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Photo: CBR

Despite an overall decrease in the ratings, showrunner Angela Kang confirmed at New York Comic Con on October 5, 2019 that The Walking Dead has been renewed for another season, throwing us back into the zombie apocalypse for an eleventh year.

"The Walking Dead burst out of the gate ten years ago as a genre show that had all the character depth of a top-tier prestige drama," said Sarah Barnett, former president of AMC networks entertainment group and AMC studios.

"And now 10 years later – led by the brilliant Angela Kang and fuelled by one of the most consistently talented casts in television – this phenomenon is flourishing creatively, with critics and audiences embracing its reset."

The Walking Dead season 11: release date

Photo: AMC
Photo: AMC

The Walking Dead season 11 will be divided into three parts of eight episodes each. The first batch, including episode 1, will premiere August 22.

The second batch is expected to debut later year, in the winter, or in early 2022. And then the final batch of episodes is likely to be released in spring or summer 2022.

We also expect season 11 episodes to premiere on AMC Plus a few days before the AMC cable airing.

The Walking Dead season 11 cast: Who's in it?

People who will be returning are Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa McBride), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos), Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam), Magna (Nadia Hilker), Lydia (Cassady McClincy), and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), among others.

We also know that Connie is still alive, so Lauren Ridloff will be back, and there's also Maggie, played by Lauren Cohan.

Cohan described the news of her return as "completely surreal" during at New York Comic Con (via The Hollywood Reporter).

"It feels just like home. It feels so emotional. It feels really, really emotional. I feel like this is a very special Comic-Con and a very special family and I'm really happy to be here."

The Walking Dead season 11 episodes

The Walking Dead season 11 will consist of 24 episodes, which makes it the longest season of the show. AMC is releasing them in three batches of eight episodes.

They are loosely based on the the comic books "Volume 30: New World Order", "Volume 31: The Rotten Core" and "Volume 32: Rest In Peace."

Details on episode titles, descriptions, writers and directions are still forthcoming.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer

Photo: AMC
Photo: AMC

A full trailer has not been released for The Walking Dead’s final season yet, but the show is teasing glimpses of the upcoming episodes via short teasers on social media. They’re showing up weekly, so be sure to keep checking Twitter for a closer look at what Season 11 has in store. So far, we’ve seen snippets of what looks like an interrogation room, ice cream cones, a bakery cake (with a cash register sound in the background), a subway station, and a courthouse with a gavel. Each is accompanied by foreboding background music, and there are several blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cuts to unfamiliar photographs and other footage.

The teasers might be setting up the Commonwealth from the comics, which was advanced enough to have things like restaurants, practicing lawyers, and other pieces of the “past.”

The Walking Dead season 11 spoilers: What will happen?

In recent years, The Walking Dead has strayed further and further away from the source material, and this conscious decision to explore more "original stuff" has kept things fresh for even the most devoted comic book fans.

After all, both Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) are new additions for the show, and they've worked out pretty well so far.

Chatting about what lies ahead for Maggie, Kang said (via "Maggie is part of the heart of these people's lives. There's so much love for her within our communities, and she was a leader at a time when so much of the leadership at Hilltop had been lost.

"Even as we're working on season 11, we've got so much great stuff planned for her."

In terms of setting, Kang told Deadline that there "will be some more urban feel" to the next chapter.

She also teased that we will see "a little more of Negan and Daryl in episode 16, and it becomes part of the story even beyond that", adding: "It's a little complicated between them. You know, I think Darryl has his moments where he's still not sure, but he can't deny Negan has undeniably done some good things for the group, like infiltrating the Whisperers and killing Alpha.

"So, it's something that we've really been enjoying doing, putting together some of these characters who were on the opposite sides of the line from each other for so many years."

Whatever happens, expect some unique action to arrive early.

"We're in the middle of prepping a pretty gigantic premiere for season 11," Kang said (via SFX). "It's going to have some action which – even this deep into it all – is hopefully unlike anything people have seen before. We're always trying to creatively top ourselves, give people a really fun, cinematic experience, while also being true to these characters that people have grown to love."

"Surprisingly, there's always still more room to go in different directions," Kang continued. "The Whisperers went to a certain kind of scope and scale and epicness, but the next story we’re going into has a different version of it. We're not going to be repeating ourselves with the type of story that we're doing, but there's still going to be lots of fun, scares, horror, and action."

Photo: AMC
Photo: AMC

The Walking Dead spinoffs: What's happening?

As well as the Daryl and Carol spinoff, there's also World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead, which you can watch now, as well as a Rick Grimes movie with Michonne, which is happening.

"We're going to be telling stories with Michonne again," producer and writer Scott Gimple told Collider.

"The end of her on the series was, in many ways, the start of the story."

"Movies take a little longer and we're playing with it in all sorts of directions," said Gimple.

"And then, the pandemic happened, which gave us the opportunity or the necessity to do that.

"We're still doing that. Andy [Andrew Lincoln] is super involved. [Creator Robert Kirkman] is super involved. It really is proceeding. It's just that current circumstances have given us a little extra time that we seem to need anyways. We really want to do it right."

Gimple added: "We've been working on the script and playing around with different aspects of it, but it's still fairly early in there."

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