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Photo: Satish Kushwaha biography
Photo: Satish Kushwaha biography

As anyone who has spent much time at all on the internet in the past few years knows, one of the easiest ways to incite public outrage on that forum is to be a conventionally attractive woman who has been recognized for being beautiful, particularly if that recognition comes in the form of a title or ranking handed down by a well-known media brand.

Another way is by being a young woman who is romantically linked to a significantly older man. Yael Shelbia, the 19-year-old just crowned the 2020 winner of TC Candler’s annual “100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year” list, is both.

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Yael Shelbia: Life and Education

Photo: We Heart It
Photo: We Heart It

Yael Shelbia was born on August 31, 2001, in Nahariya, Israel, to a religious Orthodox Jewish. Yael Shelbia belongs to Israeli nationality and stands for Middle eastern ethnicity/race.

Yael is the third child among the five children in the family. Yael Shelbia was born to father Ofer Cohen and mother, Ofra Cohen. Yael’s father is a factory supervisor whereas Yael’s mother is a realtor and librarian with a master’s degree in Urban planning and geography.

She has two brothers and two sisters. As her professional surname, she uses the middle name “Shelbia,” which was inherited from her Djerban great-grandmother’s Tunish-Jewish family as it is said that it’s the protection from evil.

Yael Shelbia: Height and Body Measurement

Photo: HeightWeightAge
Photo: HeightWeightAge

Like the other models, the 18 years old beauty has also maintained her body perfectly. Yael Shelbia has an average height of 5 feet and 8 1/2 inches. She has a fantastic body with body measurement 34-23-35 (bra size- waist size- hip size). Furthermore, she has gorgeous green eyes with brown hair. Besides, she wears 9 US size shoes.

Yael Shelbia: Career

As a famous model, Yael Shelbia has gone through different obstacles and problems, leading her to the limelight in the world. She was represented by various agencies from different counties such as Sweden, London, Germany, Austria, and Israel.

Yael Shelbia’s modeling career led to opposition and controversy in her Ulpana, which threatened to sen a letter to the Israeli Education Ministry to expel Yael. However, Shelbia’s family keep supporting her modeling career as long as it would not interfere with her religious studies.

Later, after consultation with Israel’s Religious Education Ministry, Yael was allowed to continue her studies on some conditions and guidelines. It was challenging to continue her modeling career with a religious lifestyle. In terms of modesty of clothing, there were some restrictions.

Photo: Insta Fit Bio
Photo: Insta Fit Bio

Israeli fashion model had to live on crackers for four days during a modeling campaign in Milan. During that time, she could not find kosher food. Yael Shelbia said that ”she had lost many modeling contracts because of her keeping of clothing and Sabbath choices.

Later, Yael Shelbia’s speed of success on her career both in Israel and Europe has led to a comparison to Sofia Mechenter, Shlomit Malka, and Dorit Revelis. Yael plans to serve as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, rather than serving in the Sherut Leumi as a civilian. The latter is what Jewish girls in Israel opt to do.

After that, Yael Shelbia modeled for Kim Kardashian’s brand, KKW Beauty, in 2018. There Kim Kardashian took a photo of her. Yael is the knit of Sirin Lab’s ‘FINNEY’ mobile, next to Lionel Messi (football player), with whom Yael appears in their campaigns.

Yael Shelbia was chosen to lead Kylie Jenner’s Biotic Skincare range in 2019. In the same year, she even cast for the debut acting role in a TV series about Israeli Palmach.

Yael Shelbia: Personal life

Yael Shelbia and her boyfriend Brandon Korff.KoPhoto: New York Post
Yael Shelbia and her boyfriend Brandon Korff.KoPhoto: New York Post

As of Jan 2021, Yael Shelbia was still dating Brandon Kroff, the son of Rabbi Yitzhak Aharon Korff and Shari Redstone and grandson of Summer Redstone. The pair allegedly started dating in early 2020.

In June of 2020, Yael and Brandon made headlines after he broke the COVID-19 protocol in Israel. However, the immigration authority in Israel said they were deporting the son of an American media magnate for violating quarantine rules while paying a secret visit to his Israeli girlfriend.

Plus, the Israeli’s government Population and Immigration authority remarked they provided Brandon Kroff an exceptional permit offered to meet his brother who served in the Israeli military.

Reportedly, Yael and Brandon met each other during that time and lived in her apartment. After the authority found out about it, he was ordered to leave the country immediately.

But one thing remains intact as of the time, they were yet to open up about how they first got in touch with each other.

Yael Shelbia: Networth

Coming from a deeply religious and orthodoxical family, Yael attended Ulpana High School for girls. But her career as an aspiring model threatened her education with the possibility of her being expelled.

Yael unbeknownst to the possibilities that are coming her way uploaded selfies of herself on her Instagram. She received an offer to model for a pro-photographer Marina Moskowitz.

Several hindrances arose from her modeling career but she never deterred from her goals as she received support from her family. Her religious beliefs also affected her career even to the point of losing a few modeling contracts.

Nevertheless, Yael’s prominence exploded in Europe and North America. In 2017, she made it to the list of the most beautiful face in TC Candler’s list. She secured the 14th spot at the time.

In 2018, Yael also appeared in campaigns for Kim Kardashians’ KKW Beauty make-up line. She, moreover, teamed up with Israeli clothing brand Renuar.

Yael also earned huge exposure in the world of European football after she and Lionel Messi for FINNEY mobile. Plus, in 2018, she again made it to the list ranking up to own third place.

The Israeli model was also spotted with another young billionaire model and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner. Later, entertainment news portals confirmed she was leading Kylie’s biotic skincare range.

In 2019’s list of TC Candler’s, Yael climbed one step more towards the top trying to dominate the list.

Besides modeling, Yael also debuted her career as an actress in 2020. She earned the role of Ruth in a TV show titled Palmach. Whereas, she also made an appearance in Ofira & Berkovic (2018) and Mo’adon Layla (2020).

Meanwhile, Yael Shelbia’s gig as a model and an actress paid her well. She should at least $300 thousand.

As a renowned model, Shelbia has a massive amount of fan following where she shares a post related to personal as well as professional. Like modeling lifestyle, enjoying with friends, traveling, and exploring places.

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