Top 4 Zodiac Signs Will Make The Best Healers
Top 5 Zodiac Signs - Best Healers

Which Zodiac Sign is the “Best Healer”?

When we are hurt, we share our problems with someone who is compassionate, empathetic and healer. They can heal our emotional pain and make us feel good. They are the people who have the innate nurturing quality in them, and hence, they take care of the people a lot.

In astrology, there are four zodiac signs who are the healers. They are caring and genuinely think about others a lot.

Here are the top 5 Zodiac Signs Will Make The Best Healers:

1. Scorpio - Best Healer or Super Healer

Although Pisces is the slightly more talented healer, Scorpio takes spot No.1 because their performance is so much better; determined, focused, and reliable. Also they have a great symbolic affinity to medicine: Healing by poison / medicine (the sting), healing by sex (Scorpio rules the genitalia), healing by bringing you back from the dead (Pluto - transporter of the underworld). They also love research and have a good intellect. All in all great medics.

No other sign is as brooding in emotion as the sign of Scorpio. Emotions that dive deep, it can take a life time to find out how far the drop goes, where it comes from or why it gurgles from below.

The constellation of Scorpio forms the symbolic nature of the critter itself. Evasive, small, usually roams in dark corners, isn’t known for open battles, instead sits in the shadows and can appear out of no where, attacking with its deathly venom when you least expect it.

The tiny size of a Scorpio, its deadly poison, says much about its sensitive nature and how much protection is necessary–all rooted from what stirs beneath.

Top 4 Zodiac Signs Will Make The Best Healers
Scorpio Zodiac Sign: The Best Healer, Therapist, Investigator

These dramatic upsets jabs the Scorpio energy through lessons and trials, a calling towards a journey downwards. Despite the incessant blows and devastation, decades can past without ever really going to the source of the problem. The avoidance or ignorance brings about the subconscious reactions, shadier, lower vibrations echoing internally. Deep hurt, pain festering into the low vibes of Scorpio: jealousy, resentment, grudges, vindictiveness, manipulations and to the extreme, cruelty and death.

Pisces: The most naturally talented healer but loses out to Scorpio because they can be very flaky, unreliable and lazy all depending on how they feel. Of course Pisces rules all things intuitive, empathetic and service oriented. Neptune rules all things liquid - blood, microbes, bacteria, virus and so on. The most natural healer of the zodiac.

2. Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Will Make The Best Healers

The ultimate psychic and energy reader, Aries is so astute, it's a wonder they're all not opening up practices in the healing arts. One might not think that fairy Aries would have the patience to deal with an invisible variable, but they are actually experts at picking up on what's going on in another person.

Aries are known to be bold, excitable, and adventurous. They go after the world full force and do the same with their significant others. An Aries doesn’t just fall into the laps of anyone—if they choose to be with you, it’s because they see you as smart, intriguing, and someone they truly want to spend all their time with.

When your heart breaks, you tend to view the world as something dull and monotonous, but an Aries wants to take you by the hand and show you just how incredible and exciting the world around you is. They want to remind you of the things you’ve forgotten.

Aries are one of the most caring zodiac signs, despite their fiery nature. Their way of helping is to identify what's wrong and then to talk about it in detail, for the purpose of allaying any fears in the person whose energy is "off." If you have high standards when it comes to being healed, definitely go to an Aries first.

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3. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Will Make The Best Healers

If there's a sign that would be associated with healing and energy work, it would have to be Cancer. It is not just something that comes naturally for Cancer — it's their birthright; they own the field.

Cancers are the best at making you feel comfortable. In fact, comforting their friends makes them feel good. Of all the water signs, Cancers are by far the best healers, and each Cancer is a true empath.

Cancer is the most nurturing sign of all. People of this sign take care of others a lot and they are highly devoted to their loved ones. They always give their best to make others feel comfortable. When you are hurt, they can feel the pain and try to heal your emotional stress. They are more suitable for nursing, but are really good healers.

It's a Cancer you'll find at the day spa, figuring out what you need in order to make your spa experience perfect. Oh, sure, we all love aromatherapy, but Cancer knows what essential oil you'll need to heal whatever troubles may ail you.

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4. Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Will Make The Best Healers

Virgo always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to descriptions, but the truth is, those born under the sign of Virgo are helpful, compassionate, loving people who can pick up on just about everyone in the room.

