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Blunt. Factious. Crazy and a bit wild. These rebellious Zodiac Signs can let you experience wonders but also, can land you in major troubles. Photo: KnowInsiders

Personal rebellion can come in multiple different ways. Rebels are not just those who keep fighting for no reason at all, but can also be considered as a type of behavior that people who want to stand up for themselves have. It can come in the form of subtlety that not many can notice.

Here are 6 most rebellious zodiac signs:

1. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

You're Always In The Mood To Start A Revolution

An Aquarius is a rebel down to their very core. After all, they're ruled by Uranus — planet of radical change and revolution — and they have no fear when tearing down the establishment. When faced with a set of rules, an Aquarius automatically has questions. Who wrote these rules? Why did they write these rules? Who gives them the power to enforce these rules? You better have answers for an Aquarius because they're this close to starting a movement.

Thinking always, these folks have a plan in their minds and if something gets in the way of their plan, they’ll play the long game, meaning, they will wait you out, and then deliver to you the way it’s “really going to go down.” If you had your heart set on doing it your way, it really doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with an Aquarius — they’ll do it their way in spite of all your efforts. You think you’re in control? Not with Aquarius, you’re not. Remember, the long game is all about letting you feel confident that it’s going to work out your way, until BAM. This rebel gets their way... again.

2. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

You're Always Trying To Push It To The Limit

Is it any wonder aggressive and impulsive Aries is so rebellious? They're ruled by Mars — planet of combat and intensity — for crying out loud. If you ever challenge an Aries, there's no way they can resist a fight. Tell them they're not allowed to do something and you've automatically tested their patience. This zodiac sign follows their own instinct and no one else's. Try to tell them otherwise and you've got quite a situation on your hands.

Photo: AstroTalk
Photo: AstroTalk

Let’s keep this in mind as a tenet for the future: Aries does not care about your rules. Like God, Aries laughs at your plans. And why? Because The Great Red Ram is such a rebel that not even they know what they have in mind, all they know is that they’re going to do it their way, by hook or crook. The one thing you can count on is that they are predictable; Expect your Aries mate to contradict everything you say, and keep in mind that even if you agree with their idea of a plan, somewhere along the line they will more than likely rebel against that too.

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3. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

You are good at fights and arguments

Taurus look reserved and are stable and serious. But they are also very stubborn, they hold onto their own. They know how to defend their principles and beliefs to get what they want. They don’t give up and fight for themselves – they act like the greatest rebels and accept nothing less than what they want. They are good at fights and arguments, they are very effective at proving their point.

What would seem obvious about the Taurean nature plays out in a much subtler form of rebellion than you’d necessarily imagine? That whole “stubborn nature” gimmick? Oh, it’s real, but it’s also the solid foundation of their personal rebellion. Just try getting someone born under the sign of the bull to do something they are vehemently opposed to. You’d have an easier time lugging around a small building. When Taurus rebels, they don’t have to verbalize their intention. They simply don’t move, making them one of the zodiac signs that are the most rebellious.

4. GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)

You Probably Think The Rules Are A Total Joke

Rules? Gemini? Puh-lease. I bet they weren't even paying attention when you started explaining the rules to them. Geminis prefer to figure things out their own way rather than follow the guidelines. Why? Because it makes things more interesting. Geminis are always on the verge of being bored out of their skulls and following the rules is flat out boring. This zodiac sign loves to infuse their day-to-day life with a little mischief. It's just who they are.

There is an internal struggle between both of your personalities. The rebel wants to pick a fight for everything while the peacemaker is always trying to internally reason with the rebel. Most times, the rebel manages to kick down the peacemaker, solving that internal conflict until next time.

5. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

“I did it my way”

It may very well be the anthem of the Libra personality. They won’t push or pull, as they don’t need your approval when it comes to following their own bliss; they know what pleases them and they pursue it without anyone’s approval. What you might call rebellion is just the Libran way; unlike Taurus, they are not stubborn, they are simply true to themselves and if budging is a thing they will not do, the last thing in the world that you’ll be able to make them do is budge. A surprisingly mighty sign, Libra. They are rebels in pursuit of their own agenda.

Photo: Thought Catalog
Photo: Thought Catalog

In reality, Libra is the shyest person in a room. They secretly keep a strict watch at everything. They have sharp eyes and flawless observation skills. Anything that happens in the surrounding cannot be hidden from Libra. They keep information about their whereabouts.

These people are silent and respectful until the moment they sense dictatorship. Further, their impeccable communication skills help them flaunt like a rebel that you cannot ignore. As a matter of fact, people are commonly fans of Librans in the room. Therefore, they make it easy for themselves to be noticed. At first, you might never think this person could ever make a stand. However, Libras are full of surprises.

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6. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Living In The Fast Lane Is Always Your Preference

To ask a Sagittarius to follow the rules is like trying to keep a dragon in a cafe. They'll just melt the iron bars with their fire and then fly away. There's no point in asking Sagittarius to abide by the norm because Sagittarius simply doesn't believe in the norm. Instead, they see countless possibilities for how life can be and these adrenaline junkies want a taste of them all. This zodiac sign is an adventurer through and through, and since when has adventure involved rules?

Arrow set for their target, bow in hand, they are game for rebellion any ol’ day of the week. The Archer will think before they strike; their intention is always well directed, as this is a key to the Sagittarian personality. Rebellion comes naturally and they like to take the role of “rebellious leader” which might imply that they need back up for their rebellious endeavors. Sag likes to “lead the army” so to speak, so expect missives that are direct, to the point and completely rebellious. These people enjoy revolt. I’d go as far as to say they even get off on it.

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