Top 20+ Best Sites to Find The Cheapest Hotel Bookings
Top 20+ Best Sites to Find The Cheapest Hotel Bookings
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Choose a hotel or Airbnb?

Currently, the search for accommodation while traveling is divided into these 2 options. A hotel is a building or a resort, managed by a professional company, while Airbnb is usually the home of ordinary owners who have empty rooms so they rent them out. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but often the price of renting a room on Airbnb will be cheaper than in a hotel.

Benefits of renting a hotel:

• Unless you're staying in a shared dorm, your one room will be yours alone, with more privacy.

• There are housekeepers, restaurants, hotels, and many other professional services

• There may be additional free services such as airport transfer, shuttle to the city center, and drinking water upon arrival.

Benefits of renting an Airbnb-style room:

• Cheaper, sometimes even 1/2 cheaper than renting a hotel in the same area.

• You will live in the house of a local, see how they live, talk to them, and sometimes even be invited to eat or hang out.

• If you choose wisely, you will choose apartments right in the center, or very close to bus and tram stations, convenient for commuting.

• In return: you will have to cook by yourself, take care of your own clothes, especially you will have to follow some rules given by the landlord.

Top 20+ Best Sites to Find The Cheapest Hotel Bookings

1. HotelsCombined

Photo: tugo
Photo: tugo

First on this list comes HotelsCombined, an online booking aggregator for every element of your trip, be it near or far.

HotelsCombined is easy to work with above all else. All you need to do is input where you want to stay, the dates for your trip, and the number of rooms you need, be it for adults or children. This is great if you've managed to find a travel buddy to go with you.

Interestingly, you can choose from a wide range of options in regard to your stay, instead of just the city you’re staying in. If you have one chain of hotels that you prefer, you can input by their name, or you can input specific addresses or landmarks if there’s something specific that you’re trying to visit.

From there, HotelsCombined scours the internet for the best deals on hotels. What’s great here is just how much control you have over what type of results you get back.

There are more categories as well, such as themes, hotel features, and more, but the most useful is HotelsCombined’s rating system. Based on hundreds or thousands of reviews from verified guests, these reviews help to give you an accurate idea of just how good or poor your stay might be.


2. Expedia

One thing that makes Expedia unique is it offers its own rewards program. It’s free to join and allows you to earn points that you can use to book travel on Expedia. This program isn’t impressive when it comes to flights, but hotel bookings through Expedia offer a much better earn rate.

For each hotel booking, you will earn 1x Expedia Rewards point per $1 spent. If you book on the app, you’ll earn an additional 1x point per dollar, and if you book a VIP Access stay, you’ll earn an additional 2x points per dollar. These bonus points stack so you can earn 4x points when booking a VIP Access stay through the Expedia app.


3. SmarterTravel Hotels

User-friendly interface that does not have too much going on, making it easy to use. Responsive customer service and chatbot to navigate frequently asked questions

While their amenities search does not have as many options as some other sites, you can view the hotels on a map for specific locations. This is handy for when you want to be in a specific area of a city.

Search results show you the percent discount for your desired dates, so you know what kind of a deal you are getting.

Upon clicking on a hotel, the hotel page sorts prices by room type, and you can filter the rooms by price, room type, and refundable/nonrefundable.

The list of rooms available highlights features most travelers are interested in: price, what’s included, refundable/nonrefundable, the total cost for the stay, and type of room—making it easy to find the exact type of room you are looking for.



Photo: toantienhousing
Photo: toantienhousing

So far, this list has featured booking aggregators, but is actually an online travel agent or OTA. This means that instead of searching the internet for the best available prices, it helps you to book travel services directly with suppliers.

This doesn’t mean too much as you use the site. functions much like an aggregator in that you input your desired location, travel dates, and the room size that you need, and the site returns results for you to consider.

The filters that has available are solid, with a wide range of options from price, booking type, ratings, location, and many more.


5. Trivago

Next up on this list comes Trivago, another online booking aggregator. This means that Trivago scours the internet for the best deals it can find and displays them all neatly for you to consider, giving you more money to spend on travel essentials.

The process behind Trivago is pretty straightforward. You input your location, date range, and the number of rooms that you’re looking for. From there, Trivago takes you to a screen showing you the best deals that it was able to find for you.

The most telling feature about this page is the map, however. Other aggregators such as HotelsCombined also feature this map, though for some it’s hidden behind buttons or menus. With Trivago, it’s displayed prominently.

This map lets you see visually where your booking will take you, and if you prefer, you can even choose bookings based on their location on the map. There are also reviews available to help you get an idea about your stay as well, though the number of reviews seems to vary quite a bit between different hotels.


