Most mid- to large-sized companies need someone to manage hiring, policy enforcement, benefits management, and internal communications. It is precisely because human resource managers play such an important role in the workplace that obtaining the right qualifications and professional accreditation is essential.

The US continues to be the top choice for many students looking to graduate school, and a master's degree in Human Resources is a great opportunity for career growth for anyone interested in working with everybody. In the United States, students pursuing a master's in Human Resources will receive excellent training in a learning environment that fosters positive thinking, teamwork, and new ideas. The master's program in Human Resources in the US is designed for students who want to gain employment in the fields of Compensation, Policy, Organizational Behavior, Change Management, Labor Law... Students Graduates with a master's in Human Resources in the US have great opportunities to work in a variety of industries from non-profit organizations, to multinational companies.


Job opportunities in human resource

As a top-respected field in the United States, human resource management is creating jobs for more than 122,000 people here. According to a government report, the employment of human resource managers is forecast to grow by 9% between 2014 and 2024. Meanwhile, the job growth rate of all occupations in the US will only reach 7% over the next 10 years, which opens up higher-than-average career prospects for human resource management students.

It is estimated that the number of personnel in need of recruitment in the industry is up to nearly 11,000 positions, equivalent to more than 1,000 job positions per year. Job growth is largely dependent on the performance and growth rate of individual firms. As new companies start up and expand their operations, they will need more human resource managers to oversee and manage their projects. Graduates of a bachelor's degree in human resource management in the United States have excellent opportunities for careers in a variety of industries ranging from nonprofit organizations to multinational corporations.

What is the career in human resource management?

As a graduate of Human Resource Management, employees can work in jobs with an average salary of about $66,000 in positions such as:

• HR Assistant

• Human Resources Coordinator

• Human resources management

• Training and development specialist

• Salary and Welfare Specialist

• Office administrative staff, administrative personnel, administrative organizations;

• Specialist in recruitment, training, and salary organization;

• Event and communication specialist – handling internal relations;

• Internal lecturers, personnel training managers;

• Social policy work, staff policy, remuneration policy;

• Insurance and policy specialist.

• Human resources consulting, training course consulting.

• Human resources manager

Best Schools for Human Resources in the US today

1. Stanford University

Stanford University
Stanford University


Stanford University is one of the world's top universities, with notable alumni including 85 Nobel laureates. It is a private research university with one of the largest campuses in the United States that accepts the most brilliant minds from all over the world.

Stanford, founded in 1885, maintains its high academic standards and has an impressive student-to-faculty ratio of 5:1. These facts, along with its connections to some of the world's largest corporations, make it an ideal school to study human resource management for a fully immersive experience. Human resource management is one of the MBA programs offered by the university.

Stanford University is a leading business school in the US with the most prestigious HRM course curriculum. Courses are tailored to the needs of each student and therefore this university is considered the best to study human resources.

2. University of Michigan (Ross School of Business)


The University of Michigan Ross School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate programs in management and organization that focus on developing students' leadership and resource management skills. Students are provided with real-life situations that occur within an organization and given the opportunity to find the most appropriate solution to a crisis response. Not only will you experience some of the best and top-ranked management programs in the world, but you'll also have the opportunity to become part of the University of Michigan, the most prestigious research institution in the country.

RSB is rated as one of the best B-Schools in the world. When studying at the school, students are not only taught theory but also experience real situations that are very common when working in organizations. Besides, students also have the opportunity to think flexibly about how to solve, or deal with, the company's crisis situation. Therefore, you really have great experiences when studying in this “world-class” Management program.

3. Texas A & M University


Always one of the top management schools in the US, Texas A&M is the choice not to be missed if you want to pursue a career in human resource management to study in the US.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree offered by the Department of Management at TAMU's Mays Business School allows students to concentrate their studies on human resource management. A Master of Science (MS) in Human Resource Management program is also available at the department. The department's Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration - Management program allows students to specialize in organizational behavior or human resource management. HRM students have access to the Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM), where they can participate in research projects, hear lectures from HR industry experts, and build a network of contacts for future career opportunities.

4. Cornell University


If you want to study human resource management, Cornell University is hard to beat. Cornell University, located in Ithaca, is a private, non-profit university with a large student body. Cornell is a great university in general, with a Best Colleges ranking of #13 out of 2,241 colleges nationwide.

