horoscope for people born on the full moon day
Horoscope for People Born on Full Moon

The Moon phase that you were born under could have a drastic effect on your personality, mood, interests, and even your destiny.

What is the Full Moon Day and Birthday

According to the traditional concept of Eastern people, the full moon day of every month (meaning the 15th day of the lunar calendar) is the time when the sun and moon can clearly see and shine into people's souls. At that time, people become purer and more lucid. And this is all thanks to the protection and protection of the gods and superiors.

Handed down orally from generation to generation, the full moon day is the day when grandparents, ancestors, and gods visit their descendants and the world because this is the full moon day, according to the folk concept,

The Moon represents how you process your emotions and your feelings of security in the world. The Moon also represents your creative and intuitive nature, according to astrology.

When a Full Moon or a New Moon falls on your birthday, the effects can be extremely powerful and even auspicious.

Your birthday is basically the celebration of your Solar return, which is the moment that your Sun returns to the exact same point it was at when you were born.

Consider how the phases of the moon affect the tides in the ocean. Since our bodies are composed of mostly water, it makes sense that these tidal forces can influence us directly. The moon phase from your birthdate can act as a powerful guide for the rest of your life.

Meaning of full moon day according to science

On the full moon day of every month (also known as Advent), the moon and the earth are almost in a straight line. According to energy researchers, on this day a special energy pulse is created that has bad effects on people such as accidents, diseases...

In folklore, the ancients saw many people having bad luck on this day, so they were haunted. From there, the concept of having to bow to pray for an accident to pass was born. And that concept became a custom, a custom passed down from generation to generation.

Meaning of full moon day according to Buddhism

According to Buddhism, the full moon day of the fourth lunar month (Buddha's birthday) is the day Buddha Shakyamuni was born, which is counted as the first day of the year of the Buddhist calendar. The full moon day of May marks the historical event that Arahant Mahinda stepped foot in Ceylon, enlightening not only the traditional Theravada religion.

Through the full moon of the sixth lunar month, this is the day the Buddha first preached the Dharma, the Zhuan Falun sutra and went up to the Tu Su heaven to preach the Abhidharma to his mother and the gods, seven years after Enlightenment. The full moon of July is the day when all the monks begin to settle down for the summer. On the full moon of August, the monks settled down and strictly followed the precepts.

On the full moon of September, the Buddha completed three months of preaching the Abhidharma to his mother and devas; The delegation led by the venerable Maha Arittha went to meet King Asoka to request the king to allow Arahant Sanghamittà to come to Ceylon to establish a nunnery there. At the same time, the full moon of September is also the day when Maitreya Buddha was born, grew up, and joined the Sangha.

The full moon of October is the day when the Buddha sent 60 Arahants everywhere to spread the Truth. The Buddha came to Uruvela to preach and persuade the three Kashyapa brothers and their one thousand entourage. Venerable Maitreya was predicted to become a Buddha by Shakyamuni Buddha, the fifth Buddha in this present life.

On the full moon day of November, the Arahant Sanghamitta arrived in Ceylon, bringing with him a branch of the Bodhi tree, where the Buddha attained Enlightenment in India.

The full moon of February is the day when the Buddha led the Sangha to return to Kapilavastu for the first time, to save his father, King Pure Sanh (Suddhodhana) from entering the stream, and lead Rahula to leave home. attain Arahantship. On the full moon day of March, the Buddha came to Ceylon for the second time and lectured on the principles of peaceful coexistence, patience and compassion for the two grandchildren of the Nagas tribe who were competing for the throne.

Full Moon Birthday - Personality Traits

Born On A Full Moon: Horoscope for Life Time, Personality Traits
Born on A Full Moon: Personality Traits

If you were born on a full moon, you may find that certain personality traits and tendencies are no coincidence. Just like your zodiac sign, the moon phase can have a lot to do with your life’s journey. Here’s what you need to know about being born on a full moon and how to channel this unique circumstance to your advantage.

People born under a Full Moon are incredible, powerful, unique individuals. The Full Moon phase is when the moon is at its brightest and most empowering. The intense pull of a Full Moon can create brutal waves and drive people to lunacy. There’s a reason that the Full Moon plays such a large role in myths and legends, like werewolves.

If you were born under a Full Moon, you likely have a free spirit with a wild heart. Being born during this moon phase can cause people to be impulsive, passionate, and energetic. This can lead to incredible success, or a life of chaos.

According to the concept of Eastern astrology, people born on the full moon day will often have a tough destiny, especially than boys born on weekdays. Is this really true?

Let's find out the article below to know more details about the life horoscope of people born on the full moon day.

Full Moon Means High Energy

Let’s state the obvious: full moon is the peak energy phase of the moon cycle, so it’s no surprise that being born on a full moon also harnesses this energy. This is the time when full moon rituals are in full swing: crystals are being charged and cleansed, desires are being manifested, and creative breakthroughs abound.

This is all because of the stronger gravitational pull of the earth on the moon. Plans are coming to fruition and are in full abundance. Knowing this, it’s hardly shocking that people born on a full moon share these feelings of being energized and inspired.

