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Get ready for an action-packed game of football! Get ready for an action-packed season of NFL games, with coverage spanning across more than 10 channels and streaming platforms.

For those concerned about keeping up with their beloved team throughout the upcoming season, from the thrilling NFL season opener all the way to the highly anticipated 2025 Super Bowl, Yahoo Sports is here to provide comprehensive coverage.

Get ready for an action-packed season of NFL football in the US! I've got your playbook on how to watch all the games for free in the 2024-25 season.

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NFL 2024-25 Season: Key Facts

• Dates: Sept. 4, 2024 - Feb. 9, 2025

• TV channels: ESPN, NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC and NFL Network

• Streaming: Prime Video, Peacock, ESPN+, Paramount+, NFL+

How to Watch NFL Games in 2024 - 2025

If you're eager to catch an in-market NFL preseason game, you're in luck! Many of these thrilling matchups are broadcasted on local channels. So, all you need to do is turn on your TV or set up a digital TV antenna to enjoy the action. Alternatively, you can also explore live TV streaming services that carry the correct RSN (Regional Sports Network) to ensure you don't miss a single play.

For those eager to catch all the action from out-of-market games, a mere $5 monthly subscription to NFL+ grants you access to every local and primetime game throughout the season (including preseason) right on your phone. However, it's worth noting that the selection of games available on your TV is limited. If you're willing to go all out, you could opt for the high-priced NFL Sunday Ticket package, which grants you access to every out-of-market Sunday game throughout the entire season.

In terms of nationally broadcast games, NFL games are usually shown on ESPN, NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, and NFL Network. Thursday Night Football games are available for streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, select football games can be streamed exclusively on Peacock. If you're looking to catch the games on CBS, you can stream them live on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME. And for those who prefer ESPN+, select games will be available for streaming on that platform this season.

With six channels and four streaming platforms to juggle this season, not to mention your local RSN's for in-market games and an NFL+ or NFL Sunday Ticket subscription for out-of-market games, staying up to date is no easy feat.

In addition, Netflix is currently in discussions to secure the exclusive rights to broadcast the NFL's Christmas Day games this year.

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The Tips to Watch NFL Games for Free in the US

How to Watch the NFL 2024-25 in the US for Free
How to Watch the NFL in the US for Free

Over-the-Air Antenna Setup

For accessing major networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, connect an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to your TV. This allows you to watch in-market games for free. Make sure to position the antenna optimally for the best reception. Using the FCC's Reception Map Tool can help verify available channels in your area.

Choosing the Right Antenna

Invest in a good HD antenna like the Mohu Leaf 50 (a one-time purchase around $39.99). The quality of your viewing experience will depend on your antenna's capability to pick up signals from local broadcast towers.

Placement Matters

Position the antenna near a window, preferably high up and facing the direction of the local broadcast towers. Try different locations to gauge the best reception. Remember, buildings and other obstructions can interfere with signal strength.

Scanning for Channels

After setting up your antenna, access your TV's menu settings and select "Channel Scan" or "Auto Tuning." This will allow your television to scan for available channels and program them into your system.

Using the FCC's Reception Map Tool

This tool helps you see which channels are available at your location. Just enter your address, and it will show you the channels you can expect to receive, categorized by signal strength.

Tuning and Adjusting

Fine-tune your antenna's position if some channels aren't coming in clearly. A small adjustment can make a big difference in reception quality.

Game Day Comfort

Set up your TV, snacks, and comfy seating without the worry of fluctuating signals. Once your antenna is in a sweet spot, you're set for the season's games without any extra cost.

A sturdy wall mount can help make readjustments less of a chore if you need to respond to shifting signal strength. With your cheat sheet on how to catch NFL games for free, you're ready to enjoy the action from your cozy home entertainment setup.

Streaming Free Trials and Short-Term Sign-Ups

Leveraging free trials and short-term sign-up deals from streaming services can broaden your access to NFL games without breaking the bank. Be sure to cancel before the renewal date to avoid charges.

