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People of these signs are more social, action-oriented, communicative, bold, passionate, extroverted, fast-moving, assertive and courageous. Photo: KnowInsiders

Do you consider yourself athletic? Being athletic doesn’t mean you work out all the time, but when you’re athletic, you’re good at sports and constantly train to get even better.

In astrology, in particular, the athletic zodiac signs don’t play sports or lift weights so they look good; rather, it's because they want to manage their stress, be as healthy as possible, and it's how they have fun. Athletic people enjoy moving their bodies, and when they don’t get enough exercise, they feel "off."

You don’t have to be a professional athlete, you just have to live a certain way. When you're athletic, you’re focused, determined, and you take care of yourself. You make sure to eat right so your body has the fuel it needs, and you drink enough water and get enough sleep.

You’re good at pushing yourself and tend not to give up when things get difficult. You thrive on competition but are also the type of person who's more interested in getting better than perfection. For athletic people, they enjoy competing with people who are better and more skilled so they improve.

6. Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Astrologically, a Sea-Goat symbol with the color brown represents Capricorn.

So, are Capricorns good at sports? The short answer is yes. Athletic Capricorns are usually very ambitious, extremely hardworking, and dedicated.

This Zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorns are always into very demanding sports that make them go above their limits, like weight lifting, yoga, boxing, running, ice hockey, etc.

Though being fit may not be their focus, their primary aim is to be good at what they set their minds. They make sure they achieve their goal, causing them to put in hard work even to the point of breaking until they achieve their goal.

Some famous athletes who are Capricorns include Eddie Hall, LeBron James, Muhammad Ali, Yohan Blake, Dave Bautista, etc.

Rivaling Virgo in terms of efficiency and work ethic, Capricorns are some of the least lazy people that you’ll ever meet. In fact, the most common criticism this sign get is that they’re all work no play. This successful zodiac sign is too ambitious and driven to allow any sort of laziness into their lives.

5. Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Astrologically, Sagittarius is athletic in different ways. They like hitting the gym regularly, joining a sports team, swimming, hiking, biking, and several other outdoor sports. They involve in these sports to explore nature and behold the wonders of creation.

Photo: The Outdoor Wear
Photo: The Outdoor Wear

This set of people are usually near waterfalls where they take pleasure in swimming in these natural places other than their local swimming pools, just to mingle with nature. Sagittarius athletes can never be satisfied with themselves until they have hit their target. As such, they always determine to meet their target while also having fun in the course.

Astrologically, Sagittarius is associated with an archer, and a bow and arrow represent the symbol. The planet that rules this Zodiac sign is Jupiter.

Some famous Sagittarius athletes include Max Galloway, Asafa Powell, Kylian Mbappe, Russell Wilson, etc.

Sagittarius individuals tend to be athletic in several ways — they may work out a lot at the gym, be on a sports team, or they'll do things like hiking, biking, and swimming while they're traveling. They combine exercise with seeing the wonders of the world.

4. Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Of all the 12 astrological signs, Virgos are one of the fittest athletes. Virgos are always health-conscious. Hence, they become so addicted to fitness that they possess inborn strength, making them persistent and mentally, physically strong.

Virgo, according to Astrology, has a maiden symbol and exists between August 22 and September 22, ruled by the planet Mercury.

Due to Virgos’ features, they indulge in fast-paced sports and sports involving cardio endurance like marathons and long-distance running. Virgos also love lone sports like sprinting, horse riding, cycling, etc.

Some famous athletes who are Virgos include Jesse Owens, Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Patrick Mahomes, Michael Johnson, etc.

Virgos are one of the few people who you just could never call lazy, seriously that is at least. This is a zodiac that is never happy with things being okay or even good, everything they do needs to be perfect. This detail-oriented sign leaves no stones unturned when they work or are asked to do something, they are the direct opposite laziness.

3. Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Leos are great team leaders — they focus on helping the team achieve success at all costs. They often put the success of the team first in whatever they do. They are constantly working on improving their skills, maintaining a positive mental which serves as an inspiration to their teammates.

Photo: Guidable
Photo: Guidable

Leos loves to play team sports like American football, basketball, cricket, and soccer. According to Astrology, Leos’ ruling element is fire, with the lion as its Zodiac sign. Leos are brave and strong; the word retreat is not in their vocabulary, making it one of the most athletic zodiac signs.

Some famous Leo athletes include Tom Brady, Magic Johnson, Harry Kane, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, etc.

A Leo would never want to let down their teammates. They tend to inspire others but have the attitude that setbacks will happen, but defeat is a choice, so go back out there and put everything you've got into winning.

2. Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 22)

Scorpios are usually adventurous, getting involved with risky sports, and never feel satisfied until they go beyond their limit. They are usually into sports like gymnastics and mountain climbing.

Some Scorpios are into team sports that bring out their inner force. The Zodiac element of Scorpio is water, and it is one of the signs associated with water.

Some famous Scorpio athletes include Nadia Comaneci, Odell Beckham Jr., Russell Westbrook, Wayne Rooney, etc.

While a Scorpio’s enthusiasm and energy often depends on what’s happening in their emotional life, they are normally highly motivated and determined people who do well in everything they put their minds to. These are people who enjoy control and knowledge is power, so they never skim over the finer details in life.

1. Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Aries are determined and highly athletic people who are vibrant, energetic, and competitive. They always want to outshine their rivals, constantly training hard to be better than others.

Sports like wrestling, kickboxing, martial arts, car racing, cycling, surfing are the type Aries individuals love participating in. Aries are also good sports team captains.

They are very adventurous and energetic, always up for any physical challenge and competition. According to Astrology, Aries, which is a Latin word for Ram, represent the fire trigon.

Some famous Aries athletes include Mo Farah, Dave Mirra, Peyton Manning, Kyrie Irving, Baker Mayfield, The Undertaker, etc.

Aries doesn’t need a motivational talk to get them moving, if anything they are the motivational speakers. This sign is a bundle of energy that just acts without allowing too much time for procrastination to sway their minds. This is a sign that wants to get to the top and actions speak louder than words!
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