Least affectionate zodiac signs. Photo: KnowInsiders
Least affectionate zodiac signs. Photo: KnowInsiders

There are 12 zodiac signs and each of the twelve signs represents a stage in the cycle of solar energy. Our zodiac sign influences our behavior, our aims and the way we do things.

People tend to naturally give love in the way they like to receive love and great intimacy and communication can be established between the couples if they have a better understanding of each other’s love languages.

Some people love a hug while others will settle for a handshake. If you've ever tried to cuddle a significant other who wasn't feeling it, or had a friend to tell you they prefer to keep their distance, it might have something to do with astrology.

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1. Gemini

Photo: Hội thiên văn Hà Nội
Photo: Hội thiên văn Hà Nội

Gemini can be very affectionate (if she's having fun with you), but if there's no "click" chances are pretty good she's looking for someone else to get close to. In reality, Gemini just wants to have a good time and she doesn't really care who it's with. She's always looking for the next best thing, so unless you're keeping her interested, she'll take her affection elsewhere.

For Gemini, being affectionate means letting your guard down, which Gemini isn't always great at. She likes the chase, not the catch, and she likes being flirty, but when the other person starts to return that affection, she gets scared off. It might be too close for comfort to let herself be vulnerable, so she opts for more casual encounters rather than serious romance.

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2. Aquarius

Aquarius Zodiac Signs. Photo: Star Naming
Aquarius Zodiac Signs. Photo: Star Naming

Aquarius is the most intellectual and unconventional sign of all the zodiacs. They are out of box thinkers and revolutionaries. They don’t do anything mainstream and that includes their love life.

They will not be the ones to indulge in lovey-dovey expression but rather they would look for a partner who is equally independent and ambitious. They would rather focus on their goals and be in a relationship where they can help each other achieve their magnanimous goals instead of spending their time on lovey-dovey confessions.

If you are with an Aquarian woman, then know that she would be detached and seem cold and distant. It’s not that she doesn’t love you but she wants to focus on achieving her goals and she is looking for someone who is equally focused on what he wants to achieve in life.

Aquarius tends to run from emotional expression, which means that anything that even remotely feels like letting her guard down and talking about her feelings is an absolute no-go. She tends to focus more on herself and her own goals in life, rather than trying to make room for someone else in her life.

Aquarius is one of the most detached, guarded signs. She tends to keep her true feelings under lock and key unless she knows for a fact that you won't mock her or make her feel weird for the kind of person she is. She would much rather keep people at arm's length until she can trust you completely, rather than run the risk of looking desperate because she wants to show affection.

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3. Scorpio

Scorpio zodiac signs. Photo: Star Naming
Scorpio zodiac signs. Photo: Star Naming

While most people show affection by kissing, hugging, and being playful, Christopher Renstrom, author of The Cosmic Calendar, says that, "Scorpios show affection by looking you dead in the eye and asking, 'What's wrong?'" Instead of bonding through affection, they "bond through pain," he explains.

Loftis adds that Scorpios can be "quite calculating and tough," which could lead to them seeming insensitive. They can be tough to crack.

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4. Capricorn

Photo: Star Naming
Photo: Star Naming

Capricorn is an Earth Sign. Earth signs are more practical and grounded as compared to water signs.

They know how to hold back their emotions and how to not get carried away by them. A Capricorn woman is also very practical and logical. Even if she has feelings for you, she will not show them all the time. She will carry her head with the heart to guide her on her journey.

She would also prefer to show her affection in private than engage in PDA. She definitely wants to stay for the long haul but she is not the love-dovey type. It’s just not her.

Capricorns are all about work and building wealth. Because of their single focus on the future, "showing affection to those around them isn't a priority," Castiglione says. That doesn't mean they're bad friends or significant others, though. "They're the friend who bails you out of jail without asking any questions but never expresses any affection," she explains.

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5. Virgo

Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: express.
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: express.

Because Virgos are notoriously analytical, they can be too in their head to enjoy affection. Jill Loftis of Nuit Astrology says, "While they're busy spreadsheeting the situation or trying to fix it, they can lose track of conveying an emotional understanding or affectionate response." Instead of showing love, they're "more focused on offering solutions to the problem."

Virgos quietly make their feelings known by doing things for the person they have feelings for, even when they don't verbalize it. "Their obvious acts and willingness to sacrifice for those they hold close shows how despite difficulties, they're more than willing to show love in their own ways," she says.

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How to attract a Virgo

There are many stereotypes about the Virgo sign: they are considered asexual, boring, and spiritless. Of course, every opinion may have a real basis, but in this case, the rumor about the coldness of Virgos is greatly exaggerated. When dealing with Virgos, you probably noticed that these people prefer to keep within their ideas about the standards of good taste, rather than avoid the topic of sexuality.

Take a closer look: behind this flashy politeness lies an even deeper emotion—shyness. Virgos are very demanding of themselves, and, therefore, afraid to make a mistake in an unfamiliar area, while any new person is the most unknown new object. Signs of your affinity will stimulate Virgo to demonstrate more openness and frankness.

Be patient and wait for the right opportunity, because, anyway, you make the first step. Start an intimate conversation carefully, so that this transition does not confuse Virgo or make them shy. The experience of many couples shows that the more consistently the topic of sex will flow into your relationship, the more harmonious your intimate life will be—Virgo people have the talent to satisfy their loved ones.

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