SCORPIO Horoscope: Characteristics, Astrological Predictions  & Compatibility
Scorpio (♏︎) is the eighth sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Scorpius

Scorpio Horoscope: Birthday

Scorpio dates are between October 23 and November 21. If you were born between these dates you have Scorpio as your sun sign because that is the Zodiac sign where the sun was at your date of birth. But it differs a little from year to year, because of the leap years.

If your date of birth is the 23rd of October or the 21st of November, you have to check if you really fall within the Scorpio dates or not. It never differs more than a day in each direction. The start of the Scorpio dates must be within the dates 23rd of October, and the end of it between the 21st and 22nd of November. People born on other dates need not be concerned.

Scorpio Quick Facts

Element: Water

Color: Scarlet, Red, Rust

Quality: Fixed

Day: Tuesday

Ruler: Pluto, Mars

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22

Date range: October 23 - November 21

Celebrities/Famous Scorpions

1. Pablo Picasso – October 25, 1881

2. Hilary Clinton – October 26, 1947

3. Bill Gates – October 28, 1955

4. Julia Roberts – October 28, 1967

5. Matthew McConaughey – November 4, 1969

6. Jimmy Kimmel – November 13, 1967

7. Whoopi Goldberg – November 13, 1955

8. Marie Antoinette – November 2, 1755

9. Michael Strahan – November 21, 1971

10. Leonardo DiCaprio – November 11, 1974

11. Goldie Hawn – November 21, 1945

12. Ryan Gosling – November 12, 1980

13. Katy Perry – October 25, 1984

14. Shailene Woodley - November 15, 1991

15. Emma Stone - November 6, 1988

16. Anne Hathaway – November 12, 1982

Scorpio Horoscope: Unique Characteristics

Strengths: Resourceful, powerful, brave, passionate, a true friend

Weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, manipulative, violent

Scorpio likes: Truth, facts, being right, talents, teasing, passion

Scorpio dislikes: Dishonesty, revealing secrets, superficiality, small talk

Scorpios are passionate and assertive people with determination and focus you rarely see in other zodiac signs. They will turn to in-depth research to reach the truth behind anything they find important. Great leaders and guides, Scorpios are resourceful, dedicated and fearless when there is a challenge to be overcome. They will hold on to other people’s secrets, even when they aren’t very fond of them, to begin with, and do anything they can for those they tie themselves to.

This is a Water sign, just as Cancer and Pisces, and its representatives have to experience, express, and face emotions. Always fighting dishonesty of any kind, they have to learn not to manipulate or turn people to look their way by methods that aren’t straightforward and clean. These inner tendencies sometimes make them distrustful and jealous, suspicion leading them to strange behavioral patterns they have to unveil.

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The rulers of Scorpio are Pluto and Mars, one of them being the planet of transformation and regeneration, and the other pushing them forwards and providing them with enough initiative to build their lives energetic and strong. These individuals are known for being calm and cool, looking mysterious and hard to figure out. There is a deep understanding of the rules of the Universe inside every Scorpio that gives them the power others rush through life rarely recognizing within.

Scorpio – the Deadly Warrior Sent by the goddess to kill someone, this is a sign in search for their pray. Fearless and unstoppable, when they have a cause to fight for, they will do it relentlessly and without paying attention to possible karmic or other consequences. With deep self-awareness, they discover ways to go around their deepest, darkest motives, and shove their talents under the rug along with their dark desires. They need to set free from taboos and restrictions, discovering freedom to scream and fight for their beliefs in order to find peace and happiness.

Scorpio's Motto: "You never know what you are capable of until you try."

Scorpios are amazing! Their name says it all:

S for seductive

C for cerebral

O for original

R for reactive

P for passionate

I for intuitive

O for outstanding

Scorpio Horoscope: Astrological Predictions

Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Because of its incredible passion and power, Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign. In fact, Scorpios is a water sign that derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm. Look at astrological predictions for Scorpio zodiac sign:

Scorpio Love and Sex

Scorpios (October 23- November 21) may have a reputation as the “sexiest sign” (not entirely undeserved), but these intense lovers crave timeless bonds that encompass mind, body and soul.

