4445 1 homemade chocolates for your girlfriend would make her happy

Valentine's Chocolates made by you for your girlfriend would make her happy. Photo: Biggerbolderbaking.

Don't worry! Here are 6 amazing gifts we have collected to help you strengthen your relationship on Valentine Day.

1. Homemade Chocolates for your girlfriend would make her happy

Luxury-designed chocolate is no stranger to most of us. Those pay-by-the-ounce chocolates you buy at speciality shops are a complete waste of money when you can make them yourself. Even if you’re a complete stranger to a stove, you can still put together some homemade chocolate candies as a gift, as ranked by the moneycrasher.com.

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A tour on Valentine Day as the hobby of your girlfriend. Photo: Onetour.vn

2. Hometown Tourism as a part of the hobby of your girlfriend

If your girlfriend is a travelling-love, she’ll probably be disappointed when you present her with yet another bunch of grocery store roses.

Instead, make part of her hobby come true by planning a “staycation” in your area. You can plan a romantic dinner without leaving your hotel room. With DoorDash you can order dinner in from her favourite restaurant.

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Let the car of your girlfriend be like this. Photo: Pinterest

3. Car Decor on the car of your girlfriend

It is obvious that when it’s a special day, you need to start the day off right so she knows that you planned something. A message on her car is perfect if she’s the one who rolls out of bed and off to work each morning. Use a window marker to decorate the windshield and windows on her car with cute, sweet messages – extra points for hearts and other designs.

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A jewellery case would be the ideal gift for your girlfriend on Valentine. Photo: Insider.

4. Overnight Kit

For those of you who haven’t made the leap to living together yet, it’s likely that your girlfriend still probably stays over at your place from time to time. Instead of requiring her to bring an overnight bag, show her that you’re not a total “commitment-phobe” by putting together an overnight kit to keep in your bathroom.

Fill a basket or a makeup bag with the essentials, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, her other favorite toiletries, perhaps even an apartment key – and, if she won’t mind you being so forward, a romantic accessory or two from a bedroom boutique like High on Love (its sensual massage oil is a great find). She’ll love that she has a permanent place in your bathroom cupboard. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is probably through prime cabinet real estate, Money Crasher.

5. A monogrammed jewellery case from a minimalist fashion startup for your girlfriend

Keeping track of tiny and delicate jewellery is difficult — but jewellery cases are a pretty and useful solution. Especially if you've gotten her jewellery in the past, or plan to in the future, this is a thoughtful and personalized gift. It's made from premium leather, comes in six colours, and can be monogrammed with her initials.

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On Valentine, let the world know you and your girlfriend are a couple.

6. A beautiful cashmere sweater in tons of colours for you and your girlfriend

Your girlfriend would be surprised if you give her a ton-sure-ton sweater. Like other people, your girl perhaps wants to be the centrepiece of the public. She would want to say to the world that you and she are a couple. So, a sweater or clothes would be the ideal gifts for most occasions.

To sum things up, from a woman’s point of view, extravagant gifts are awesome, but you don’t need to drop huge sums of money to give a wonderful, heartfelt gift. Showing that you put extra thought into a present definitely scores high, so don’t let bank account shame stop you from making her feel special on a big day.
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