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Fast food is definitely the most popular dish in the US. If you plan to travel to the US, don’t forget to visit these popular fast food restaurants.


How big is the fast food industry in the US?

At $296.6 billion, the fast food industry in the United States is a massive one. According to market size, the fast food restaurant industry in the US ranks second among lodging and food services industries and is the 35th largest in the country.

Which states have the most fast food restaurants?


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Top 10 Most Popular Fast Foods in the US Today

1. Chick-fil-A

Consistently voted the nation's favorite fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A has recently debuted new menu items like Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, Chick-n-Sliders, and Spicy Chick-n-Strips.

The staple dish, though, is this one: a slab of breaded, boneless chicken breast that has been pressure-cooked in peanut oil, accompanied by lettuce, tomato, and dill pickle chips on a toasted buttered bun (a selection of three types of cheese is available for an additional fee).

Top 10 Most Famous Fast Foods In The U.S You Should Try
Photo Chick-fil-A
The "A" in "Chick-fil-A" has a meaning.

The "A" at the end of "Chick-fil-A" isn't just a play on the word "fillet." It also means Grade A.

Where to find Chick-fil-A in the US

Chick-fil-A has made its way into nearly every U.S. state. There are locations in 47 states, plus Washington D.C. The only states it has yet to set up in are Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont.

2. McDonald's

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Photo themanufacturer

One could contend that the Big Mac, with its double patty, sesame bun, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, and onions, is the quintessential fast-food burger. Alternatively, it could be the Egg McMuffin, which debuted in 1972 and started the breakfast sandwich trend. However, almost everyone seems to agree on one thing—even those who would never admit to eating a McDonald's burger—which is that the fries are excellent and perhaps a good enough excuse to use the drive-through.

What's their secret? Good potatoes first of all. But to give them color, different preservatives, and "natural beef flavor," the potatoes are treated with dextrose and sodium acid pyrophosphate. It seems to matter what they do to them.

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3. Starbucks

Photo Starbucks
Photo Starbucks

Starbucks is well-known for its wide range of specialty coffee beverages, but its blended Frappuccinos and lattes are its best-selling items. However, the one product that is most closely linked to the chain is the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or PSL, an autumnal specialty that was first introduced in 2004 and has since become its most imitated creation.

Starbucks is reported to sell up to 350 million cups of this beverage annually; the day it goes on sale each year is highly anticipated. The drink has a spice mix that is based on cinnamon.

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4. Burger King

This enormous flame-broiled burger was introduced by Burger King in 1957, which was eleven years prior to the Big Mac's debut. It came with mayo, ketchup, and the standard toppings of lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun.

There are a plethora of ways to personalize the Whopper, such as changing the ingredients, selecting different sides, and requesting light or heavy servings of the additions (the company website claims there are 221,184 possible variations, though that seems unlikely).

5. Domino's

Photo Business Insider
Photo Business Insider

In contrast to Yum Brands, the parent company of rival Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell, Domino's does not manage any other restaurant chains. Moreover, Domino's is a brand that essentially revolves around pizza.

One brand, one company, and one product that the chain is best known for are all owned by Starbucks, another company that Nomura predicts will publicly report domestic same-store sales in the second quarter of 5% or better.

Concentrating on a single market is a more likely formula for success, as Domino's has amply demonstrated. While the chain does offer a wide range of products, Domino's has found success in recent years by concentrating nearly entirely on its main offering: pizza. Sales have increased as a result of customers being able to identify Domino's as the chain to choose in this particular niche.

Rivals that formerly posed a threat to the chain are moving in the opposite direction from Domino's, which is expanding and strengthening its corporate identity. Alternatively, they are finding it difficult to replicate Domino's level of success.

6. Taco Bell

Nowadays, it's getting easier and easier to find authentic Mexican food in the United States. It's not this. Even though Taco Bell's offerings, which include items like the Fiery Doritos Locos Taco Supreme, the Quesarito, and the Crunchwrap Supreme, are exclusive to the United States, they have nevertheless introduced a few touches of Mexican cuisine and presentation to a broad American audience.

But the standard Taco Bell order is the crunchy taco, which has been a mainstay of the chain's menu since its founder, Glen Bell, is credited with creating the pre-formed crispy taco shell in the 1950s and packing it full of shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and spiced ground beef.

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7. Wendy's

Photo Pinterest
Photo Pinterest

The Double Stack, which consists of two hamburger patties with cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickle, and onion, may be regarded by some Wendy's devotees as the chain's most important product. However, it resembles other fast-food burgers a bit too much. With the 2007 release of the Baconator, that is not the case. This burger is similar to the previous one in that it has two patties and cheese, but it differs in that each of the two burgers has three bacon strips, for a total of six. The only additional ingredients on the bun are mayo and ketchup; vegetables and mustard are optional but can be ordered separately.

Periodically, the chain has offered two variations of its Baconator: one with three patties and nine strips of bacon and another with jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle ranch sauce.

8. Dunkin'

Dunkin' Donuts puts so much emphasis on its coffee, frozen drinks, bagels, sandwiches, and wraps that it's easy to overlook the eponymous doughnuts. Nobody forgets about Munchkins, also known as "Donut Holes." These are one- or two-bite-sized spheres of doughnut dough that can be filled with jelly, glazed, chocolate, or other flavors. Even those who would never eat a whole doughnut will grab one (or two) of these.

Isn't it true that America runs on Dunkin' Donuts? Those Munchkins are rather enticing.

9. Subway

Photo cafef
Photo cafef

With 24,798 locations across the country, Subway is the largest franchised store in the United States.

The store's annual systemwide sales in the United States total $10.4 billion. With 2,148 Subway locations, California is the state with the most Subway locations.

According to those polled, this sandwich shop offers "good value for money." You're not alone if you like Subway! Going to Subway? Every Subway Sandwich Is Ranked for Nutrition!

10. Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) is a Mexican grill restaurant with a small menu and a high level of meal customization. The restaurant first opened in 1993 and now has over 1700 locations in the United States and abroad.

According to Market Force Information, Chipotle was voted America's favorite fast-casual Mexican restaurant for the third year in a row, receiving 61% of the votes. The survey included 7,600 American adults.

Small Menu, Big Choice

Chipotle's limited menu is one of the secrets to its success. Reduced menu size offers three advantages. Firstly, there is always a risk of food spoilage because Chipotle only keeps fresh ingredients on hand. Because there are fewer ingredients required on hand due to the limited menu, there is less chance of waste.

Second, short menus equate to prompt service. In other fast-food establishments, the kitchen may become overworked and prone to errors due to volume of orders. Errors are nearly impossible to make at Chipotle: simply order a soft taco, select your fillings, and pay. The customer is watching and can point out the omission if the staff forgets to add the beans. Consumers adore it because it's simple and quick.

Lastly, a limited menu ensures that patrons are aware of exactly what is offered each time they come to the eatery. To inform customers about its offerings, Chipotle doesn't need to produce eye-catching commercials or new products, and customers aren't upset when a product goes out of stock during a trial or promotion period.


In the US, fast food is still very popular despite its high fat content. Burger King and McDonald's are still beloved in America. To enjoy a fast food meal without going against your health goals, grab a snack or burger. Not at all?

Hopefully, this list of the most popular fast food items in America will help foreign visitors have an amazing time while visiting the country.

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