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Most Beautiful Models Under 25 - Photo KnowInsiders

Models are abundant, and they play an important role in establishing and propagating global fashion trends. These supermodels, whether on TV, in a runway show, or on stage, are a positive influence on the public. Have you ever tried to figure out which female model is currently the most desirable?

Let’s find out in the list of 15 Most Beautiful Young Female Models Under 25 Years Old, ranked by Knowinsiders.com.

1. Kristina Pimenova

Photo hoodmwr
Kristina Pimenova - Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo hoodmwr

Kristina Pimenova aka Kristina Ruslanovna Pimenova is a Russian child model.

Kristina Pimenova will have a net worth of $3 million by the year 2022. She has become famous thanks to her many endorsement deals with high-profile companies like Armani, Burberry, and Roberto Cavalli.

Women Daily Magazine, a widely read publication, named her the world's most beautiful girl in 2014. Not only is she a talented athlete in her own right, but she is also well-known as the daughter of legendary former footballer Ruslan Pimenov.

2.Yael Shelbie

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Yael Shelbie - Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo: fillgap

Yael Shelbia Cohn was born to parents Ofra Cohen and Ofer Cohen on August 31, 2001, in Nahariya, Israel.

Makeup or no makeup, Yael Shelbia is beautiful. She took most of her Instagram pictures at the office. Instead, in June of this year, Yael shared a photo of herself swimming. The picture will only be authentic if it is one of the rare occasions when she is not wearing any cosmetics. She was beautiful without the aid of cosmetics. The model, however, was showered with praise from admirers and friends and family despite this.

3.Halima Aden

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Halima Aden - Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo: hoodmwr

With her distinctive and unabashed style, Somali-American model Halima Aden is dismantling stereotypes in the fashion business. She is one of the few Muslim models to have posed for well-known brands like Burberry and H&M, and she has appeared on the covers of prestigious publications including Interview, Paper Magazine, Vogue Arabia, Teen Vogue, and Teen Vogue.

But Halima stands out because she wears a hijab in pictures when other well-known models choose to leave theirs behind. She thinks that being both trendy and Muslim will encourage women all throughout the world to embrace their various identities.

4.Lily Chee

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Lily Chee - Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo fillgap

Actress, model, singer, and social media influencer Lily Chee was born in New York. Her conception took place on September 19, 2003. This lovely young actress and model has taken part in a number of productions.

But her agency didn't discover who she was until after her 10-year-old soccer game. Since then, she has gained notoriety and modeled for numerous brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Dior, Marc Jacobs Fragrance, and many more. Lily is another contender for Best Breakout Youtuber.

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5.Hailey Baldwin

Photo hoodmwr
Hailey Baldwin - Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo hoodmwr

Hailey Baldwin is an American model and television personality. She is the niece of renowned actor and comedian Alec Baldwin and the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, an author, producer, and actor. When she walked the runway at "London Fashion Week" in the United States, she made an enduring impression. She started modeling when she was a small girl. Arizona's Tucson is where she was born.

She first appeared in well-known publications including "Tatler," "Love," "V," and "i-D," and later worked as a model for various well-known clothing companies. She made her debut appearance in a commercial for the well-known apparel company "French Connection" in 2014.

She also made her runway debut that year, walking for "Topshot." Baldwin, who has a stunning body, is a social media sensation with millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram. She was frequently spotted with musician Justin Bieber, which sparked speculation that she was dating him. She refuted the accusations, but in 2018, she wed Justin Bieber.

Hailey Baldwin is well-known not only for her modeling career but also for being the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, who gained notoriety for the film "The Beast."

6.Alexis Ren

Photo Instagram
Alexis Ren - Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo Instagram

One of the most well-known models on social media is Alexis Ren. She has a large following on social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr. She started modeling when she was a teenager, and she now has millions of Instagram followers as well as more than a million followers on Twitter. In just a few years, she has collaborated with prestigious managements including Nous Model Management, Chic Management, and The Lions NY Management.

She is sponsored by several well-known companies and makes a nice living as a model for TV ads, print ads, music videos, and online advertisements. Her and her ex-boyfriend, Jay Alvarez, got into a heated Twitter argument that included body shaming and went viral. She has additionally worked on commercials for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Bryant Eslava is friends with Alexis Ren, who hopes to one day work as a Victoria's Secret model. She is aiming to establish herself in the entertainment world as an actress as well.

7. Gigi Hadid

Photo top10about
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25

Gigi is an American model and television personality. She is one of the richest young female models in the entire globe. She was born in California, USA, on April 23, 1995. 2016 saw her honored as International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council. She has appeared 35 times on the Vogue cover in the past four years.

She presently serves as a brand ambassador for Maybelline and Reebok. She won five honors total, including the TRL Awards and the First Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards. You may watch Gigi's excellent performances in movies, TV shows, and music videos. In addition, she participates in a number of UNICEF events and charitable endeavors.

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8. Kaia Gerber

Photo top10about
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25.

