1. The official name - 'Starbucks"

According to the onlyfunfacts.com, both of the founders of Starbucks were passionate and avid readers. One of their favourite books was “Moby Dick” and so when it came to finding a name for their new coffee company, they decided to draw inspiration from the book. And so the idea grew to name the coffee house after Captain Ahab’s boat – “Pequods”. But since they doubted whether anyone would really ever say “Let’s go have a cup of coffee at Pequods,” the idea was quickly rejected. Instead, they ultimately decided on the name of Captain Ahab’s first mate: “Starbucks” as their official name for their business.

2. There are many drink combination possibilities: 87,000 to be exact

Can you believe that? Are there exactly 87000 options? Not bad! How much time would you need to try it all? The Cafe Flavour revealed that in 2008, this number appeared in a full-page advertisement in two significant newspapers.

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Starbucks medium coffee. Photo: Cafe flavour

3. A secret behind the sizes updated on the menu.

There’s a secret size which does not appear on the menu. “Short”, a cup with the size of 8-ounce is known as the kid’s size, and it may not be listed as an option. And also Starbucks has planned to add a size bigger than the venti to its iced drink menu.

4. An ideal destination for solo diners

The small tables are circular so there don’t seem to be any “empty” seats and customers dining alone don’t feel—or appear—lonely.

According to Rubinfeld, Starbucks will soon be unveiling a new table shape: round with one straight edge that allows tables to be pushed together to make room for four people.

5.The amount of caffeine in a Starbucks grande coffee

Statistics conducted shows that a Starbucks grande coffee has over four times the amount of caffeine in a Red Bull. Starbucks is renowned for having some fairly calorie-dense drinks. However, Calories aren’t the only place Starbucks boasts big numbers. Caffeine amounts are also awe-inspiring.