6. Airbnb

Airbnb is a reputable and popular homestay booking website around the world. This is an online hotel booking website in the form of apartments, villas, studios, penthouses, boutique hotels, hostels, etc., which are very diverse. Airbnb is not only a booking application but also a connection between travelers wishing to stay in accommodation and local landlords wishing to rent houses. So, guests using Airbnb can find a high-end getaway, and can also find a fun cheap stopover to live with the locals.


7. is considered the world's leading provider of booking services including booking services through a system of localized websites and through a customer service center by phone. offers guests a wide variety of accommodation options, including independent hotels and major hotel chains, and self-catering resorts from more than hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide. Hotels is pleased to bring customers a booking website with full features to compare prices, amenities, services, and a number of rooms, and especially assist guests to find and book rooms during peak periods.

Advantages of booking through

Booking at Hotels, when accumulating enough 10 nights, customers will be given 1 night.

There are last-minute preferential policies: book today, travel tomorrow.

Book a room anytime, anywhere via the mobile app.


8. Kayak

Photo: Kayak
Photo: Kayak

Kayak is not an OTA, it’s a metasearch engine for travel deals. This site will look at all the other sites and show you where the best deals are.

One of the things to love about Kayak, in addition to the great filtering options at the left of the screen, is the map feature.

On the search results page, you will see a map on the upper left-hand side of the screen. When you click on it, you will get a detailed map of your destination city, including hotel locations as well as popular areas for eating, sightseeing, shopping, and nightlife. Each dot on the map represents a hotel. You can click on any of them to get more details about the hotel, along with price comparisons.

You can also use the price slider to narrow your search to only inexpensive options.


9. Tripadvisor

If you’re looking to plan out your entire getaway in one place, then Tripadvisor is a decent candidate to do just that.

While all entries on this list have allowed you to book flights, activities, and more alongside your hotel bookings, Tripadvisor is the one that focuses most on it. This is great if you couldn't find any free city guides and recommended itineraries.

This is apparent when you first come to use the site, as you’ll find that all Tripadvisor asks for is the location of your trip. Once you select the hotel's tab, you’ll see a more familiar interface.

There are a lot of filters that you can look through here, with various deals, amenities, and more is included as well as the standard price and location options. You can search using the map as well if you want, though you’ll have to select this option manually.

The biggest draw with Tripadvisor is the reviews, however. Tripadvisor encourages those who stay to leave reviews, and as such, you’ll find some of the most detailed and personalized reviews to be found on this site.


10. Priceline

Priceline has one of the more visually appealing design layouts of the major hotel search engines, and is definitely among the easiest hotel sites to navigate. None of these hotel search sites is dramatically different from the others in terms of rates or price comparison, so usability can go a long way toward improving the experience of searching for the best hotel prices.

Unsurprisingly, Priceline’s prices are on par with the other online travel agencies (OTAs), and its results are largely focused on downtowns and tourist-friendly areas. A big draw of Priceline is their “Express Deal” option: a flash deal that hides the name of the hotel until after you book. While somewhat gimmicky, this hotel search option can offer significant savings.

The handy map that is featured on each hotel page, which will show you other hotels in the area and the prices. This is particularly useful if you want to stay in the city center, by a specific landmark, or are visiting friends or family and want to be nearby where they live.


11. Hotwire

Hotwire is the ultimate mystery hotel booking website right now. In case you don’t know what this is, you select where you want to stay and Hotwire serves up a series of hotels at often significantly discounted prices in this area.

When you book a Hot Rate mystery hotel on Hotwire you will always be getting a better deal than if you booked the same hotel anywhere else.

Your actual options are significantly reduced when booking mystery hotels on Hotwire when compared to the thousands of hotels you could choose from with or Expedia.


12. Agoda

The site is affiliated with more than 7000 hotels across Asia and 33,000 hotels in 110 countries worldwide.

Agoda focuses mainly on 3-star hotels, cheap hotels but still ensures room quality.

Agoda has an easy-to-use interface with multi-language support. In particular, this site also has a loyalty program for loyal members and discounts for customers.

Unlike booking, when booking on Agoda, you will have to pay an amount in advance. And the listed price of the room does not include taxes and fees, so when you get to the payment step, you will see how much you have to pay. However, this price is still cheap but there are many attractive promotions.

On agoda, there will also be full information about the hotel, utilities, photos and reviews of customers who have experienced.


13. Momondo

Photo: yahoo
Photo: yahoo

Momondo is an easy-to-use travel metasearch engine that sorts through deals on other websites to help you find the best price. Once you find a deal on Momondo, you’ll be transferred to a booking website (an online travel agency or a hotel’s website) to book. You won’t ever actually book anything on Momondo’s website.