American model and actress Kaia Jordan Gerber, better known by her stage name Kaia Gerber, was born in the country. She only turned 13 when she started modeling. As of 2022, Kaia Gerber has a $4 million net worth. The only model from the 2000s who has made it to The Big 4 establishment is Kaia (appearances in American Vogue, British Vogue, Vogue - Paris, and Vogue - Italia).

Kaia was given her position and spent a lot of time in the spotlight at an early age since she is the Cindy Crawford's daughter, a famed supermodel. Kaia has been featured on the covers of numerous magazines, including i-D, Teen Vogue, The Love Magazine, American Vogue, British Vogue, Paris Vogue, Italia Vogue, Vogue China, India, Netherlands Vogue, W, and many more. Designers like Alexander Wang, Miu Miu, Tom Ford, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Prada, Fendi, and Chanel are just a few of the names she has worked with.

9. Lily-Rose Depp

Photo hypebae
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo: hypebae

Lily-Rose Depp, also known as Lily-Rose Melody Depp, is a French-American model and actress. Lily-Rose Depp's net worth is $1 million as of 2022. She is best known as the daughter of popular Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

She is also well-known for her roles in films such as Tusk, The Dancer, Planetarium, and The King. Throughout her career in the entertainment industry, she has won and been nominated for a number of popular awards.

10. Charly Jordan

Photo fashion model director
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo: fashion model director

In 2023, Charly Jordan, a March 9, 1999, birthdate, will be 24 years old. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States, she was born and reared in an upper middle-class household. She belongs to the American nationality and practices Christianity.

American model, business owner, disc jockey, and social media star Charly Jordan. As of 2022, Charly Jordan has a net worth of $1.5 million. She is widely known for her popular TikTok videos.

She has amassed millions of fans on Instagram in addition to TikTok, where she is also quite well-liked. She has competed in track events for four years and has won three state championships. She is also a well-known athlete.

11. Taylor Hill

Photo top10about
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25.

The sixth hottest young model in the world is Taylor Hill. From 2014 through 2018, she participated in Victoria's Secret's annual fashion show as an Angel. One of the greatest fashion models under 30 is Taylor, who was born on March 5, 1996. When she was 16 years old, she began modeling and completed her first job for Forever 21. Along with many other brands, she has walked the runways for H&M, Rosa Cha, and Victoria's Secret.

Hill has taken part in elections and been featured on the covers of various magazines. In television programs including The Fashion Fund, The Neon Demon, The Broken Hearts Gallery, and others, Hill has made appearances. In addition to modeling, she has an interest in gymnastics.

12. Danielle Cohn

Photo seventeenmagazine
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo: seventeenmagazine

Danielle Cohn is a talented American YouTube Star. She is a high schooler symbol with 1.4 million endorsers and 3.7 million Instagram followers. And she was born on 07 March in Florida, United States. She is the girl of Jennifer Cohn and Dustin Cohn.

13. Scarlett Leithold

Photo viewbug
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo: viewbug

A model from the United States named Scarlett Leithold is well-known online. A modeling agency discovered her ability when she was fourteen years old. She finally decided to formally start her modeling career the following year. Jocelyn started her modeling career when she was only 15 years old and still chewing gum.

She has been selected to serve as the new face of renowned Italian fashion business Brandy Melville. She has, however, had positions with both Next Model Worldwide and Wilhelmina. Leithold's reputation in the sector increased as a result of their collaboration with Brandy Melville Brands.

14. Lola Flanery

Photo livejournal
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25. Photo: livejournal

Lola Flanery was born and raised in Los Angeles, but at the age of three, her family moved to Toronto. She began her professional existence as a model for advertisements for brands like Gap, Roots, and Target when she was ten years old, and at that point, she decided to pursue an acting career. She was chosen for the lead role in her debut movie, the horror flick Lavender, after just one audition. Dermot McNeil and Justin Long also starred in the film. When she was just 11 years old, this sexiest young model made her debut on the big screen in the romantic comedy Last Chance For Christmas. She appeared in the movie with Hilarie Burton and Timothy Matheson.

She also starred with Reese Witherspoon and Tim Matheson in the independent movie Open Roads Home Again, Sadie's Last Days on Earth, and Touches. She plays her eldest daughter in the latter two films. Sadie's Last Days on Earth, Touches, and Open Roads Home Again are a few further noteworthy components.

15. Rawan Bin Hussain

Photo top10about
- Most Beautiful Young Models Under 25.

In the world of fashion, Rawan bin Hussain is a well-known name, and she comes in third place on this list of the sexiest young models in 2023. She is a model that was born on December 30th, 1996, in Kuwait. She was born into a Muslim household, and her ancestors are from Palestine and Kuwait, respectively. The Kuwaiti bombshell with the chic appearance is adept at several different tasks at once. She is a lovely and beautiful woman who has attained a great deal of fame.

The charm of this hot model is admired around the globe. She is also named among the most beautiful women in the world. Her skills to model and maintain the dignity of attire brought her many opportunities. Besides being a model, Rawan is a beauty vlogger and Velvet magazine editor. She is a single mother now after separating from her husband. She came to the limelight for accusing her husband of cheating on her.

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