Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives - According to FBI

The list of the FBI's top ten most wanted fugitives is updated frequently.

The FBI is offering at least a $100,000 reward for information that results in the arrest of one of their "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives." The reward amount offered exceeds $100,000 in certain cases.

The list was made available to the public in 1950. There were 525 criminals on the list as of October 2021; individuals are taken off the list when they are apprehended, pass away, or have their charges against them withdrawn, at which point a new fugitive takes their place.

Approximately 19 out of every 20 of these fugitives have been apprehended or located; the public has assisted in the discovery of 162 of the 490 of them.

At the turn of the 2021 calendar, the fugitives below appear on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List. If you recognize any of these men, contact your local FBI office!

Who is the most wanted fugitives in the world right now?


Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

Arnoldo Jimenez, 37, was added to the list in 2019, stabbed Estrella Carrera, 26, in his Maserati the morning after their May 11, 2012, wedding at Chicago City Hall and dragged her body into the bathtub of her apartment in Burbank. Carrera was found May 13, 2012, wearing the silver sequined cocktail dress she had on during her wedding reception.

Authorities are asking for the public’s help and are offering up to a $100,000 reward for information leading to Jimenez’s arrest. The FBI believes Jimenez may have fled to Durango, Mexico, specifically around Santiago Papasquiaro.

“Because of this horrific crime, a family has forever lost their mother, daughter, and sister,” said Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey Sallet of the agency’s Chicago office. “We are now asking for the public’s assistance to ensure that Jimenez is swiftly brought to justice.”

Carrera’s sister told The Associated Press in 2012 that the woman’s family received a haunting phone call from a relative of her new husband on May 13, 2012. Jimenez’s sister told them he had called her and tearfully said he had left his bride bleeding after a “bad fight.”

Carrera, a mother of two, told nearly no one in advance about her plans to marry, inviting a few friends out that Friday without saying what she was celebrating, her relatives said. Her body was found after family members became worried that they had not heard from her and called police.

Investigators tracked Jimenez’s cellphone from Chicago to Tennessee to Arkansas and finally to Texas, according to an FBI affidavit. The phone was last used May 13, 2012, in Hidalgo, Texas, near the Mexican border. The affidavit said Jimenez was born in Texas and owned property in Pharr, Texas.

Jimenez faces first-degree murder charges in Cook County and federal charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


On November 29, 2004, 24-year-old armored car guard Robert Keith Palomares was carrying the weekend deposits outside a Phoenix AMC theatre when a hooded gunman shot him with a .45-caliber semi-automatic Glock, with five out of six bullets striking Palomares in the head.

The gunman, who fled the scene on a bicycle, took with him a moneybag containing $56,000 in cash, and Palomares was later pronounced dead.

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

Fingerprints found on the bicycle when it was recovered linked Jason Derek Brown, an entrepreneur who owned a toy company and an advertising business, to the crime.

An arrest warrant was issued for Brown on December 4 charging him with first-degree murder and armed robbery, and he was later charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Brown, who has a love of expensive cars and boats, is thought to have been in financial difficulty.

Since late 2004, there have been alleged sightings of Brown in Nevada, Arizona and Salt Lake City in Utah, where Brown had previously lived and worked as a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints.

The FBI has received more leads on Brown than anybody else on their most wanted fugitive list due to his "surfer dude" image. Bizarrely, one of Sean Penn's body doubles was once mistaken for Brown due to his resemblance to the actor.

Brown, now 52, is considered to be "armed and extremely dangerous," and the FBI has offered a reward of up to $200,000 for any information leading to his arrest.


Alexis Flores is wanted for his alleged involvement in the kidnapping and murder of a five-year-old girl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The girl was reported missing in late July of 2000 and was later found strangled to death in a nearby apartment in early August of 2000.

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: Public Enemies

Flores has ties to Honduras. The suspect has used birthdates that would set his age at 37 to 44. Known aliases he has used are Mario Flores, Mario Roberto Flores, Mario F. Roberto, Alex Contreras and Alesis Contreras.

Flores is described as being a white Hispanic male who is 5 feet 4 and weighs 130-140 pounds. He has black hair, brown eyes, a slim build and a light complexion. He has scars on his forehead and right cheek.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to the arrest of Alexis Flores.


Jose Rodolfo Villarreal-Hernandez, aka “El Gato,” has been added to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list for his alleged role in a 2013 murder in Southlake Town Square.

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

A reward of up to $1 million is being offered by the U.S. Department of State’s Transnational Organized Crime Rewards Program for information leading directly to his arrest. The FBI’s Dallas Field Office is seeking the public’s help in locating Villarreal-Hernandez, who is allegedly responsible for stalking and orchestrating the murder-for-hire of 43-year-old Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa.