Scorpio rules the zodiac’s eighth house of intense bonding.

In love, you play for keeps. There’s no middle ground for extreme Scorpio — you’re either in or you’re out. Your sign has quite a reputation. You’re known as the “sex” sign, jealous, controlling, irresistible, obsessive…whew!

It’s true, your passion sign can be intense. One minute, you’re aloof and mysterious, driving partners crazy as they vie for your ever-shifting attention. The next minute, you’re in a committed long-term relationship. You are the sign that rules extremes and you can run hotter and colder than most. Take Scorpio Matthew McConaughey, who was voted People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” He can be the ultimate bachelor AND the world’s most devoted boyfriend. You can’t help it if you’re “versatile”!

5 Reasons why Scorpio makes a great partner:

#1. They have amazing ambition: They are hugely ambitious and will go above and beyond in order to become bigger and better. Money and success are huge motivators for this sign, they really aren’t afraid of aiming for the stars.

#2. They are trustworthy: These people are very faithful and you can trust them with absolutely anything. They hate to disappoint so you can be sure that they’ll always stand by you no matter what is thrown your way. Scorpio is a jealous zodiac sign but will never intentionally to hurt you.

#3. Their bedroom skills are amazing: They have great sex appeal and if you’re attracted to one, it’s no doubt difficult for you to keep your hands off of them!

#4. They have good intuition: These people have great instincts and are led by their intuitiveness. Thanks to their abilities they always seem to make the right decisions and are able to judge situations easily.

#5. They are always honest: Honesty and fairness are two qualities that make them great friends, along with their zodiac sign loyalty and dedication, they make amazing friends for life.

Scorpio Career and Money

Scorpios are inquisitive by nature; they want to go into the depth of everything. The outshine professions suits for them are in detection, research, science, investigation. So they might enjoy in a chemist, pharmacist, and radiologist, and pathologist, detective, and political activist. As female Scorpio, they would like to work according to their own style so never want to get interference from others. As a male, they would like to change the scenario of the world by their talent so it would be better if they join politics or research organization for making new world by their innovation.

With strong inner strength and confidence, they have the ability to handle situations very well at the time of crisis.

They believe in strong relationships that they would like to carry along for years to come. Some of their best friends are people they meet during their careers. Money and fame mean a lot to them and they earn this to feel secure and have a comfortable living. They know how to make good money and to save it, but losses due to hasty decisions cannot be ruled out for some. Some of the best surgeons, scientists and soldiers are born in this sign. They can deal in construction, mining, insurance, medicine, tea, coffee, defense, copper, iron & steel business or related industries. Generally, the early part of their life is marked with struggle and then a significant rise is seen.

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Scorpio Friends and Family

Friends – Honesty and a straightforward approach colored with intense emotions make each Scorpios a great friend. They are dedicated, loyal and intelligent, and feel best in the company of witty and fun people who bring love and color into their lives. Their friendships are full of surprises and sudden turns and sometimes end abruptly without explanation. They understand change is the only constant in the Universe and choose to abide by it in friendships as in all relationships.

Family – Scorpio is a sign that brings Moon to its fall and with it always has a task to set free of certain family values and patters pushed onto them at a young age. When they are in pain or suffering, they will turn to closest family for help, feeling their love and support in the darkest of times. Still, they might fail to recognize that love can be given through light, colorful and creative expression, and finds this through the family they create, rather than the one they leave behind.

Scorpio Horoscope: Compatibility Chart

What are the best and worst Scorpios compatibility signs? This Scorpio compatibility chart gives a quick overview of how compatible Libras are with different signs in several areas, including overall compatibility. Each is ranked either high, medium, or low. In the next section, we go over in more detail different Scorpio compatibility pairings.