Horoscope - Best Prediction for Your Destiny in Life Time

Born On A Full Moon: Horoscope for Life Time, Personality Traits
Full Moon Birthday - Horoscopre

The 15th (Lunar) of every month according to folklore, this day is also known as Vong day, the day when yin and yang are out of balance. House of worshiping ancestors and relatives. So this time yin will actually be heavier. Therefore, it is said that children born on this day are the reincarnation of the devil.

When they grow up, it will be difficult to teach, damaging the fortunes of their parents. Some people say that due to the overlapping yin gas, the child is easy to get bad breath into the body, affecting health, moreover, it is easy to attract the devil. This has absolutely no solid evidence, just rumors.

According to the horoscope, people born on the full moon day are those who respect their spouses, but their children are engraved with a picture of them. They are contentious and warlike, so it damages their future. After the age of 25, there is a slight improvement; Some men work as hired laborers and develop far away from their hometown; Women carve their husbands, meet someone with a strong destiny, life is also peaceful. To know more carefully, you need to look at the specific horoscopes of each person.

Full Moon Birthday Horoscope, According to Science

According to Eastern customs and culture, the 1st day is the beginning of a new cycle, the 15th day of the brightest moon marks the next cycle is the fading moon, when vampires appear. That's why people attach this story to people born on those two nights to add to the mystery.

At the same time, the attraction of the moon according to the lunar calendar, of the sun according to the solar calendar. The attraction of the Moon causes the tides to change up and down, and also causes a state of "biological tides" in the human body, causing the fluid in the human body to also change. Because according to science, the human body is more than 75% water by weight. The change in the water content of the earth will certainly provoke the change in the water content of the human body.

It is the cause of nervous stimulation to crisis, disorder and imbalance, affecting the nerves of those born on this day... Also, those born on those two nights. will have more special biological changes than people born on other nights.

According to folk beliefs, the moon represents yin, which is similar to yin (girls), and the sun represents yang, which is similar to yang (boys).

Energy can be one of our greatest assets, but it can also be difficult to control. This is especially true for full moon babies: during a full moon, the sun is located directly opposite of the moon. The two are at conflict, which means that the sun (which controls your mind and logic) and the moon (which influences your heart and emotions) are at war from the moment you’re born.

These struggles often manifest throughout your life’s journey and may make you feel conflicted when choosing between what your heart and mind are telling you. As a result, you may also come off as indecisive because you have so many different thoughts and priorities pulling you in different directions. Decisions are not easy, sometimes to the point where you decide not to decide at all!

It's not all bad being born under a full moon. People born during full moons work well with others, since they can be great listeners and even better mediators. The same instinct that urges them toward indecision makes them pretty agreeable and cooperative, too.

Full Moon Birthday Horoscope, According to Feng Shui

In terms of feng shui, a balanced yin and yang is always a prerequisite to bring good luck. Therefore, when yin or yang is at its peak, it is abnormal. Children born on these two days will have a strong temperament, difficult to teach, and later life will have many ups and downs, difficulties.

However, no matter what day a child is born, every hour needs the education and care of the family so that they can develop both physically and mentally in a harmonious manner.

Tides are related to the rise and fall of the sun and moon. On the 1st and 15th days are the times when the tides are most variable. So on these two days, the amount of water in the human body will inevitably change according to the fluctuations of the earth's tides.

According to Eastern medicine, "men take control of qi, women take control of blood", men and women have different physiological characteristics. So if you are born on the 1st, there will be changes in your qigong, if you are born on the fifteenth, there will be changes in your blood flow. So the case "boys on the 1st, girls on the full moon" personality is also somewhat more special.

In addition, on the 7th, 8th and 22nd day of the lunar calendar, due to the relatively large field change between the earth, the sun and the moon. On the 22nd and 23rd, the yang qi peaks, and on the 7th and 8th yin qi will be extremely heavy. All affect the physical change in the person.

Over the years of observation, it has been concluded that: Men born on the 22nd and 23rd, and women born on the 7th and 8th are likely to suffer from incurable diseases. However, this is just the experience from the folk, so far there is no scientific explanation for this mystery.

How to calculate moon phase by date of birth

Moon phase is also known as the shape of the moon on a certain day - specifically here is your date of birth (calculated according to the solar calendar). To find out what the moon phase is on your date of birth, follow these steps:

Step 1: Type in Google the syntax moon phase at + date of birth (xx/yy/zzzz)

Step 2: Return results, visit moongiant.com (first) to see the moon shape on your date of birth.

Step 3: Go back to BlogAnChoi's article to see the personality that corresponds to your moon shape.

How to determine your moon phase

After finding your moon phase on moongiant.com, compare the "degrees" of the moon with the list below to determine the specific moon shape.

♦ 0-45 degrees: New moon

♦ 45-90 degrees: crescent moon at the beginning of the month

♦ 90-135 degrees: crescent moon at the beginning of the month

♦ 135-180 degrees: crescent moon at the beginning of the month

♦ 180-225 degrees: Full moon

♦ 225-270 degrees: crescent moon at the end of the month

♦ 270- 315 degrees: Crescent Moon at the end of March

♦ 315-360 degrees: Crescent Moon at the end of the month

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