Because they are Virgos, they are naturally difficult, which makes their help unwanted. And truth be told, there's no such thing as an emotionless zodiac sign, but often, Virgos are depicted as such. Virgos are often considered to be the best healer of all zodiac signs. They are caring and compassionate. Due to their practical mind, they will also show you the right path to take big decisions after you get over the emotional pain.

They will care for you in the smallest and most practical of ways, and in moments when you’re trying to heal, the small stuff is what tends to be overlooked the most. A Virgo isn’t going to try and distract you from your pain, but they will help in any way they can to put you back together piece by piece because they truly want the best for you and want to see you become the best version of yourself.

In reality, Virgo loves to comfort their closest loved ones. On a bad day, however, Virgos can be a little high-maintenance. Still, if Virgo can bypass that "stuck up hateful" reputation of theirs, they can really see into a person and help. (Fun fact: Virgo loves to help — they just don't want you to know it!)

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5. Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Will Make The Best Healers

Very perceptive and almost uncanny in their findings, Taurus is surprisingly open to the invisible worlds, and, as healers, they excel. You may not find them doing Reiki as it's a bit too tame for their tastes, but you will find them in occupational therapy, working on patients that are in physically compromised positions.

As earth signs, they tend to keep a grounded approach to their healing. They know where you hurt and make great massage therapists. After all, isn't a great massage therapist more than just someone who rubs your back?

A Taurus doesn’t try to ease into a relationship when they are interested. They’re ready to hear everything about you if you feel comfortable enough to let them in (and truth be told, they have a way of making you feel comfortable without even trying). When your heart is trying to heal, it can be easy to bottle everything up because reliving the pain can seem unbearable, but your Taurus partner understands that sometimes these things need to be exposed before they can fully heal.

Oh, yes, and Taurus is that worker who knows exactly where you need relief... because they can read your energy. Be careful, though — Taurus is by far the most defensive of all the zodiac signs. So sometimes, you might be met with their standoffish attitude.

Top 20 Signs You’re a Healer

Are you a Born Healer? Do you have the magical capacity to heal others around you? If you’re a healer, chances are there are signs, signals, and cues all around you.

1. You feel extreme empathy, often feeling emotions and experiences as physical sensations of pain and hurt

2. You’re often told it’s soothing to be around you

3. Those around you rarely get sick

4. You have now or have ever been diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorders

5. You have now or have ever been diagnosed with any mood disorder

6. You think of solutions for others to make their lives better

7. You have a strong desire to help others, even at a loss of your own resources or needs

8. You’re already in a traditional healing field – medical workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, guidance counselors, physical therapists, veterinarians or vet techs, and more.

9. You have a history of healers in your family. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. are or were engaged in healing based professions – medical, touch, spoken, or otherwise.

10. You frequently experience heightened awareness in public places – difficulty breathing or nervous butterflies

11. You walk into a room and can immediately tell if there’s been a fight or a disagreement before you arrived

12. You’re the person people turn to for comfort, problem-solving, and kind words during difficult times. . . and you always help

13. You find yourself feeling like problems of others are dumped on you for fixing.

14. You’re frequently drained at the end of the day, especially on days involving large amounts of social interacting

15. You’ve noticed that you have a special touch with animals

16. Small children and animals are often drawn to you, even when they’re shy around others

17. Complete strangers spill their life stories to you without asking

18. People ask you for back and shoulder rubs, or back scratches and you’re known for being good at them

19. You like to ensure people feel comfortable when they’re visiting your home or space

20. You often feel overwhelmed with the number of things you’ve agreed to help others with

Over the last couple of decades, the idea of "light and energy" work has come to our attention.

Energy workers are people who are perceptive enough to intuit what is going on in another person and offer help if needed. Those readers may also perform energy healing and are sensitive, aware, and generally interested in healing the person they come into contact with.

Not everyone believes in this kind of work or even spiritual energy, and it's always good to keep a healthy skepticism going on when working with someone who says they are a healer; they may be, although they may also be a charlatan.

Is there such thing as an energy healer? An actual human being who can read the energy of another? Yes!

Every single one of us, in fact, can be an energy healer — especially the healing zodiac signs.

You know how you can detect when someone is hiding something? That's reading someone's energy. The same goes for knowing when a person is angry or depressed. It's not just about the facial expression, it's something you pick up on, and it's undeniable — that energy reading.

While everyone has the ability to tap into others' energies, some extra-intuitive healing zodiac signs are just naturals at it. Even if your Sun sign isn't on the list below, if one of these zodiac signs appears in your birth chart somewhere, you're a natural healer at heart.

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