Top 5 career opportunities in digital marketing
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If you are thinking of specializing, surely you have asked yourself, what are the best career opportunities in digital marketing?

Especially now that e-commerce has gained momentum, there are many possibilities in this field. Therefore, this article will interest editor, essay writer helper, freelancer, salespeople, and anyone who wants a career change. Below, we will give details of the most convenient specializations, among the most sought-after and the best-paid. So, if you are interested in this fascinating world, we recommend you read it.

Digital marketing in figures

Due to the obvious high demand, it is not surprising that more and more companies are turning to the digital world and looking for professionals who can help them improve their participation in the web market. In fact, according to a global statistic from the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of marketers achieved greater brand recognition using one or more digital marketing channels.

Searching for information continues to be the main activity of people using the Internet. Marketers took advantage of this, with 79% of marketers providing information to their audiences through digital marketing.

Above all, social networks have profoundly impacted digital marketing since, for example, in Thus, brands seek to connect more personally. It not only brings greater recognition to companies, but according to a study by Statista, more than half of marketers surveyed said that the Return on Investment (ROI) for social networks is good or excellent.

Now that you know how important it is to hire marketing professionals today, do you want to know the best career opportunities in digital marketing? Now we tell you.

1.Inbound marketing

Of course, one of the main career opportunities in digital marketing has to do with inbound marketing. This marketing modality, also known as passive marketing, focuses more on providing content that matches the specific needs of consumers rather than selling the product with an aggressive campaign.

Most people like their favorite brands to champion their causes and interests, so much so that sometimes, it represents a reason for consumption. Therefore, an inbound marketing specialist has to structure a plan that weaves brand values with sales strategies and branding.

2. SEO Specialist

Among the digital marketing careers with the highest demand is this professional, in charge of ensuring the positioning of the page and the content in the Internet biosphere. For many companies, especially those that manage e-commerce, their website is their most active means of sales. How to keep it afloat? How to ensure traffic?

That's where the SEO specialist comes in. Through on-page and off-page practices, this professional devises a strategy for your site to be visible organically in search engines. So, for example, if you have an online pet supplies store, the SEO specialist makes sure that every time someone types "pet collars" in the search engine, your business appears in a good position among all the Google options.

In addition, according to Statista, seven out of ten marketers surveyed argued that SEO strategies have an excellent or good ROI. It represents positive revenue for companies.

3. Data analyst

Metrics are the company's most important raw data regarding whether a marketing campaign was successful. But who is in charge of the interpretation of all these numbers? Data analysis is, therefore, one of the most important career opportunities in digital marketing.

This professional transforms all those numbers into insights, ideas, and conclusions about the performance of tools and campaigns on the web during a given time. With this information, companies adjust their creative strategies and products or even redefine their target group. Undoubtedly, the data analyst is a significant figure in digital marketing and any field that handles data.

4 and 5. Community Manager and Content Manager

These professionals have to do with, the management of the community or customers of a brand, and the communication of the same. While the content manager is in charge of creating the content strategy, i.e., what is going to be offered to the public and for what purpose (from photos and videos on networks to access to webinars or ebooks), the community manager executes this strategy and interacts daily with the audience.

According to Evergage, 85% of marketers believe customers want a personalized shopping experience. It is why the community manager is so important; and why it is one of the best career opportunities in digital marketing. Also, Statista found that Content Marketing (managed by the content manager) has an excellent return on investment, which makes this area another of the best career opportunities in digital marketing.

Now that you know which are the most sought-after digital marketing careers, do you dare to try any of them? Keep in mind that you need specific skills for each one, but you can always practice and train them.

We hope this post has been useful for you and that you share it with your colleagues. See you next time, marketer!

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