iris, Violet leaf

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7. Best Fruity: Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau De Parfum

Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
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You don't have to be a fan of Ariana Grande to enjoy this playful and sweet fragrance. The notes on this one are undoubtedly sweet, as the name would imply, but not overly so.

Jasmine sambac, frangipani, and dewy honeysuckle make up the middle, crème de cassis, marshmallow, cashmere woods, and vanilla make up the base, and a burst of sparkling blackberry, Italian bergamot, and pear make up the top. The end result is truly divine when everything is blended together. Oh, and the girly girls in your life will adore the furry pompom and millenial pink packaging.

8. Best Hair Perfume: Herbivore X Urban Outfitters Rose Hair Perfume Mist

Top 8 Perfumes for Teens
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Herbivore Botanical made a hair perfume for Urban Outfitters beauty and the apricot scent is other-wordly. I love how light and fruity this scent is, without smelling like a kid’s shampoo. It’s the LaCroix sparkling water of Hair Perfume; vitamin-rich, mega-moisturizing and organic.

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