Top 11 Most Popular Sanitary Ware Brands In Europe By Customer Choice
Top Best Sanitary Ware Brands In Europe By Customer Choice
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Most people only come across decoration once in their lives, so they don't know much about the selection of decoration, particularly bathroom information. Good bathroom facilities are not only long-lasting, but the classic design can add value to the home. Examine the editor's work. Remember the top 10+ sanitary ware brands compiled by the department first, and it will come in handy next time.

An overview of the European sanitary market

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the rest of Europe are the countries in the European sanitary ware market.

Germany dominates the European sanitary ware market, with major corporations generating significant revenue in the region. Along with this, manufacturers are introducing innovative and luxurious sanitary ware products, which are driving market demand.

Competition in the sanitary ware sector has increased and will continue to increase. New market participants are constantly entering the market, disrupting the entire landscape. There are numerous costs involved, ranging from fuel to manpower to raw materials. The rising number of rejections at each stage is one of the major expenses. It could be rejected before the kiln or after firing. It contributes to the company's overall loss. Furthermore, bulky materials necessitate more manpower, more fuel, and higher transportation costs.

The European market provides high-quality sanitary wares that are specialized and professional in order to ensure customer satisfaction. The manufacturers are authenticated by ISO-certified (CE) European Union certificates. This certification is given to manufacturers who provide high-quality products to the market, and it has maximized the improvement of standards and eminence products. The material used to make these sanitary wares is dependable and corrosion-free. Furthermore, they are manufactured in accordance with international standards, providing comfort and satisfaction.

Top 11 Best Sanitary Ware Brands in Europe By Customer Votes

1. LAUFEN (Switzerland)


The Swiss sanitary ware brand LAUFEN began as a ceramic tile manufacturer and did not transition to sanitary ware production until 1925. It is determined to continue to strive for development with its reputation as a "ceramic expert" as its selling point. After acquiring the Incepa tile factory in Brazil in 1952, it took the first step toward internationalization by utilizing Swiss experts' technical output. It has a history that dates back more than a century.

The product style is influenced by the multi-ethnic style of Switzerland. It appears to have a distinctive design style. Both the materials used and the appearance design have high quality and perfect details requirements, but the product performance differs from the roughness of Germany, demonstrating the meticulous culture and art of Austrian German.

2. VILLEROY & BOCH (Germany)


VILLEROY & BOCH was founded in 1748 in Lorraine, Germany. It has nearly 300 years of history. The product style that combines ergonomics and aesthetics, the perfect bathroom overall matching design, and the organic concept of integration with nature not only allow V&B in, but also allow others to do so. Germany is almost a national treasure brand of sanitary ware, with a market share of up to 70%. It is also Europe's largest professional sanitary ware manufacturer, with the longest history and the most domestic sales.

Not only that, but V&B is a world-renowned ceramics manufacturer. Its products include sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, daily-use ceramics, and kitchen utensils, among other things. Since its inception, it has become a favorite of many European royal families. V&B's work can also be seen in the exquisite tableware at many celebrity banquets, including the Pope.

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3. GROHE (Germany)


GROHE is the world's largest leading brand in the manufacture and supply of high-end bathroom copperware, having been founded in 1936. It is also the world's first company to produce "fixed temperature faucets." It is dedicated to improving product quality, design, and technology, and has won numerous international design awards.

Over the years, the company has developed more than ten exclusive MOT (Moment of Truth) core technologies, including a long-lasting and stable faucet ceramic shaft. It is still Europe's largest manufacturer of bathroom products, and it was the first German bathroom manufacturer to begin international sales and production. There is a focus on precision and product quality. GROHE products are used in many hotels around the world, including Sheraton (Sheraton), Shangri-La (Shangri-La), and Hyatt (Hyatt), and their quality is widely recognized.

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4. THG (France)


THG, the leading French manufacturer of bathroom accessories known as "Chanel in the bathroom industry," was founded in the 1950s. It is a French manufacturer of high-end bathroom hardware. It has always focused on producing high-quality faucets, hardware accessories, and bathroom products. The company name is derived from the surnames of the three families who founded it (TETARD, HAUDIQUEZ, and GRISONI).

THG has experience working with many designers due to its commitment to the manufacture of faucets, bathroom products, and hardware accessories, as well as the combination of diverse boutiques, and there are more versatile and novel products to choose from in terms of design. The faucets are internationally renowned for their unique inlay technology, and the company continues to produce products of the highest luxury quality. THG's products are now associated with nobility, fashion, taste, and luxury.