On May 22, 2013, Chapa and his wife were preparing to depart a shopping center in Southlake, Texas. A white Toyota Sequoia approached the couple’s Range Rover as the wife was loading her purchases into the back of the vehicle.

Chapa was sitting in the passenger’s seat. The shooter got out of the Toyota Sequoia as the driver pulled in behind the couple’s vehicle. The shooter approached the Range Rover from the passenger side and shot the victim multiple times. He then got in the Toyota Sequoia and took off.


Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

Octaviano Juarez-Corro allegedly murdered two people and tried to kill three others at a picnic in Milwaukee 15 years ago.

The FBI is offering up to a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Octaviano Juarez-Corro, the bureau announced Wednesday.

Juarez-Corro is wanted for an alleged double homicide and attempted murders of three other individuals in the summer of 2006 on the banks of Lake Michigan after authorities say he brazenly fired multiple shots into a crowded Milwaukee park.

He has ties to, or may visit, Wisconsin, California and Mexico, according to the FBI. Officials said he should be considered armed and dangerous. Juarez-Corro's aliases include Octaviano Corro, Octaviano Juarez Corro and Octavio Juarez.


Eugene Palmer is wanted for allegedly shooting and killing 39-year-old Tammy Palmer in Stony Point on September 24, 2012. Police said he waited until she put her two children on the school bus before shooting her three times with a shotgun as she walked up the driveway.

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

An experienced woodsman, Eugene Palmer is believed to have escaped into Harriman State Park, where one of his trucks was later found.

He was charged with second-degree murder in Rockland County, where authorities reached out to the FBI after learning he likely fled the area.

That was followed by a federal warrant for unlawful flight on June 10, 2013.

"We can't bring back Tammy Palmer, but we hope finding the man who is accused of murdering her will offer some solace to the grieving family," said Bill Sweeney, assistant director-in-charge of the New York Office of the FBI.

Some of Palmer's relatives have said he probably died in the woods due to his diabetes, a heart condition and other ailments, but authorities have suspected the now-80-year-old managed to leave New York unnoticed. Authorities said they believe he's been living under aliases and is considered armed and dangerous.

"When detectives and prosecutors realized Palmer most likely left New York State after the murder, they asked for our help and we filed a federal warrant," Sweeney said. "That warrant allows our agents all over the United States and the world to investigate, and opens up a vast number of resources to find Eugene Palmer and bring him to justice."

Palmer is known to be interested in auto racing and is a car enthusiast, officials said. He is also an experienced hunter and outdoorsman.

He is approximately 5-foot-10 and 220 pounds with brown eyes. He is balding with gray hair, and his left thumb is deformed.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to Palmer's arrest and conviction of Eugene Palmer. Additional reward money may be offered by other law enforcement agencies.

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The United States Department of State's Narcotics Rewards Program is offering up to $20 million for any information directly leading to the arrest and conviction of Mexican cartel leader Rafael Caro-Quintero, who is wanted for his alleged involvement in the murder of a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) special agent in 1985.

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

This reward is the highest bounty for all fugitives currently on the list.

Caro-Quintero is accused to have been involved in the murder of DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena Salazar, who is said to have been responsible for leading authorities to a ranch that was raided and led to 10,000 tonnes of marijuana worth around $160 million being burned.

Camarena and his pilot Alfredo Zavala Avelar were kidnapped in Guadalajara on February 7, 1985, and were taken to a residence owned by Caro-Quintero, where they were tortured and murdered.

Caro-Quintero was arrested on April 4 and extradited from Costa Rica to Mexico to face charges related to Camarena's murder and served 28 years in prison. However, in August 2013, a tribunal ordered his immediate release, ruling that Caro-Quintero was tried improperly in a federal courtroom for crimes that should have been treated at a state level.

Days later, an arrest warrant was issued in Mexico for Caro-Quintero and he has not been seen in public since, although he has given two interviews to the press.


On the night of April 12, 2015, Patel and Palak were working a night shift at Dunkin' Donuts in Hanover, Maryland. The store was owned by a relative of Patel whom the couple was visiting. Surveillance footage showed Palak and Patel walking together in the kitchen at around 9:30 p.m. before disappearing out of view behind some racks. Moments later, Patel re-emerged without his wife, turned off an oven, and left the store.

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

The body of 21-year-old Palak Patel was found later that night. She had been beaten to death and stabbed multiple times with a large kitchen knife. Investigators believe the couple had an argument, with Palak wanting to return to India and Patel wishing to remain in the U.S. instead.