14. Orbitz

Orbitz is another easy-to-use OTA with a strong in-house loyalty program. You can earn Orbucks, worth $1 off your hotel bill, on hotels, flights, travel packages, and activities.

The Orbucks earning rate is much better for hotels than flights and Orbucks can only be redeemed for hotels. The only catch is generally, you can only earn Orbucks on prepaid hotel stays.

  • Earn 3% Orbucks for hotel stays booked on a desktop
  • Earn 4% Orbucks for hotel stays booked on the Orbitz app



You can always Google a hotel’s name directly to see some rates from various sites, but go to and you get its full-fledged aggregator interface. Results are lightning fast, the interface is intuitive, and the results were the best in class. Google was the only site on this year’s list that never turned in the worst price, and only once did it deliver a below-average one. It even knew when to look for a rate directly on the hotel’s own site that beat the OTAs.

That said, sometimes a price in Google’s results turned out to be a bit higher once we clicked over to book it, and the option to view prices inclusive of taxes and fees wasn’t available on first sight: You had to click on a specific lodging rather than on the results list page. Its filters could also be better. The key ones are there, but there is no neighborhood or "distance from" filter—though because the results are based on a map inset, you can game that by centering the map over your preferred area.


16. Travelocity

Travelocity is also a popular OTA choice to use when booking hotel stays. Like many other OTAs, you can filter your search results to find the right hotel for your next vacation. Travelocity will tell you if a booking is fully refundable. You also have the option to book and pay in advance for hotels, or some properties will allow you to reserve now and pay later. It’s worthwhile to create a Travelocity account and login because some properties show member-only pricing. Travelocity also offers a price match guarantee.


17. HotelTonight

Photo: dulichbui
Photo: dulichbui

HotelTonight is a bit different than other OTAs. HotelTonight helps hotels secure last-minute bookings by offering rooms at a discounted rate. This presents savings for travelers. You can use the HotelTonight website or app. HotelTonight lets you make same-day reservations, or you have the option to book a stay in advance. Filtering tools are minimal. HotelTonight also shows Daily Drop properties with additional discounts.


18. Traveloka

Another reputable hotel booking website is traveloka. First appeared in 2012 and is based in Indonesia.

Traveloka attracts users by its easy-to-use interface, and the booking policies are clearly displayed from the beginning. And especially attractive discount programs every 4, 5 and 6 web with discount codes up to 60%.

Payment methods on traveloka are also diverse and there is a support app for mobile phones so that users can conveniently use it when booking.


19. Reddoorz

RedDoorz is Southeast Asia's largest and fastest growing hotel reservation & management technology platform. With a network of more than 1000 hotels spread across the region, Reddoorz set a vision to drive people to move more by providing reliable, affordable accommodation options in all the key cities and destinations.

RedDoorz's booking app (free to download on Android and iOS) not only helps you to book quickly and securely with just a few steps, but also allows you to earn loyalty points to use for your next bookings! And when property owners join the RedDoorz brand network, they will be supported by RedDoorz to optimize operations, increase revenue, and thereby increase their business capacity. Reddoorz provides partners with the most advanced technology solutions – one platform for all operations – making room management, pricing, marketing, customer experience enhancement and more efficient.


20. Hopper

Hopper is a website and mobile app. You can search for hotels and use the filtering tools to find what you need. With that said, their filtering options aren’t as vast as other OTAs. Hopper gives price predictions, which can help you decide when it’s the best time to reserve your room. You can book stays that include free cancellation or make non-refundable reservations. When opening up the calendar view, you can see which dates are cheaper or more expensive for your destination of choice. If your dates are flexible, this tool can help you save more money.


21. American Express Travel

American Express offers more than just credit cards! Amex Travel is the travel portal operated by American Express, and it operates much like an OTA. It’s even available even to those who don’t hold an American Express credit card, although you will get more benefits if you have an Amex card.

One of the downsides to using Amex Travel is you have to create an account and log in to see final pricing. The prices shown do not include taxes and fees, so it can be a little misleading if you aren’t logged in.

Pricing through Amex Travel tends to be in line with other OTAs. However, if you have The Platinum Card® from American Express or The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, you can earn 5x points on prepaid hotel stays booked through Amex Travel. Booking fees charged for booking flights through Amex Travel are also waived if you have one of these cards.



Nowadays, there are many websites where people can book hotels online from any location. The convenience of hotel booking websites makes it possible for customers to compare and choose. Because of the great competition, each website will have its own advantages to attract customers to use. Above are the top 20 reputable and cheapest hotel booking websites you can refer to. Please leave a comment if you have an idea or have another website!

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