Top 12 Largest Plastic Bottle Companies (By Revenue) In The U.S
Top 10+ Largest Plastic Bottle Companies In The US Today
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In the last decade, the plastic bottle industry has grown exponentially. Plastic bottles are used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, beverage, and food production.

With billions of plastic bottles produced each year, the plastic bottle manufacturing industry is one of the largest in the United States. This article examines the top ten largest plastic bottle companies in the United States in depth.

How many plastic manufacturers are there in the US?

The United States has over 16000 plastic manufacturing facilities. The plastics industry in the United States is the third-largest manufacturing sector in the country. It employs over 1.4 million people (1 million at manufacturing sites and another 400,000 or so at suppliers).

Which are the largest plastic exporting countries in the world?

Largest plastic exporting countries in the world:

1. China – $21.4 billion (26.8% of worldwide plastic items exports)

2. Germany – $9.6 billion (12%)

3. United States – $6.9 billion (8.7%)

4. Italy – $3.3 billion (4.1%)

5. France: $2.9 billion (3.7%)

Top 10+ Largest Plastic Bottle Companies In The US Today

1. Berry Global Group, Inc.

Location: Evansville, Indiana

Annual revenue: $13 Billion

Employees: 47,000

Berry claims to be the packagers of life, with headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. They create innovative, sustainable packaging and engineered products that improve people's lives every day, according to their "about us" page.

They claim to be able to do so by combining their unrivaled global capabilities in engineering for sustainability leadership with deep innovation expertise to serve customers all over the world from a single location. Berry Global Incorporation is a Fortune 500 plastic bottle manufacturer in the United States, according to Fortune Magazine rankings.

According to Fortune Magazine, it is also the sixth largest company with headquarters in Indiana. Berry Global Group claims to have you covered in everything from the foodservice industry to construction and medical products.

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2. Clack Corporation

Location: Windsor, Wisconsin

Annual revenue: $35M

Employees: 106

Clack Corporation is a family-owned company that claims to have over 40 years of experience in the production of plastic bottles and water treatment solutions. Clack Corporation, as stated on their website, is committed to providing the necessary customer service and water bottle packaging solutions.

They claim to have sufficient experience in producing plastic bottles for industries such as food services and pharmaceuticals, in addition to custom manufacturing. Clack Corporation also claims to offer custom water bottles for industrial applications of all types and styles at competitive prices, ranging from single-serve sports cups to glass growlers.

3. Canyon Plastics

Location: Valencia, CA

Annual revenue: $17.7 Million

Employees: 78

Canyon Plastics, founded in 1969, claims to be an industry leader in custom injection-molded plastic bottles and containers for over 40 years. Stretch blow molds and plastic bottles used by many companies across North America are among the products claimed to be manufactured by this US-based plastic bottle manufacturer.

The company has its headquarters in Valencia, California, and offer the following services according to their website:

Light assembly

Product design assistance and In-mold labeling

Stretch blow molding of raw materials, and

Handling from suppliers to customers

4. Loews Corporation

Location: Atlanta

Annual revenue: $10,808

Employees: 3,500

The first company on the list, Loews Corporation, has an impeccable portfolio. It also owns Altium Packaging, a leading provider of bottling and packaging solutions in industries including household, food and beverage, industrial applications, and specialty chemicals. It employs 3000 people across 66 manufacturing plants in the United States and Canada.

5. Bulk Apothecary

Location: Aurora, OH

Annual revenue: $41 Million

Employees: 190

Bulk Apothecary offers wholesale private labeling packaging solutions. It is a major supplier and distributor of bullet plastic bottles and straight-sided plastic jars. The fact that all of its plastic bottles are BPA-free PET plastic is intriguing.

6. Graham Packaging

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Annual revenue: $1.4 Billion

Graham Packaging Company is well-known for providing custom plastic bottle manufacturing services such as design and engineering, barrier technology, reusable packaging, co-location manufacturing, and EPET technology. It caters to industries such as automotive, food and beverages, home care, and health food and nutrition.

7. Plastipak Packaging, Inc.

Location: Plymouth, Michigan

Annual revenue: $2.9 billion

Employees: 1,924

Plastipak Packaging is an American private plastic bottle manufacturer. Their products are useful in applications such as carbonated soft drinks, alcoholic and aerosol beverages, and consumer cleaning. They are based in Michigan. According to their website, the company operates 47+ manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Plastipak also claims to have 1500+ patents for packaging solutions and licensing various technologies around the world, giving them an advantage when making business decisions. The company claims to have achieved success by heavily investing in research on new materials such as bioplastics, which are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

8. Comar LLC

Location: Voorhees, NJ

Annual revenue: $151.2 Million

Employees: 775

Comar, founded in 1949 in New Jersey, specializes in the design and manufacture of customized bottles, canisters, and dropper assemblies. They claim to make dosage cups with dispensing tips. Medical or pharmaceutical companies use their products to assist patients in correctly taking their medication at home.

Comar has a long history of developing innovative, industry-compliant plastics for the medical and pharmaceutical markets, according to their "History" page. They also claim to be focused on quality service that spans more than six decades to deliver what you require from them.

9. Illing Company

Location: Richfield, Wisconsin

Annual revenue: $35.9 Million

Employees: 83

Illing company specializes in manufacturing several packaging solutions, and one of them is Plastic bottles & Jars. In addition, they also have a considerable presence in manufacturing caps & closures, pails & buckets, and drums & barrels.

Other services include shrinking sleeving, decorating and labeling services, and additional services like turnkey solutions, pail conversion, and fitting & assembly.

10. Andler Packaging Group

Location: Everett, Massachusetts

Annual revenue: $36.6 Million

Employees: 65

Custom plastic bottles and jars, folding cartons and retail packaging, plastic pails, industrial packaging, closures, sprayers, pumps & dispensing systems, foam and protective packaging, and poly bags, pouches, and films are all part of Andler Packaging's extensive portfolio.

As a token of appreciation, they include a list of minority-owned businesses. So, what exactly is a minority-owned business? Companies that qualify for minority ownership certification are owned, operated, and controlled by a member of a minority group at least 51% of the time. The above list so includes veteran and women-owned businesses.

11. Graham Packagin

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Annual revenue: $1.4 Billion

Graham Packaging Company has been producing custom plastic bottles for many years. According to their company profile, they provide a variety of services such as design and engineering to ensure that their customers get what is best for them in terms of size or shape.

The company also provides barrier technology such as EPET, which helps prevent chemical leaks during transportation. Graham Packaging, in addition to their statements, provides:

Co-location production is when multiple units are manufactured at the same time by two different plants but under one roof.

12. All American Containers

Location: Medley, FL

Annual revenue: $225 Million

Employees: 260

All-American Containers claims to provide high-quality packaging materials with their unique branding on them, allowing you to market the product for which they are intended. This USA plastic bottle manufacturer also claims to be one of the country's largest suppliers of glass, plastic, and metal containers, as well as tubes/dispensers.

Furthermore, they offer closure products such as seals and caps to keep goods fresh. According to the company, it serves industries such as personal care, cosmetics, and other consumer goods. Wine, beer, and the beverage industry, in general, is also a part of All American Container’s portfolio of packaging solutions.


Plastic bottle manufacturers are more important in our lives than we realize. Bottles are one of the most widely used and popular plastic products, and for good reason. They're less expensive, more mobile, and more attractive than any other option, and they certainly make our lives easier.

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