Customers arriving at the Dunkin' Donuts store grew concerned when no employees came to serve them. A police officer who happened to be near the store was approached by concerned customers and checked out the scene. Upon searching the store the officer found Palak's body. Police then checked the surveillance video and realized the killer was Patel, who had vanished. Patel was not identified as the suspect until over an hour after the murder, giving him time to escape.

After murdering Palak, Patel fled the store and returned to his nearby apartment on foot. He took some personal items, then got a cab to a hotel near an airport in Newark, New Jersey. The taxi driver reported that Patel was very calm during the journey. He checked into a hotel in Newark and was seen on surveillance video at the counter paying in cash for a room. He checked out the following morning.

Patel was last seen on the morning of April 13, 2015, around 10 a.m. at Newark Penn Station in New Jersey. He took a hotel shuttle to the station and has not been seen since.


Alejandro Castillo—17 years old at the time of the killing—is wanted in connection with the 2016 murder of a 23-year-old woman, Truc Quan “Sandy” Ly Le, whom he had previously dated. The two became acquainted while working together in a Charlotte restaurant.

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

A joint investigation by the FBI and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) revealed that Castillo owed the victim money—approximately $1,000. Text messages between Castillo and the victim showed they agreed to meet in Charlotte on August 9, 2016, so he could repay the loan.

When the victim arrived at the meeting place that evening, Castillo apparently had no intention of returning the money. Instead, according to CMPD Det. Brent Koeck, Castillo had the victim withdraw a large sum of money from an ATM. Investigators believe Castillo drove the woman to a remote, heavily wooded area outside Charlotte, where she was shot in the head and her body dumped in a ravine. Castillo and his new girlfriend then fled the state in the victim’s car.

The families of the victim, Castillo, and his accomplice all filed missing persons reports with the police when their children did not return home, and it took a week before the victim’s body was found and identified. The victim’s vehicle was located after the murder by the FBI’s Phoenix Division at a bus station in Arizona.

Castillo and his accomplice had driven to Arizona and then crossed the border in Nogales into Mexico. Two months after the homicide, the woman who was with Castillo turned herself in to Mexican authorities and is now back in North Carolina facing charges related to the homicide. Castillo remains at large, and investigators believe he may be in the cities of Pabellón de Arteaga or San Francisco de los Romo, in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes. He may have also traveled to the Mexican states of Guanajuato or Veracruz. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Castillo has been charged with murder in North Carolina, and in February 2017 he was charged federally with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.


Robert William Fisher is wanted by the FBI for allegedly killing his wife and two children and then blowing up the house they lived in in Scottsdale, Arizona, in April 2001.

Fisher, a former firefighter and veteran of the Navy, was described as displaying cruel and controlling conduct, as well as violent behaviour, towards his wife Mary Fisher and their two kids Bobby and Brittney.

Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives in the U.S by FBI
Photo: FBI

Family members and friends recalled Fisher throwing his kids off a boat to teach them how to swim, turning a hose on his wife after she "spoke out of turn", controlling what went on the walls of their house, and shooting a stray pit bull.

On April 9 2001, a loud argument was heard at around 10.30pm at the Fisher home by a neighbour, and at 8.42am the following day, the house exploded, with the gas line from the back of the house's furnace having been pulled and later ignited with a candle.

Mary Fisher, 38, was found in the house having been shot in the head, with Brittney, 12, and Bobby, 10, having had their throats slashed.

Authorities theorised that Mary wanted a divorce from her husband, and Fisher didn't want their children to go through that, having experienced his own parents' turbulent divorce as a teenager.

Mary's Toyota 4Runner was found on April 20 in Tonto National Forest with their family dog outside the car, and on July 19, a state warrant was issued in Phoenix, charging Fisher with three conts of first degree murder and one count of arson.

He was later charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, and was added to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List in 2002.

A $100,000 reward has been offered for any information leading directly to the arrest of Fisher, who is known to be an avid outdoorsman and a keen tobacco chewer.

The FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives is a most wanted list maintained by the United States's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The list arose from a conversation held in late 1949 between J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, and William Kinsey Hutchinson, International News Service (the predecessor of the United Press International) editor-in-chief, who were discussing ways to promote capture of the FBI's "toughest guys".

This discussion turned into a published article, which received so much positive publicity that on March 14, 1950, the FBI officially announced the list to increase law enforcement's ability to capture dangerous fugitives. The first person added to the list was Thomas J. Holden, a robber and member of the Holden–Keating Gang on the day of the list's inception

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