5. The Geberit Group

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Geberit Group is a global leader in sanitary products and a leading European group. Geberit operates as a general corporation with a strong local presence in the majority of European countries, offering a unique added value in sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics.

Geberit has a long history of quality, dependability, and innovation. Since its inception in 1874, the company has played an important role in shaping the evolution of the industry. The installed know-how is encapsulated in the company's philosophy: Geberit solutions can always be relied on.

6. Roca (Spain)


Roca started manufacturing cast-iron radiators for indoor heating in Gava (Barcelona) in 1917. In addition to the first cast iron radiators, it expanded its portfolio by manufacturing boilers and, in 1929, entered the bathroom sector by manufacturing baths.

Roca was faced with the challenge of producing glass porcelain in 1936, and began faucet manufacturing in 1954, always aware of changes in society regarding the culture of water, the main natural resource on which the company worked.

During the 1990s, the Group embarked on its first phase of international expansion, primarily through the establishment of subsidiaries and the signing of agreements with market leaders. Along with Portugal and France, commercial presence began to spread to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil, and China.

7. Cersanit Capital Group (Poland)

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Cesanit S.A. is one of the most important Polish-invested manufacturing companies in Europe. The Group's primary business is the production and distribution of bathroom finishing and furnishing products (sanitary ceramic products, ceramic tiles, shower cubicles, bathtubs), acrylic and shower trays, bathroom furniture, and bathroom accessories.

Cersanit Capital Group is a company that operates in both domestic and international markets. Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine) and EU member countries (e.g., Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany), France, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, and Denmark) are the target markets for overseas sales expansion. Cersanit Capital Group is gradually expanding its presence in international markets.

8. HANSGROHE (Germany)


HANSGROHE is a world-renowned high-end bathroom brand with a 107-year history. Committed to the production of shower heads, it has become the wind direction indicator leading the international bathroom industry, and has always represented the highest level of the international bathroom industry, with its advanced and excellent design.

We are committed to providing users with the most comfortable bathing pleasure by using "environmental protection, innovation, people-oriented, design" as the product soul. Furthermore, it collaborates with many well-known designers, including design genius Philip Starck and Nendo, a well-known Japanese design team, all of whom have designed bathroom products for HANSGROHE.

9. Eczacbaş Holding (Turkey)


Eczacıbaşı's core areas are construction products, pharmaceuticals and consumer products. In addition, the group operates in the fields of finance, information technology, welding technology and real estate.

Eczacbaş has a pharmaceutical, construction, and FMCG distribution network. Internationally, Eczacıbaşı is known for its leading brand VitrA, a competitor in the global bathroom and tile market. It is also an exporter of tissue paper, pharmaceuticals, welding electrodes, electronic smart cards, and industrial raw materials such as clay and feldspar.

10. DORNBRACHT (Germany)


Germany's "Contemporary" DORNBRACHT, known as the "Rolls Royce in the bathroom industry", is an expert in bathroom hardware. More than 80% of its products are hand-crafted. The works are full of artistry. It is a well-known leading brand in the world. . Founded by Mr. AloysF.Dornbracht in 1950, he took design as the core spirit of the brand and fought against the vulgarity brought about by large-scale industrial mass production.

Today, manual operation still accounts for more than half of DORNBRACHT faucet production, and exclusive private bathroom equipment collections can also be made. Therefore, the price of DORNBRACHT products is higher than that of any leading brand, and it is a luxury in bathrooms.

11. Duravit AG (Germany)


Duravit AG, headquartered in Hornberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, manufactures sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, showers and bathtubs, spa systems and sinks, saunas and accessories.

In 1817 Georg Friedrich Horn founded a small factory in Hornberg, which until 1842 produced only earthenware crockery. The current logo of Duravit AG is a stylized partridge, taken from the original logo of the stonework factory. Sanitary dishwashing products have been produced since the beginning of the 20th century, with the brand name Duravit since 1960.

In addition to sanitary ceramics, the product portfolio includes bathroom furniture, bath and shower trays, wellness systems, bathtubs, accessories and fittings, and mounting systems.


The European sanitary wares market has created a high demand of quality and durable products globally. They produced by specialized and expertise in field of ceramics, bathroom, basin urinal and shower tray among many others. The range of products, services and quality has continued to increase dramatically over the years.

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