If you plan to visit this beautiful country, let's read the given information below to find out what they are!

From vast national parks to scenic stretches of coastline, the USA is road trip heaven. But it isn't just about the big sights and the breathtaking roads. In the USA, there exist some strange things visitors need to update to their mind so that they could entirely enjoy their trip to that country.

Here are Top 7 Weirdest Things in The United States

1.Road show

Unusual things you"ll find on a road trip through the USA | loveexploring.com
Photo: Love exploring.

It wouldn’t be an American road trip without the quirky stuff thrown in along the route. From kitsch diners and open-air art installations to otherworldly natural wonders, here are some of the most unusual roadside attractions across the US.

2.Excessive Drinking

Besides Americans being known to have an obsession with beer, we just love drinking. In fact, we love drinking so much that even if we know that we're going to go out drinking, guess what we do beforehand? Drink. Most liquors have empty calories to them and having a beer belly is all too common, but that doesn't stop us from drinking. As listed by Spoon University, Americans will drink anything at any time. Most other countries, however, just drink with meals.

3.Altering Non- American Food

While Americans do have their own foods, when will they stop making foods from other countries/cultures their own? An example of this would be when two white people in Portland decided to run their own burrito stand and then were accused of cultural appropriation, thus forcing the owners to have to shut their business down.

4.Bishop Castle, Colorado

One of the weird things Loveexploring indicates is Bishop Caste. It’s hard to believe this intricate monument is the product of one man’s imagination, let alone built by one man’s hands. The elaborate, self-built stone and iron structure have been chiselled, embellished and decorated by Jim Bishop over six decades. What started as a one-bedroom stone cottage is now a 16-storey fortress with cathedral windows and a steel dragon. It’s just off the curvy Highway 165, which wiggles through central Colorado.

5.Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

The lunar-like landscape of Bonneville Salt Flats sprawls out for 30,000 awe-inspiring acres between Salt Lake City and Wendover, Nevada. The salt pans are blazingly white, cracking and curling in the heat, with nothing growing or living on the surface. There are several viewpoints along the I-80.

6.The Lone Cypress, California

Unusual things you"ll find on a road trip through the USA | loveexploring.com
Photo: 123RF.
Pebble Beach’s 17-Mile Drive, just north of pretty Carmel on California’s Central Coast, is a road trip within a road trip, circling off the Pacific Coast Highway. This is not a drive to rush: there’s a stop pretty much every few minutes, from beaches with harbour seals to this forlorn but noble-looking cypress tree, which occupies a solitary, salt-sprayed perch on a rock jutting over the ocean. Take a look at America's most scenic coastal drives.

7.Thor’s Well, Oregon

America’s oddities aren’t limited to quirky cafés and giant sculptures. Sometimes, the natural world rivals the human imagination when it comes to strangeness. Take Thor’s Well, for example. Dubbed the ‘Drainpipe of the Pacific’, it sucks in water and swirls it around before spurting it out with optimum drama. It can be viewed from a safe distance from the parking area at Cook’s Chasm, off the coast-skimming US 101. These are the most magical places on Earth.

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