Top 10 Largest Cement Producers and Suppliers in the US & Canada Top 10 Largest Cement Producers and Suppliers in the US & Canada

Based on the most recent financial data available, has ranked the top 10 cement producers and suppliers in the United States and Canada.


Top 10 Best And Biggest Cement Companies/Brands in Australia Today

1. Hanson Australia

Headquarters: 35 Clarence Street, Level 10, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000

Year Established: 1949

Revenue: $16 Billion

Employees: 3,700


Top 10 Largest Cement Producers and Suppliers in Australia
Hanson Australia

On the list of leading cement suppliers and manufacturers in Australia today, Hanson Australia is listed first.

Having a vast production and logistics network across Australia, Hanson is a leader in building and construction materials.

With a national manufacturing and distribution network, Hanson Australia is one of the top providers of building and construction products. Hanson Australia, a company that was established in 1949, offers a wide selection of premium concrete, aggregates, and sand through the use of cutting-edge technology and service platforms. Hanson Australia also manufactures road base, asphalt, and recycled and sustainable building materials for civil construction and infrastructure projects.

The Heidelberg Cement Group, which has more than 59,000 employees across five continents, includes Hanson Australia as a subsidiary. Heidelberg Cement is regarded as a global leader in aggregates, cement, concrete, and heavy construction goods with many years of experience in the industry.

2. Boral

Headquarters: Level 18, 15 Blue Street, North Sydney, New South Wales, 2060

Year Established: 1946

Revenue: $4 Billion

Employees: 16,200


Top 10 Largest Cement Producers and Suppliers in Australia
Bora Cement Company

An international manufacturer of building supplies is called Boral. With operations primarily concentrated in Australia and North America, Boral primarily serves clients in the building and construction industries.

The largest integrated supplier of building materials in Australia is called Boral, and it produces and sells a variety of building supplies, such as quarry products, cement, fly ash, concrete, asphalt, and recycled materials, as well as wood, roofing, and masonry products.

The roofing, manufactured stone products, light-weight trim and siding, windows, and fly ash businesses owned by Boral are among the best in North America.

Boral's operations span about 650 operating and distribution sites in Australia and North America, employing about 17,500 staff members and contractors.

3. Rocla

Headquarters: 11 Drapers Rd, Braemar, New South Wales, 2575

Year Established: 1922

Revenue: $3 Billion

Employees: 5,900


The following Australian supplier and manufacturer of cement is Rocla. Rocla Pty Ltd, an important supplier of concrete solutions to Australia's building and construction sectors, was established in 1922. Rocla has been a part of the Fletcher Building Group of New Zealand since March 2005.

Engineered stormwater piping, pits, headwalls, and box culverts, sewerage piping and access systems, irrigation, stormwater detention and treatment, rainwater harvesting, water storage, bridging, and earth retention, as well as concrete poles, building columns, boardwalks, and railroad sleepers, are just a few of the specialty products that Rocla offers.

Thanks to its excellent product design and development capabilities, Rocla can offer both essential items and value-added solutions to satisfy specific customer needs. All Rocla products are made to last because the brand is renowned for its strength and toughness.

4. JamesHardie

Headquarters: Level 3, 18-22 Pitt Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000

Year Established: 1888

Revenue: $2.8 Billion

Employees: 4,900


The world's top manufacturer and distributor of high-performance fiber cement and fiber gypsum building solutions is James Hardie Industries.

With operations in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines, we employ a diverse global workforce of about 4,800 people and generated more than $2.6 billion in net sales during our 2020 fiscal year.

James Hardie established James Hardie Industries in 1888. In the fiscal year 2020, they generated more than $2.6 billion in net sales and employed nearly 4,800 people across locations in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

According to James Hardie, a home is both a secure setting and an open canvas for unrestricted self-expression. As a result, their commitment to providing excellent customer service, market-driven innovation, an inclusive and empowering workplace culture, and adherence to their Zero Harm safety policy are all crucial elements of this endeavor.

5. CSR

Headquarters: Triniti 3, 39 Delhi Road, North Ryde, New South Wales, 2113

Year Established: 1855

Revenue: $1 Billion

Employees: 2,800


Top 10 Largest Cement Producers and Suppliers in Australia
CSR Cement Company

Some of the most recognizable and dependable building product brands for both residential and commercial construction are backed by CSR. Australians have learned to recognize and trust these names from generations of builders. A few examples include Gyprock plasterboard, Bradford insulation, PGH bricks and pavers, Monier roof tiles, and AFS, a pioneer in load-bearing permanent formwork solutions for exterior and interior concrete walls.

