Top 12 Most Useful Artificial Intelligence Tools For Marketing
Top 10+ Most Useful AI Tools For Marketing

What are the AI marketing tools?

The artificial intelligence (AI) tools for marketing are software solutions that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate repetitive jobs, accelerate research and ideation processes, and improve various areas of marketing.

This automation complements the marketer's function by offering a helpful platform for creativity and strategy rather than replacing human involvement.

For instance, AI marketing technologies can help with:

Content ideas designed for different platforms

Content optimization for search engines.

Task automation

Customer data can provide insights into audiences and competitive intelligence.

Finally, AI marketing technologies enable marketers to focus on creative input and final tweaks, resulting in plans that are both efficient and personalized.

Things to Consider When Using AI Tools for Marketing

An AI tool can be a valuable asset in your marketing arsenal, but it is not a magic wand. As with all software, they have limitations and necessitate careful control and well-crafted AI guidance.

Your marketing plan still requires the human touch.

AI tools are great time savers, but they should not completely replace human judgment and creativity.

For example, while AI can evaluate customer behavior, it cannot comprehend the nuances of human emotions or cultural differences that may influence a marketing effort.

That is why it is critical to strike a balance between the power of artificial intelligence and the emotional intelligence that people alone can supply.

Not every audience will accept AI stuff.

While AI-generated content is speedy and data-driven, it may lack the authenticity and expert advice that some consumers seek.

This is especially true in industries that rely on trust and competence, such as healthcare, legal services, and high-end luxury items.

Incorporating AI-generated content without careful consideration of your target audience's preferences may alienate them and harm your brand's reputation.

Top 12 Most Useful AI Tools For Marketing

1. Brand24

Price: Brand24 offers monthly pricing of $79 for individuals, $149 for teams, $199 for professionals, and $399 for enterprises.

Best Features:

Discussion Volume Chart

Data Exporting: Sentiment Scoring & Social Measurement

For any business, reputation is everything. Brand24's advanced AI social media monitoring platform allows brands to track both good and negative feedback about their organization in real time. It tracks talks about the brand, products, and competitors across the web.

Aside from monitoring brand reputation, it allows you to review marketing initiatives and address any concerns that may arise before they escalate.

2. Beacons AI

Price: Beacons AI is included in the Link in Bio Pro package and costs $10 per month.

Best Features:

Pitch Development and Brand Database

Tone of voice customization and editing feature.

High-quality AI-generated content.

The Beacon's AI Outreach Tool was created through a confluence of technology and enthusiasm, with the distinct goal of redefining brand outreach for artists. John and Lisa, former designers and digital entrepreneurs, co-founded the tool, which capitalizes on their creative industry skills and technology expertise.

3. Zapier

Zapier's pricing

• Free, but only supports single-step automations.

• Starter: $29.99/month • Professional: $73.50/month • Team: $103.50/month • Contact sales for further information.

Zapier is a no-code automation platform that distinguishes itself from the other AI marketing solutions on this list. It allows you to create any automation you need by using if-then machine-learning logic.

For example, you can automate your email marketing methods by writing an if-then statement that sends a welcome email to potential consumers when they join up for your email list. Alternatively, you can boost customer engagement by having any messages you receive through Facebook Messenger delivered to your Slack, allowing you to see them sooner and communicate with your target audience faster.

4. Whalesync

What it is used for: programmatic SEO. How it works: Whalesync's programmatic AI capabilities enable a novel approach to SEO. The program uses search trends, user behavior, and competition strategies to automatically optimize website content. Whalesync uses AI-driven insights to increase organic traffic and search rankings. What it excels at: simplifying keyword research and on-page SEO editing. Limitations: Whalesync provides less flexibility than competitors.

5. Drift

What it's used for: conversational AI (chatbots) How it works: Drift's conversational AI improves customer engagement. The tool employs AI chatbots to interact with website visitors in real time, answering questions and directing them to useful content. Drift allows marketers to personalize client experiences and respond to real-time questions, enhancing customer happiness and conversion rates. What it excels at: Providing quick chat help and generating leads. Areas of limitation: Drift's AI can occasionally misidentify prospect information, such as business employment status.

6. Narrato

Narrato Price: Plans start at $36 per month (including 5 user seats).

