Top 4 Zodiac Signs Don't Like Marriage, Vow to be Single Moms
Top Zodiac Signs Don't Like Marriage, Being Single Moms

These 4 zodiac signs are modern, independent and strong women. Therefore, even if they have to become single mothers, they can live happily without a husband.

These women are always devoted to their families. But if the marriage is too painful, they are ready to leave, not hesitate to be single mothers. They dare to love, dare to let go, and redo their lives with their children.

Hardworking, full of love, and fueled by coffee, single mothers are a special kind of superhero.

Here are the zodiac signs who most likely to be a single mom:

1.Sagittarius Woman - Man is just a Burden

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Sagittarius just want to continue the way they are going, do not want to waste time on trivial things, lose time to love or take care of another person, they think that it is better to put those time in my career is more.

Not only that, in their eyes, men are the real burden in life, not worthy of worship. Love once and then have a child, that's enough.

2.Scorpio Woman - One Person is Enough

Of course, most girls want to find themselves a strong shoulder, lovingly taking care of themselves, helping them in difficult times as well as this arduous life, giving them absolute security. However, that is just the way of thinking of ordinary people, for the Scorpio sisters, they are not so shy and weak.

After many emotional mistakes, Scorpio vows to "hate" men for life, trying to get used to life without men is fine. In that cold cover, they still want to have children like other women.

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3.Gemini Woman - Marriage is Gossip

Top 4 Zodiac Signs Don't Like Marriage, Vow to be Single Moms
Top zodiac sign most likely to be a single moms

Each person has a different way of seeing and thinking, just like in this world it is difficult to find the same leaves. Therefore, when together, two people need coordination, if necessary can change their personalities for the other's sake, but sorry, some Geminis don't like this.

They don't like having to live a married life with someone who wants to change them. But women's instincts still make them want to be mothers, even if they don't want to get married.

4.Leo Woman - Needs a man but doesn't want to get married

The Leo always needs physical stimulation, but just stops there, does not want to be bound by any more responsibilities.

Around them, there have been too many marriage tragedies happening to their friends and relatives, so Leo does not want to get married to stumble. But Lion still needs a child to be with him for the rest of his life.

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