Before visiting the UK, take your time to explore this wonderful country's food and culture, even the weirdest ones, you will get a comprehensive insight into it. Now, with KnowInsider, let's dig in.


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Every nation has its own special dishes that are considered to be culinary specialties, and those dishes may surprise the palates of people from other countries. Peanut butter is a sticky condiment that is common in the United States and that the majority of Europeans simply do not understand. Cambodia has crispy tarantulas, Japan has tuna eyeballs, and Canada has moose nose.

2.Spotted Dick

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Despite the abominable name, this dish is a popular sponge pudding that is made with suet (the British are huge fans of suet!) and dried fruit, and it is served with custard. It's likely that Mummy and Daddy consumed a great deal of this while they were away at boarding school.


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This one is just ridiculously enjoyable to say. The periwinkle is a type of tiny seasnail that attaches itself to rocks in the ocean and can be eaten. Foragers love to pick them and cook them in a pan with some bread and butter. They are a very popular choice for those who choose to eat wild foods. Lovely.

4.Scotch Egg

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The phrase "Bubble and Squeak"The Scotch egg, which consists of an egg that has been hard-boiled, wrapped in sausage, covered in breadcrumbs, and then fried to perfection, is an excellent snack that can be eaten either warm or cold. It seems to be making its way onto menus all over the United States, but I really wish we didn't have to go to a trendy bar in order to order one.

For number five, we have a culinary delight whose name, Bubble and Squeak, does not in any way convey any information about the dish. This breakfast dish, which consists of cabbage and potatoes, is typically prepared by combining various leftovers from the traditional Sunday roast dinner. This tradition is still strong in many homes and pubs throughout England.

Even though potato and cabbage are the two primary ingredients, many people today include other slightly-fried vegetables such as carrots, sprouts, or peas in their hash. Not the soggy kind, you need not worry about that. You might be wondering where the name "Bubble and Squeak" came from. Well, some astute individual was cooking up all of these leftovers and noticed the bubbling and squeaking sound the cabbage and vegetables made while they were cooking in the pan. Based on this observation, they came to the conclusion that the name should be based on this sound henceforth.

5.Yorkshire Pudding

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We have another dish with a name that has nothing to do with it: Yorkshire pudding. Many people might assume that the word "pudding" always implies a dessert dish. Anything with "pudding" in the name is most definitely not a dessert dish in the UK. Simple: in England, everything is in the opposite order.

Black Pudding & White Pudding

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The following two pudding varieties are black and white pudding. Once more, this pudding is not at all a dessert. It is more of a breakfast mainstay than any other, in fact. Black pudding is a type of blood sausage made from grains like oatmeal or barley, along with pork blood and fat. White pudding is nearly identical but does not contain any blood. Thanks, producers of white pudding.

How to Simply Make a Pudding Chômeur? How to Simply Make a Pudding Chômeur?

6.Mushy peas

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These are green mush-like peas that have been boiled with sugar and salt after being soaked in water for the previous night. It is the usual side dish for fish and chips. One of the few items on this list that we have tried and enjoyed.

7.Liquor sauce

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This is a sauce that is made with parsley and vinegar, and it is the traditional accompaniment to pie and mash, which is a dish that originated in East London in the 19th century and is still popular today. Pie and mash consists of meat pie combined with mashed potatoes.


In terms of food traditions and delicacies, Britain has some peculiar ones. There are plenty of alternative dishes to go around, including puddings that aren't actually desserts, blood in your morning breakfast, and dishes with strange names.

One thing is certain: Britain loves to keep traditions alive, with most of these recipes dating back centuries and not appearing to be going out of style anytime soon. If you enjoyed this list, please subscribe to KnowInsider and share it with your friends.

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