CSR has affordable manufacturing facilities and a robust distribution network to serve customers in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, customers can be confident that these products will adhere to all applicable building regulations and standards because CSR manufactures them.

CSR continually makes investments in their business to deal with evolving construction issues. In order to develop fresh solutions that will help the clients deal with these problems, they are also continuing to invest in R&D.

6. Adelaide Brighton

Headquarters: 194 Northbourne Rd, Campbellfield, Victoria, 3061

Year Established: 1882

Revenue: $1 Billion

Employees: 1,500


Adelaide Brighton is a well-known brand in Australia and one of the country's first businesses to produce industrial minerals and building materials. Adelaide Brighton was established in 1882, so they have a wealth of industry knowledge. They are adaptable and constantly ready to work with clients and local communities to enhance people's lives.

Adelaide Brighton is renowned for consistently supplying top-notch goods on time. They offer industrial minerals, durable cement, lime, concrete, aggregates, and concrete products. Additionally, the team's agility has enabled innovation and growth into a highly regarded, proudly Australian ASX listed company that benefits regional economies and communities.

7. Cement Australia

Headquarters: 18 Station Ave, Darra, Queensland, 4076

Year Established: 1890

Revenue: $836 Million

Employees: 2,400


You'll be mingling with the best, whether you're a Cement Australia customer or employee.

Cement Australia, a national leader in cementitious goods and services, is a symbol of the Australian cement industry.

The largest provider of cementitious products and services in the country, Cement Australia is regarded as a national symbol of the Australian cement industry. From bulk and packaged cement, fly ash, and slag products to processing and using alternative fuels from waste management, Cement Australia offers a wide range of competitive goods and services, all with a stellar reputation.

They provide services to some of the largest mines in the nation as well as major mines, building and engineering contractors, well-known retail building suppliers, and prominent concrete producers. Customers of Cement Australia can count on them to deliver because they have the country's largest dedicated distribution network.

8. Holcim Australia

Headquarters: Level 7, 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood, New South Wales, 2067

Year Established: 1901

Employees: 3,700


Having been founded in 1901, Holcim Australia is currently ranked eighth among Australia's top cement suppliers and manufacturers. As the world leader in building solutions, Holcim Australia is revolutionizing the way the world constructs in order to create a greener, more intelligent world that benefits everyone. A net-zero future requires a low-carbon, circular society that is driven by innovation to get more done with less.

Their operations in Australia, which directly and indirectly employ more than 3,700 people, include quarries, batching plants, manufacturing, and corporate offices. Cities, regions, and communities in Holcim Australia gain from Holcim's goods and services. In Australia, Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd is a significant supplier of aggregates, ready-mix concrete, concrete pipe, and other related products.

9. Brickworks

Headquarters: 738 – 780 Wallgrove Rd, Horsley Park, New South Wales, 2175

Year Established: 1934

Revenue: $640 Million

Employees: 1,500


Brickworks Limited has a long and uninterrupted history dating back to 1934 and is currently 80 years old.

One of the biggest and most varied producers of building materials in the world is Brickworks Construction Products. Clients of The Brickworks company have long admired them for their originality, professionalism, and consistently dependable goods and services.

Brickworks Building Products Company is expanding its brand recognition globally while also developing and enhancing its products. They continue to set the bar through design, style, innovation, sustainability, and cooperation. Brickworks' commitment to their customers and communities is to inspire, support, create, and build better environments and places.

10. Austral Bricks

Headquarters: 738 – 780 Wallgrove Rd, Horsley Park, New South Wales, 2175

Year Established: 1908

Revenue: $607 Million

Employees: 1,500


In 1908, under the direction of Edwin Spackman, a group of financiers and contractors established The Austral Brick Company.

By the start of World War I in 1914, the company had established itself as a significant player in the brick sector.

The name Austral Bricks came to be associated with the remarkable William King Dawes, whose control over Austral Bricks and Brickworks Limited lasted for more than fifty years, riding the boom of the 1920s and navigating a path through the Depression years.

Without Dawes, Austral Bricks might not have survived the Great Depression's devastating economic collapse.

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