4 Zodiac Signs Who are Likely to Crack a Business Deal this Week
4 zodiac signs who are likely to crack a business deal this week. Photo: Reader's Digest

The coming week can be good for zodiac signs Gemini, Aries, Aquarius and Capricorn. They are most likely to crack a business deal and gain monetary profits all throughout the week.

Have a look at what the stars have in store for these 4 zodiac signs as shared by Kalashanti Jyotish. Here is the weekly horoscope of Gemini, Aries, Aquarius and Capricorn from March 1 to 7, 2021.


4 Zodiac Signs Who are Likely to Crack a Business Deal this Week
Photo: California Psychics

Aries sign people will succeed to resolve an old problem during this week. The week shall bring positive gains throughout the week. You may finalize some new partnerships with new people on the professional front. Your relations with your life partner will be harmonious. There will be some unnecessary hassles and expenses during the middle of the week. Take care of your health as some problems in your eyes and infections in the mouth may bother you. The end of the week shall bring financial gains, according to Pink Villa.

Known for being bold, fiery and formidable, an Aries will probably be happy in any position where they can be the boss!

Entrepreneurs under this sign will definitely not like to have a ruler, because they have strong opinions about the best direction forward, with a huge amount of strength and tenacity to push things in the direction they want to go in.

People under this star sign – like all fire signs – have a lot of energy too, so they can be amazing in the fitness industry where they can burn off some of that energy and inspire others to push their limits. They can use their strong leader archetype to be the CEO of a large corporation in any field that they’re most interested in.

But, it is essential that it’s a field that they’re interested in because these fiery souls will not push forward and reach their full potential if it’s not something that they feel passionate about. This sign will probably be happy wherever they feel passionate, can lead others, and can call all the shots.


4 Zodiac Signs Who are Likely to Crack a Business Deal this Week
Photo: California Psychics

Capricorn sign people are likely to make solid gains in their job or business whatever they may be doing. You will maintain good coordination with your senior officers in the workplace and their support will prove very helpful for your work. You may develop a difference of opinion with your offspring. Students will succeed in their efforts only after putting in serious hard work. If you travel this week, it will prove beneficial.

Few signs will be a more formidable opponent in business than a Capricorn on a mission.

Making money is never going to be a problem for a Capricorn entrepreneur because they are hard-working and ambitious due to their planetary ruler. Saturn does not mess around, and Capricorns are able to storm through problems like nobody’s business, says Liz Roberta.

They might have trouble fitting into a team because they need to blaze their own path and are often set on achieving high positions of power. This means that many Capricorns are highly likely to become entrepreneurs so that they can finally feel complete in their role as a CEO.

They’ll have higher goals than just to create a living income and will probably be working towards huge growth in whatever field they have chosen. Organized and astute Capricorns can excel in the most traditional types of businesses like banking, IT and any other business where people are paying them for their organizational skills.

There is little doubt that a Capricorn can create a successful business if they want to. Their determination and innate manpower make them a force to be reckoned with. Their business is likely to make a huge impact in whatever industry they choose.


4 Zodiac Signs Who are Likely to Crack a Business Deal this Week
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Aquarius sign people will work very hard to expand their professional or occupational activities. Business people will bag new business deals which will prove extremely beneficial in the future. This is a good time for students and they are advised to work very hard. There are strong indications of sudden monetary gains. Those who have been trying to tie the knot may succeed in their efforts. This will be an excellent week on the health front. You will make gains from your brothers.

People born under this star sign will probably choose to become an entrepreneur due to the promise of freedom and being able to express themselves fully as the unique individual they are.

Aquarians are often artistic, eccentric and intrigued by the big questions of life; which can draw them towards the metaphysical and spiritual industries for their business. As an air sign, they find it easy to move from one idea to the next, so will probably have no issue adapting their business as necessary and letting go of the things which aren’t working.

They also have a humanitarian aspect, so they’re likely to be drawn to work which helps people – especially if they’re helping people to expand their understanding and vision for the future. They would do well in a business where they are trading hope, selling possibilities and showing people that they don’t have to fit into a mold.

As entrepreneurs, they will thrive in any businesses which could incorporate these things – like a spiritual or holistic business, art and design, or anything connected to the natural world. Aquarians will always have something unique to offer, and it’s their ease at standing out of a crowd which will make their business so enticing.


4 Zodiac Signs Who are Likely to Crack a Business Deal this Week
Photo: Style Caster

Gemini sign people are likely to get a new project or business deal this week. There will be positive developments in your love affair this week. Your marital and familial life will be great throughout the week. You will have to do a lot of running around for work during the middle of the week. A health problem may hit you and slow you down. The end of the week shall bring the opportunities of the inflow of money.

Geminis excel at communication! In my Tarot readings, I always call them the communicators of the zodiac.

Therefore, entrepreneurs born under this sign will delight in a business where they can use their intellect and spend plenty of time being social and networking. They love to discuss ideas, so any business within the field of communication should be a great fit for a Gemini.

You might find these entrepreneurs starting up a PR company or a marketing business. You might find them on stage talking about their books or research. Gemini entrepreneurs will need mental stimulation; so they’re likely to create businesses around this, where they can learn, discuss, develop and grow – and help others to do the same.

If they can identify a gap where people need help refining and sharing their message, a Gemini entrepreneur will come to the rescue and have a natural gift for this kind of work – which will lead to a fulfilling and booming business for them.

Do you thrive in a business environment and do you seem to instinctively know the right moves to increase your value as an employee? Are you one of the entrepreneurial zodiac signs in astrology who has a knack for business, or are you more laid-back and let others take the reins?

When you’re good at business, you know what needs to be done and you do it in a timely manner. You set goals, figuring out the steps you need to take to achieve them, and you almost always reach them, noted Your Tango.

People who are good at business not only make mistakes, they take responsibility for them and they learn from them. They never stop educating themselves in their field. They tend to be organized and know when to delegate when it’s appropriate.

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