There are tons of gifts you can choose for your loved one on Valentine's Day. Photo: Pinterest
There are tons of gifts you can choose for your loved one on Valentine's Day. Photo: Pinterest

So some ideas will be given to guide you what awesome Valentine’s Day gift to get your boyfriend.

Valentine's Day is arguably the most romantic day of the whole year, where couples share a bottle of wine, parents take a night away from the kids, and where some of us take the opportunity to ask out that special person for whom we’ve been pining, in the hopes of starting something wonderful.

To help you along the way, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favourite gifts to give to men on Valentine’s Day, to create a night full of pure romance.

1. A unique bottle of wine

Unless your partner strictly doesn’t drink, alcohol can be an easy gift option. Depending on your budget and their taste, consider buying an expensive bottle of wine, a big bottle of whiskey or even a classic bottle of champagne. If they are a connoisseur, there are affordable home brewing sets available online, and even local beer making courses. Just make sure he saves some for you!

2. Fashion accessories

While most men have plenty of boring socks, carry a wallet and have a few pairs of cufflinks, buying some expensive, high quality accessories for your significant other might suit his style. Think special occasion pieces, or extravagant items you know your partner wouldn’t buy for himself, and keep the receipts to give him the option of selecting his own, offered by rose only.

3. Book

10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him
A book can be precious gift for your boyfriend (Photo: Money casher)

If your loved one is an avid reader, gifting them with a stack of books might be just what they need to feel spoilt.

Books don’t have to be budget-busters. New hardcovers can cost a pretty penny, but there are lots of other formats to choose from, including used books, paperbacks, e-books, and audiobooks. Secondhand books often sell for literally pennies on Amazon, so even with shipping, they’re no more expensive than a high-end greeting card.

In fact, a cheap book can double as a card with a romantic inscription in the front. Just add a line or two inside the cover telling your fella how you feel about him. As long as the book stays on his shelves, he always has your words of love as well.

Most book stores offer gift vouchers if you’re unsure what to buy, and some of the more specialised and online stores even sell first editions. If there’s a book your partner can’t live without, find a unique copy and inscribe your own romantic message, stated Money casher.

Or find them a first edition print of an American classic that he can treasure forever.

4.Tickets to a show

The beauty of buying your significant other tickets to a show is that it’s something you can enjoy together. If your partner likes going to the theatre or listening to live music, research what’s coming up and secure your tickets in advance. If you’re unsure what they might like, search for a genre you think they’d be interested in (like comedy, circus performance, music etc.) and book two tickets to opening night. Even if the show is bad, you’ll enjoy critiquing it together afterwards.

5. Cards

10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him
Photo: Money crasher

Let’s start with the most traditional valentine of all, the card. The tradition of exchanging messages of love for Valentine’s Day supposedly goes back to the original Saint Valentine, an early Christian martyr. As History tells the legend, the very first valentine was a letter the saint sent to his jailer’s daughter before his execution, which he signed, “Your Valentine.”

During February, stores load their racks with Valentine’s Day cards that cost just a few dollars each. However, the language in them is often corny and cliche. If you want to surprise and delight him, your best bet is to make a card yourself — one that’s just for him.

The best homemade valentines make use of your skills, whatever those happen to be, as Money casher suggested.

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