SCORPIO Horoscope: Characteristics, Astrological Predictions  & Compatibility
Scorpio Compatibility Chart

Most Compatible With Scorpio

The most compatible signs with Scorpio are Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo. They're flexible and accepting of Scorpio's strong personality and need to be the boss.

1. Scorpio and Cancer

Scorpios and Cancers have much in common, and their differences are complementary.

They share an emotional intensity that helps form their bond. Also, they both like privacy, they're loyal, and they're intuitive. Because they're both intuitive, the sex is good. They both can tell what the other person wants. Oh yeah!

Cancers are nurturing and that helps ease Scorpio's insecurities. Cancer is ruled by emotion, and that's good for Scorpio, which has strong emotions but is tentative to express them.

Furthermore, Cancers are more flexible, which works well since Scorpios don't like to compromise.

2. Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces also tend to be superb match. The loyal, gentle nature of Pisces is good for Scorpio because Scorpio is hesitant to trust.

Also, Scorpio wants to be a leader and Pisces is content to follow. Scorpio wants to take the reins and Pisces is much more adaptable to a partner's needs and wishes. Scorpio is strong and protective, and Pisces is willing to be vulnerable.

Additionally, Pisces is very romantic and complements the passionate nature of Scorpio. The sex works well because they're both very emotional, so love-making is full of passion.

Finally, they're both prone to dramatic mood swings; they alternate between highs and lows, so they can understand the emotional nature of their partners. Of course, the intense highs and lows in their relationships can lead to drama.

3. Scorpio and Virgo

Virgo is much more meek and unassuming, which fits well with the strength and aggression of Scorpios. Virgo is attracted to Scorpio's confidence, and Scorpio likes that she won't be challenged by Virgo.

Because Virgo allows Scorpio to take control, Virgo is able to bring out Scorpio's gentler side. There's no need to battle for domination. In the bedroom, Scorpio also takes control, and both parties are perfectly fine with that.

They're able to complement each other and have a less volatile relationship than typical for Scorpios due to Virgo's calming influence. Virgo is more analytical while Scorpio is more emotional.

Virgo and Scorpio also have similarities that enable their success in relationships. They both appreciate solitude and crave a little alone time. They're good with money, and overspending never becomes an issue.

Scorpio Compatibility In Love, Sex & Relationships | YourTango

Least Compatible With Scorpio

The signs with the least Scorpio compatibility in love are Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.

1. Scorpio and Gemini

Geminis don't possess and can't relate to the emotional depth of Scorpio. Additionally, Geminis are social butterflies while Scorpios can be a tad antisocial. This can be a source of conflict because Geminis prefer to constantly be around people and Scorpios need their alone time.

In the face of conflict, playful Gemini may resort to teasing, which can irritate Scorpio. Ultimately, the main source of conflict between these two is that Scorpio finds Gemini superficial, and Gemini thinks Scorpio is a real downer.

2. Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio eventually sees Aquarius as being emotionally shallow and distant. Throughout the course of their relationship, there's a battle between the intellectual analysis of Aquarius and the emotional needs of Scorpio.

Aquarius can be rather blunt and harsh in arguments, and Scorpio may not be willing to forgive or forget what Aquarius says. At least the sex tends to be good. Both show a willingness to try new things, and the make-up sex can be addictive.

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3. Scorpio and Sagittarius

Scorpio and Sagittarius have contrasting qualities that are likely to lead to conflict. Scorpio is mysterious and private while Sagittarius is open and blunt. Scorpio is hesitant to reveal herself, and Sagittarius will tell her life story to strangers.

Scorpios tend to be rather deep while Sagittariuses like to keep things light. It bothers Scorpio that Sagittarius doesn't take things seriously enough.

Sagittarius enjoys a hearty debate and Scorpio doesn't like to be challenged. Furthermore, Sagittarius can be blunt and insensitive in arguments. Scorpios don't appreciate this insensitivity, and it's likely to bring out their anger. Finally, Scorpio likes to save and is wise with money; Sagittarius can be impulsive and reckless.

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