Disney+ Bundle: The Disney+ bundle includes Hulu and ESPN+. While they no longer offer a free trial, the combined package at $15 per month might be worth considering during key sports events.

Sling TV: Sling's cost-effective plans are popular among cord-cutters. The Orange plan at $40 per month and the more comprehensive Blue plan at $55 per month can provide a good mix of channels, especially if there's a discount on the first month.

YouTubeTV: This option offers a wide range of channels, including live sports. YouTubeTV often extends up to a two-week trial period for new subscribers. After the trial, the monthly fee grants access to many NFL games.

Fubo TV: Fubo TV's seven-day free trial period is another great option for football fans. After the trial, the service starts at $75 per month for the Pro package, with pricier tiers available depending on your channel preferences.

DirecTV Stream: Known for its evolving names, DirecTV Stream now offers a free trial to entice viewers. The four-tiered pricing plan starts at $69.99 for the Entertainment Package and scales up to $159.99 for the Premier Package. The five-day trial is ideal for binging on live sports content.

Sign up, enjoy the streaming content, and mark your calendar to cancel before the trial ends. By juggling these trials strategically, you can maximize your free access to NFL games.

Don't hesitate to ask family or roommates to share login credentials. Streaming services often allow multiple users under one subscription, offering another layer of cost-efficiency.

Having these subscriptions in sync with your OTA antenna setup makes your game-watching experience comprehensive and enjoyable. Mix a little tech savvy with sports fandom, and you're set for an exciting season ahead!

Using Family and Friend Log-Ins

Pooling resources can be a game-changer if you want to watch the NFL without emptying your wallet. Modern streaming services often allow account sharing, making it a practical option for thrifty sports enthusiasts.

Round up your game-day squad—friends, family, roommates, or even distant relatives. Services like YouTube TV and Amazon Prime have embraced the shared economy, allowing multiple users under one account. This kind of family sharing feature can significantly lighten the financial load while keeping everyone happy with the latest games and highlights.

YouTube TV Family Sharing

YouTube TV lets you create a family group, enabling you to share your subscription with up to five other members aged 13 or older. Each member gets their own login, personalized recommendations, and DVR storage.

Amazon Prime Household

Split the Amazon Prime bill with up to two adults and four teens. Anyone in the household can watch Thursday Night Football without hassle. Set up your Amazon Household on their website and invite your partners in football crime.

Align Calendars and Bills

Coordinate to ensure that payments are shared smoothly. Maybe one person handles Amazon Prime while another takes care of Hulu with Live TV or Sling TV. Sync payment calendars to avoid unexpected service interruptions on game day.

Multiple Streams, One Account

Many services like Netflix and Disney+ allow for simultaneous streams, so you and your pals can each root for your teams, regardless of living arrangements. Share the credentials but remember to respect the service's terms to avoid account freezes or restrictions.

Between these shared premium services, your OTA antenna, and initial free trials, your sports streaming lineup will be unbeatable. Mix your strategies to cover every potential channel and schedule conflict.

This approach doesn't just save money; it fosters a sense of community. Every touchdown feels a bit sweeter when you share the experience, virtually or in person, with your nearest and dearest. This strategy can also spill over into all your shared entertainment needs, doubling the win column.

Grab those remotes, huddle up with the team, and plan your viewing strategy for a financially savvy yet thoroughly entertained season ahead.

Local Game Access with NFL+

How to Watch the NFL 2024-25 in the US for Free
Tips to Watch NFL Games in 2024 - 2025

NFL+ is a stellar option for accessing local games without the hassle of cable subscriptions. For just $6.99 per month, you get a combo deal that's hard to beat: live local and primetime games, plus a plethora of game replays and on-demand content. If you don't want to miss a single touchdown from your favorite home team, going for NFL+ is a no-brainer.

Once you subscribe to NFL+, get the NFL app installed on your device. The setup is straightforward—download the app, log in, and you're all set to dive into your weekly football frenzy. Imagine having your Sunday's thrill conveniently at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

A big plus (pun intended) here is the replay feature. If you missed a live game because life happens, NFL+ lets you catch up without the spoiler alerts. Replay every moment, from game-defining touchdowns to jubilant crowd reactions.

