Mysterious Full Moon: Ancient Astrology and Zodiac Signs Mysterious Full Moon: Ancient Astrology and Zodiac Signs
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Full Moon in Virgo and Chances of Each Zodiac Signs
Full Moon In Virgo and Your Furure

When is the full moon in Virgo?

The full moon in Virgo will light up the sky on March 7 at 7:40 a.m. EST.

On the day of the Full Moon in Virgo, we have the opportunity to explore the shadows around us, feel good enough, and accept ourselves as we are in each moment.

According to astrology, the Full Moon can shed light on hidden problems in our lives, bringing new information to light in a way that creates an end.

In particular, any plans or intentions you make around the time of the last New Moon in Virgo, on August 27, 2022, can come true.

At the same time, the strong energy of Virgo during this Full Moon can motivate us to gather factual information around a murky issue, sharpen our perspective, and develop a realistic plan. for the future.

Bringing out your inner Virgo personality trait and staying grounded will be crucial to helping you get through the tumultuous vibes of this Full Moon.

When it arrives, the Sun in Pisces will inched toward Neptune in Pisces, attracting the illusory energy of Neptune, the planet of imagination and dreams.

This planetary conjunction can obscure truth, blurring the line between fact and fiction. During that time, the Sun and Moon will also form an inclination with active Mars in Gemini.

This can spark a lot of spiritual energy: Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

As a result, we may find ourselves more anxious, thinking more than usual, or using words as a weapon of criticism. Remember that you can also use words to defend yourself and your ideas when necessary.

Within an hour of the Full Moon in Virgo, Saturn, the planet of limits, difficulty and commitment, will enter Pisces for the first time since 1996.

In turn, the themes that dominated your life in the mid-'90s may start to re-emerge now.

But also, every time Saturn moves into a new sign (about every 3 years), a new sector of our natal chart will undergo karmic lessons and experience growing pains.

The themes and themes that arise today may offer clues as to how you will develop in Saturn's journey through Pisces, which will continue until February 2026.

Saturn Enters Pisces: How Will Be Your Life in the Next 3 Years Saturn Enters Pisces: How Will Be Your Life in the Next 3 Years

Effect of the Full Moon in Virgo on the 12 Zodiacs

1. Aries

When you let go of grudges, when you truly forgive people for what they have hurt you, you are freeing yourself from emotional poison and opening up space in your heart for more love. love and new experiences.

There are many things you can do to reduce anxiety, such as yoga, meditation, exercise, listening to music, and even playing with coloring books and markers. The only thing that matters is that you get pleasure and relaxation from it.

It's time to throw anxiety out the window and bring peace, harmony and calm to your spirit.

2. Taurus

All the energy of this Moon is calling you to spend time in nature, Taurus, let your inner child renew its connection to the outside world.

The energy of Mother Nature is healing you in a powerful way, especially for those with a strong connection to the Earth.

When you're feeling stressed or emotional, just take a short break, step outside and breathe in the fresh, clean air.

Or, try planning a meditation or yoga session you can practice outdoors, when your spirit and your inner child will thank you.

3. Gemini

Face your difficulties, Gemini. At this time, trying to decide between two options can feel miserable, even overwhelming.

But Virgo is determined and steadfast, and both of you share the wisdom ruled by Mercury, it will make your choice much easier so fear not.

If you've been considering a big decision for a while, this could be the perfect time to listen to your heart and act on what it tells you.

4. Cancer

As the Full Moon illuminates your fourth house and family, Cancer feels called to uncover pieces of yourself or emotions you've kept hidden in the past.

The tensions between your career, family life, important relationships, and personal ambitions are overwhelmingly at odds. Affirming your need and speaking your truth will help you deal with it.

It's also time for Cancer to clean up and remove things that no longer serve them in life such as old clothes, cosmetics, and electrical appliances. The physical space you create from clearing out old stuff will also open up more emotional space for you.

5. Leo

This full moon in Virgo illuminates your 2nd house of resources, income, and personal worth.

You may find that what you believe is at odds with the beliefs of others in your community and you need to stand up for your own opinions and set boundaries.

This is also a financial opportunity for you to cause a change in your financial situation at the moment.

What do you believe in? What do you represent? What do you want to speak out against? Reviewing your answers to these questions will give you a solid foundation to face future confrontations.

If you're feeling stuck or even a little lost, this is a great time to get motivated and infuse passion into your work.

Start thinking about what brings you joy every day, then start doing what you can to make it happen.

6. Virgo

This full moon is in your sign - a sign that focuses on health and self-care, it's important that you apply these themes to your life now.

Take time to soak in the tub, draw and create like a child, listen to music and read a good book. These will give you the energy you need for future projects and endeavors.

Take a deep breath. It's time to let it all go, Virgo. This Moon asks you to release old parts of yourself that are no longer serving you, do what you love.

7. Libra

The full moon heightens our intuition, and this may cause Libra to reconsider its position in love or career.

If you need guidance or direction, look no further than the promptings of your own mind because it has long been trying to give you answers.

Rest is the foundation of health, Libra. The full moon enters the 12th house of solitude, subconsciousness, spirituality, and healing, causing you to slow down and make time for your own energy.

Your health is in need, so if possible, invest in taking care of your physical, mental, or spiritual well-being in some way.

8. Scorpio

According to the March 2023 horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs, major changes in your social circle may be taking place, Scorpio.

The full moon passes through the 11th house of your friendships, allies, and community. Perhaps you are experiencing a dramatic confrontation within your network of friends, or you are about to complete a major collaborative project.

You are also more concerned about the unspoken expectations that others have for you, thereby motivating yourself to try harder every day.

Working with Tarot cards, astrology, or researching new metaphysical practices will help you continue to tap into this energy.

Scorpio's time and energy are precious resources and you deserve to get back what you've given freely.

9. Sagittarius

Major life changes could open up for you under the Full Moon in Virgo in March 2023, Sagittarius.

It illuminates your 10th house of career, ambition, and public reputation, which may spur you to start or end an important role.

If you've been struggling with work-life balance for the past few months, the stress could be at its peak right now, which could trigger a confrontation between Sagittarius and a manager or manager. colleague.

Speaking up about your grievances will lead to mutual understanding or help you see what relationships you might be leaving behind.

Sagittarius, reflect on where you've been and where you're headed. Who were you 5 years ago and 5 years later who do you want to be? In the end you will be given the answer by the universe to get out of the vicious circle at the present time.

10. Capricorn

The Full Moon falls in the 9th house of Capricorn of knowledge, spirituality, travel, and risk.

You may be completing the final steps of a major project or travel journey, or sharing your insights with a wide audience.

At the same time, some disturbing news may come and Capricorn may be tasked by the universe to sort out fact and fiction.

Try something new. Engaging your mind in a new way will feel mind opened and soothed under the rays of the Moon this time.

11. Aquarius

This Full Moon energy wants you to acknowledge everything you've been through lately and how those events have changed you for the better, Aquarius.

You're constantly growing and developing, so it can be hard to keep track of those changes, but it's time to realize how far you've come and reward yourself.

Appreciating and celebrating your own efforts in the past will bring bigger and better changes in the future for Aquarius.

People are eager to support you for who you are, but first, you have to believe in yourself and love yourself more.

12. Pisces

Pisces will experience changes or stress with your partner, family member, or current living situation.

Just say "no" if you feel you've gone too easily in some close relationships, give yourself permission to set and defend firm boundaries.

Especially when you go with the flow and accept what's to come, it's easier to see the magic in every moment.

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