Illustrated picture. Photo: Mixi
Illustrated picture. Photo: Mixi

Whether it’s manmade or a natural phenomenon, visiting the wonders of the world is on most people’s bucket list. However, with global warming and over-tourism on the rise, soon many of these wonders may disappear.

Which are the 7 Breathtaking Natural Wonders to See Once in Your Life?

1. The Amazon Rainforest

Photo: Popular Mechanics
Photo: Popular Mechanics

The largest rainforest in the world is the Amazon Rainforest in South America, one of nature's more recent wonders. The Amazon rainforest not only offers the best opportunity to learn about biodiversity because it is home to 10% of all known plant and animal species on Earth, but it also allows you to experience complete remoteness, sample a variety of unfamiliar foods, and experience total isolation.

Sadly, deforestation poses a threat to the rainforest. Trees are cut down year after year to make room for cattle ranches and soy plantations. We have already lost 20% of the rainforest as of this point. If you're visiting, consider taking an eco-friendly charter or staying at an eco-lodge to travel in the most environmentally responsible manner.

2. Komodo island

Komodo island - Photo: PT TOURS

It is not surprising that Komodo Island has been included in the new list of the seven wonders of nature given that it is home to pink sand beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and Komodo dragons, the largest lizard on earth. The only place on earth where Komodo dragons can be found in the wild is Komodo Island, and the reptile's 3 m, 135 kg stature is impressive enough to draw tourists from all over.

The government was considering closing the island for a year due to recent Komodo dragon trafficking and overtourism, local media reported two months ago. Join an eco-tour to make sure you treat the environment with the utmost respect if you plan to visit before the site closes. The island has been struggling with tourists taking the famous pink sand home and leaving trash behind.

3. The Dead Sea

Photo: Times of India
The Dead Sea - Photo: Times of India

Even though it didn't make the New7Wonders of Nature list, the Dead Sea, which is on the border of Jordan and Israel, was a deserving finalist. Since the Dead Sea, which is actually a lake, is the lowest point on Earth and has a salinity of over 34%, your body will naturally float in it. It has long been revered as a site of healing, and each year, throngs of visitors come here to indulge in mineral-rich mud treatments and salt baths.

Environmentalists are worried that the Dead Sea may be drying up because water hasn't been entering the turquoise lake at the same rate it is evaporating recently. In 100 years, according to experts, it might be completely gone.

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4. Ha Long Bay

Photo: KKday
Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam has long been a well-liked vacation spot with a backdrop of limestone formations and emerald waters, earning it a spot on the New7Wonders of Nature list. Everyone from artists to geologists has been fascinated by and inspired by the beautiful ocean karst topography.

Ha Long Bay is experiencing the effects of mass tourism due to the daily influx of more than 5,000 visitors. Water pollution is now a major issue as more and more tourist boats discharge oil and gasoline into the bay and visitors carelessly litter. Choose eco-friendly tours and refrain from using plastic while there.

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5. Iguaçu Falls, Brazil

Photo: Intrepid Travel
Iguaçu Falls - Photo: Intrepid Travel

These breathtaking waterfalls, which cross the border between Argentina and Brazil, are accessible through national parks in both nations. The falls, which consist of about 275 drops, the highest of which is a staggering 82 meters, produce an awesome roar. The equivalent of an Olympic swimming pool cascades down these rocky staircases every second.

Rainbows appear in the sky above when sunlight is refracted by the mists that are produced by the water's relentless descent. The 1.1 km walkway that stretches out on the Argentinian side over the river to the Devil's Throat fall is the best place to view the falls up close. Approach from the Brazilian side, however, for the most expansive views. On an 11-day tour of South America with Riviera Travel, take in the falls.

6. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, Philippines

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River - Photo:

On the western coast of the island of Palawan, which is perhaps best known for its picturesque rocky coves and sugar-white sandy beaches, is where the Puerto Princesa Underground River is located. It is a part of the Saint Paul Mountain Range.

Eight of the 13 forest types found in tropical Asia can be found there, along with 165 different bird species, including the white-breasted sea eagle. This region has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999, in part because of the region's incredible biodiversity. You can hear your voice reverberate throughout the 360-meter-long Italian's Chamber, one of the world's largest cave rooms, inside.

7. Table Mountain, South Africa

Photo: Science Photo Library
Photo: Science Photo Library

Table Mountain, which towers over Cape Town, is arguably South Africa's most famous landmark. Despite being smaller than London, the breathtaking flat-topped mountain is home to the greatest variety of flowers and other plant life in the world. In fact, it has more plant species than are found in the entire British Isles.

Many choose to take the cable car to the top of the mountain, which is 1,085 meters above sea level, but more intrepid hikers will benefit from making a day of it and climbing. You will be able to take in expansive views of Cape Town, Table Bay, and the other nearby peaks once you reach the summit.

Jeju Island, South Korea

Photo: Global Travel
Jeju Island, South Korea - Photo: Global Travel

Because of its subtropical climate compared to the rest of the nation, this autonomous province is sometimes referred to as "Hawaii of South Korea." Its warm waters and pristine beaches draw visitors from Asian nations nearby. It was created as a result of underwater volcanic activity, has a distinctive ecological profile, and supports plant species that are unique to it.

The highest mountain in South Korea, Hallasan Mountain, is found on the island of Jeju and is regarded as the island's most beautiful feature. The breathtaking views make the day-long hike to the top worthwhile.

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