And speaking of convenience, let's talk primetime. Monday nights just got a tad more exciting when your evening commute stretches past kickoff. With NFL+, your car can become a temporary gridiron broadcast booth. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road, not your phone.

Here's a quick playbook on making the most out of your NFL+ subscription:

Device Compatibility: NFL+ works on iOS and Android devices, including tablets. Hook it to your smart TV using Chromecast or AirPlay for a big-screen experience.

Game Replays and Highlights: This feature is your bored afternoon hack. Watch critical moments or full games as per your schedule.

On-Demand Content: Gain access to exclusive NFL shows, documentaries, and behind-the-scenes content.

The cost? Under a hearty sandwich meal! And if you've got an OTA antenna setup scooping up the bulk of your games for free, NFL+ plugs the gaps, especially those primetime spectacles you'd otherwise miss.

Don't let your love for local team action get benched—leverage NFL+ as your super-substitute. There's no such thing as too much football, and at this price point, NFL+ delivers value right into the red zone.

With NFL+ in your playbook, you're all set to stream, scream, and savor every victory. Stay tuned for more strategies, and don't let those precious NFL moments slip past.

Watching NFL Events and Awards

NFL events such as the Draft and NFL Honors are broadcast on free networks like ABC. To dive into these electrifying events without subscription fees, start with setting up an OTA antenna.

For the grand spectacle of the NFL Draft, an OTA antenna is your best bet—effortless, reliable, and free. These events air on ABC, and by ensuring you have your trusty Mohu Leaf 50 antenna in place, you won't miss a single heart-stopping draft pick or award announcement.

Once you've got your antenna connected and positioned (see those tips we talked about earlier for optimal placement), you're all set. For the NFL Draft, Round One picks roll out on Thursday night, with subsequent rounds on Friday and Saturday. All of this is available for free over airwaves through ABC, ESPN, or the NFL Network.

Want to double-check your local reception? The FCC's Reception Map Tool is your assistant, ensuring your signal is as precise as possible. Enter your address into the tool and see your coverage lineup.

Now, let's talk NFL Honors—where the league's elite gather and those golden MVP and Coach of the Year awards are handed out. The event airs on ABC and Paramount+, both offering options for catching the live, glitzy ceremonies. ABC is again captured effortlessly with your antenna, allowing you to revel in the evening's glamour without spending a dime on subscriptions.

Ensure your antenna is well-placed to snag a clear signal. Remember the fine-tuning advice; even slight antenna tweaks can make your football viewing dreams a reality.

And if you prefer to stream on devices other than your TV? Free trial options or short-term subscriptions to services bundling ABC can be your best plays.

Sling TV: While it no longer offers a free trial, catch their potentially available promotions, making it another route to watch events. Their Orange and Blue plans may have ABC in select markets.

YouTube TV: Often provides a multi-day free trial, encompassing major networks like ABC. Perfect for diving into the draft without penalty box worries.

Fubo TV: Known for their sports-centric service, they extend a seven-day free trial, fitting for an event like NFL Honors night.

Jump onto one of these platforms if you haven't already deployed your antenna. Just remember to mark your calendars to cancel before trials lapse; keeping the budget in tight formation is paramount.

Don't forget you can complement these setups with an NFL+ subscription for uninterrupted mobile viewing, ensuring every poignant draft moment or tear-jerking award speech remains within your grasp, wherever you are.

Syncing schedules among family or friends, leveraging those shared log-ins (legal and within T&Cs, of course), keeps everyone in the loop. With someone handling one service and another perhaps offering a hosting venue for these significant events, you don't just cut costs; you create a shared experience, enhancing the joy of every picked player, every awarded athlete.

And that's the playbook for catching the NFL's marquee events without the costly ticket. Situate that OTA antenna, consider those trial services, and get ready to celebrate every touchdown moment with style and savings!

By integrating an OTA antenna with strategic use of streaming trials and shared log-ins, you can maximize your access to NFL games while keeping costs low. Enjoy every touchdown moment with this savvy approach to game day viewing.

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