Scaling up content creation should not mean sacrificing quality. Narrato AI is a strong AI content production platform that can help you reliably produce high-quality content at scale.

The platform's AI content assistant provides a variety of AI capabilities as well as more than 100 AI writing templates.The AI writer can create high-quality, SEO-friendly prose for blogs, copy, product descriptions, emails, social media, and other content. The most intriguing feature, however, is the AI Content Genie, which generates weekly social and blog pieces based on your recently published content, either on-demand or automatically.

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7. MarketMuse

Price: MarketMuse offers freemium and premium services starting at $149 per month.

MarketMuse uses artificial intelligence to assist your content marketing strategy, providing useful insights that can help you dominate search engine results. MarketMuse is a content marketing tool that evaluates your existing material, identifies content gaps, and provides areas for improvement. The tool allows you to create SEO-optimized content that also appeals to your target audience.

MarketMuse, as one of the best AI marketing solutions, has predictive analytics features that allow you to forecast the performance of your content before it is published. With this data-driven approach, you can make better judgments, customize your content to your audience's demands, and increase the overall effectiveness of your digital marketing initiatives.

8. Crayon

Crayon, an AI-powered marketing tool, elevates market information to the next level. It tracks and analyzes your competitors' digital footprints, providing your marketing team with a complete picture of the market landscape. These competitive insights assist you in developing effective marketing strategies and staying ahead of the competition.

Crayon allows you to track your competitors' website updates, social media activities, and more in one spot. The tool helps you understand your competitors' marketing strategies, allowing your team to respond quickly to market changes.

9. HeyOrca

Price (monthly): A free plan is available. A free trial is available.

Prices: $50.15 (basic), $80.15 (standard), and $125.65 (pro).

Best Features:

- Optimal Posting Time Insights

- Comprehensive Social Media Reporting.

- In-depth analytics

HeyOrca stands out among AI Marketing tools by catering exclusively to the varied needs of social media teams and agencies. At its core, HeyOrca enables smooth collaboration and approval.

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10. Manychat

Price: Free Plan — $0 · Pro — from $15


•Free option does not include SMS messaging.

• Pro option costs $15 per month.

• Premium option requires contact sales.

Manychat was designed to do one thing, and it does it brilliantly. This chatbot will respond to customers who message you via social media sites or text message.

11. DeepBrain AI

Price: DeepBrain AI's monthly price starts at $30.

Best Features:

AI Video Generator: Convert text into video in minutes.

Photo-realistic AI avatars: We create custom avatars that are tailored to your brand.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Cut video production time and costs by up to 80%.

PPT to AI Video Conversion: Automatically generate content from a PPT file.

One-Click Subtitle Generation: Choose between automatic and manual subtitle editing.

DeepBrain AI Studios is a prominent AI video creation platform that provides a seamless experience when converting text to video. With its simple tool, even beginners may simply create high-quality videos without the need for actors, production crews, or costly equipment. The platform has photo-realistic AI avatars that can be modified to reflect your brand's identity.

12. Trellis

Monthly Price: The pricing levels range from $299 to $1,499 per month, with an additional sales tier cost dependent on annual income. For firms with an annual sales of more than $10 million, there is a "Custom" price option that requires you to contact the company.

Best Features:

AI-powered pricing module with advertising automation for bid optimization.

ROI Prediction for Promotional Campaigns

Inventory Consideration in Pricing

Contextual Advertising Decision Analysis

Trellis emerges as a powerful AI marketing tool, designed particularly for e-commerce platforms like Amazon. One of its primary features is the Pricing Module, which uses artificial intelligence to test various product prices. This ensures that vendors not only optimize revenues but also keep their prices competitive on a daily basis. This function is unusual in that it takes low inventory into account, guaranteeing that sellers do not face supply shortages.


Companies are leveraging artificial intelligence skills in marketing to obtain a competitive advantage. AI solutions in marketing save time, provide audience insights, enable data-driven decision-making, increase revenue, and personalize experiences.

Today's best AI marketing technologies help with text content creation, programmatic SEO, CRM, email campaigns, writing assistance, conversational AI, content repurposing, SEO optimization, graphic design, and predictive analytics.

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