In the most recent data year, there were approximately 379 human resource management students who graduated with this degree from Cornell. Human resource management majors at Cornell University earn $16,639 more than the average graduate with the same degree when they enter the workforce.

Cornell University awarded 251 bachelor's degrees in human resource management during the 2020-2021 academic year. As a result, the school was ranked #8 in terms of popularity among all colleges and universities that offer this degree. This is a 7% decrease from the previous year, when 270 degrees were awarded.

5. University of Richmond

Top 15+ Most Prestigious Schools for Human Resources in the US Today
University of Richmond


The University of Richmond is an excellent choice for a bachelor's degree in human resource management. It has an impressive 89% graduation rate. Furthermore, with an eight-to-one student-to-faculty ratio, it has the smallest class size on our list. The University of Regina currently has approximately 4,350 students enrolled.

The University of Regina offers an excellent Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies program. The emphasis on human resource management provides students with a strategic perspective. Students learn about human resources in a regional and global context. They learn valuable quantitative and information technology skills that are in high demand by top employers. Small class sizes help students stay engaged while learning cutting-edge theory. Classes are available in-person, online, or through a hybrid format. Courses on the curriculum include:

  • Organizational Psychology
  • Leadership in the Global Environment
  • Quality Management

6. Purdue University


Our top pick for the best master's program in human resource management is Purdue University. This extensive program is provided by the School of Management. Additionally, it helps students develop into discerning, focused business leaders. Among the available courses are:

Introducing World Leaders

Consulting in Human Capital

Systems for Human Resources

Students participate in practical tasks and opportunities for hands-on education. This makes it simpler for them to apply what they learn in the classroom to their jobs. Students can take part in extracurricular activities like consulting projects and case competitions. As part of the Human Capital Consulting Initiative, these are carried out. In 18 months, full-time students can complete the degree.

7. New York University


Albert Gallatin, a distinguished statesman, envisioned a non-denominational university open to all in 1831. This vision gave birth to New York University (NYU), which opened its doors in 1832. For nearly 200 years, the university has witnessed and contributed to a variety of changes that have shaped the city and the country.

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD) program at New York University consists of 42 credits. Students can personalize their elective courses by selecting from four concentration areas: Human Capital Management, Global Talent Management, Organizational Effectiveness, and Learning, Development, and Executive Coaching.

With the university's high quality of education, more than 95% of MS HRMD program graduates found work within six months. Some graduates of this excellent human resource management institution have also landed jobs at well-known local and international corporations such as Amazon, Colgate-Palmolive, Facebook, and others.

8. CUNY Bernard M Baruch College


The Zicklin School of Business at CUNY Baruch College offers an executive MS in human resources. This one-year program for working HR professionals offers a variety of benefits, including international study opportunities and mentorship from HR industry leaders.

Applicants must have at least five years of experience in human resources. A resume, admissions essays, academic transcripts, and two letters of recommendation are also required. Applicants are encouraged to submit a pre-application to determine whether they are a good fit for the program.

9. University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business)


USC Marshall School is also one of the best Business Schools in the world. Studying life management at the school, students have the opportunity to practice at many different organizations and companies in order to most accurately assess their capacity. USC Marshall School has always focused on creativity in business, social responsibility, and collaborative research. Therefore, the school creates for students a challenging, volatile and close to reality life management environment.

The NSS course will also allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the key jobs they have to do in the global labor economy. Some good students work with mentors and understand immediately the easy transition of a student to a professional.

In terms of rankings, the university ranks 131st in the QS World University Rankings 2014-15 and holds 75th place in the Time World University Rankings.

In terms of scholarships, the University offers scholarships based on outstanding academic performance (depending on the demonstration of leadership talent and ability of the student, full tuition waiver for students enrolled in the following courses). QLNS at school.

10. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


As one of the best schools for human resource management, the Labovitz School of Business and Economics offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. The program is among the best, with a 100% placement rate. It is also the reason why the university is regarded as the world's top institute for human resource management studies. Students who pursue this degree have the opportunity to apply for over 120 scholarships, making it an excellent choice for anyone interested in studying human resource management.

The Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development is housed in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Human Resource Development (HRD) Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Education (M.Ed.) programs are available at the department. An HRD Graduate Certificate is also available. Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) and Master of Arts (MA) in Human Resources and Industrial Relations (HRIR) programs are available at the Carlson School of Management. The MA-HRIR program can be completed full-time or part-time. Students can also earn a dual MA-HRIR/MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. This dual program only adds one year of study to an MBA or HRIR degree.

11. Northwestern University


Any student interested in human resource management should look into Northwestern University. Northwestern University, located in the small town of Evanston, is a private, non-profit university with a sizable student body. Northwestern is a great university in general, with a Best Colleges ranking of #5 out of 2,241 colleges nationwide.

In the most recent data year, approximately 43 human resource management students graduated from Northwestern. Graduates of Northwestern University's human resource management degree program earn $20,293 more than the average graduate in this field shortly after graduation.

12. University of Washington – Seattle Campus


The University of Washington, founded in 1861, is one of the West Coast's oldest universities. In terms of R&D spending ($1.41 billion in 2018), it is ranked fifth in the country. Furthermore, with an undergraduate net price of $8,701, UW-Seattle is the most affordable school on our list.

The University of Washington is known for its strong human resources program. The school offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Human Resources. This university has one of the most rigorous programs for human resource management. This is the perfect degree for a student who wants a general business background and wants to specialize in human resources

13. University of Pennsylvania


The University of Pennsylvania, founded in 1740, is a private Ivy League university ranked among the best in the world. The school is well-known for its academic excellence, which is reflected in the impressive student-to-faculty ratio of 6:1. On its campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the university has 190 research centers and institutes with world-class facilities.

The University of Pennsylvania is ranked first in Pennsylvania and fourth in the United States for HR students. Studying at the university provides students with the unique opportunity to receive an education from one of the country's most prestigious schools while also gaining practical skills and knowledge from the faculty and professionals affiliated with the school. There are also several scholarships available to ensure that the brightest minds, regardless of financial circumstances, have the opportunity to study.

Experienced faculty are experts in areas such as human resources, labor law, international human resources and industrial relations, organizational behavior and workforce diversity. The Ivy League university will offer students the possibility to graduate with a human resource management degree through the world-renowned Wharton School of Business.

14. Ohio State University


Ohio State University is ranked #49 out of 443 National Universities and stands out for its excellence in human resource management.

Through its Fisher College of Business, OSU offers a master of human resource management (MHRM). The MHRM program's curriculum was recently revised to create a more streamlined 18-month program. Coursework emphasizes the application of theory to practice, with an annual internal case competition. Furthermore, small class sizes allow for more personalized attention.

Transcripts, a resume, a personal essay, and two letters of recommendation must be submitted with your application. In addition, you must conduct an online video interview. GRE and GMAT scores are not required.

15. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Top 15+ Most Prestigious Schools for Human Resources in the US Today
University of Illinois at Urbana


The University of Illinois at Champaign is a large public university. In the state of Illinois, this university ranks third out of 87 schools in terms of overall quality.

In the most recent data year, approximately 126 human resource management students graduated from UIUC. When they enter the workforce, graduates of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's human resource management degree program earn $38,866 more than the average college graduate with the same degree.

The master's program at the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois offers an advanced Human Resources-focused training program that develops core competencies in as little as 1.5 years.

16. University of Pittsburgh


Founded in 1787, the University of Pittsburgh is a public research university. The total number of enrolled undergraduate and graduate students is close to 28,000. 84% of students complete their education. A wide range of degrees, from certificates to doctorates, are available from the university.

A unique HRM major is available from the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. It teaches students how to manage people and how to use available data within an organization effectively. Students acquire the skills necessary to gather and analyze data in order to assist their organizations in making strategic decisions. Students learn how to navigate organizational challenges like workplace diversity and training through real-world projects. The curriculum complies with SHRM requirements. Furthermore, students are qualified to sit for the SHRM-CP exam. Among the available courses are:

Career Management Problems in Sports Management

Analyses of human resources


If you are determined to study human resource management in the US, investing time and effort is required to graduate with a good record. In particular, bachelor students in the US will have to complete at least 2 works to be eligible to graduate.

Therefore, you should learn about the link between the school and companies in the field of human resource management, design and construction as soon as possible to have an effective learning path. If you are interested in Human Resources in USA, check out the programs listed above to learn more about the opportunities that await you!

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