Top 10 Most Famous Fast Food Chains In Europe
Top 10 Most Famous Fast Food Chains In Europe

Living in an area where fresh, organic vegetables and foods are abundant makes finding delectable gourmet meals simple. Though there are several Michelin-starred restaurants around Europe, I'll be the first to say that there are moments when all I want is a fast burger and fries.

There are many McDonald's and Burger Kings to select from, but the continent also offers some distinctive and intriguing fast food options. These ten choices can help you get going.

Fascinating Facts About Fast Food

Although fast food has always existed in our culture, its influence has grown since the early 20th century. Here are some historical details about fast food:

Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton, Minnesota, produced the largest hamburger in 2012, which weighed 913.54 kg.

At Oldham, England's Tommyfield Market, the world's first fish and chips restaurant first opened its doors in 1860.

In 2014, "Juuni Ban," produced in Seattle, Washington by "Tokyo Dog," was the most costly hot dog in the world. It cost $169.

Top 10 Most Famous Fast Food Chains In Europe

1. Abrakebabra

Americans may choose between Mexican food and a traditional American menu when it comes to fast-food restaurants, thanks to franchises like Taco Bell. But variety is the flavor of life, which is why America has to talk about Ireland's Abrakebabra. They have a completely different menu than what US customers are used to, so they're terrific for supper as well. They're great for lunch and even better after a few hours down at the pub.

2. Kochlöffel

Are you sick and weary of simply having chicken and hamburger sandwiches for hot sandwiches? We're confident that Americans will love the options offered by German fast-food company Kochloffel because they're industry veterans in the US fast-food market.

3. Wimpy

"For a hamburger today, I would be happy to pay you on Tuesday." The same-named Popeye character, Wimpy, serves typical fast-food fare with an English twist.

Consumers have the option of ordering a Big N Mighty, which comes with a hamburger, hotdog, bacon, and onion rings in a bun, or a classic English breakfast, which consists of beans, tomato, eggs, bacon, bangers, and toast. There are several burger variations available for vegans and vegetarians. Europe's continent, Nordsee This European seafood brand, founded in Germany, has over 400 franchise locations.

The majority of Nordsee locations are placed in urban areas and transit hubs. Customers can order substantial dinners of sushi or fish and chips or little bits like fish sandwiches, wraps, and salads. They sell raw, fresh seafood as well. Seasonal dishes like pulled salmon bagel, springtime salmon and Spargel, and prawns with spinach risotto are common.

4. YO! Sushi

If you can't make it to Japan for sushi, plan a stop at YO! Sushi when you're next in the UK or Ireland. Chefs prepare fresh sushi and other delectable treats in an open kitchen setting, then they place them on a conveyer belt. Then, as they walk past their table or seat, diners seize their favorites. YO! Sushi is well-known for its delicious curries and fresh sushi, but it also serves delicious gyoza, furikake French fries, and sweet chocolate mochi for dessert. Supermac's (Tequila) Check out Supermac's if you're craving a burger but your kids or traveling companions are more interested in subs. Everything from crunchy fries to piled burgers is available for all palates. Make sure to try their signature fries, which come loaded in cheese and garlic, taco meat, or curry and garlic. Are you throwing a last-minute, casual dinner? Supermac's also sells cocktail sausages and buckets of chicken.

Though they do have Burger King and McDonald's as well, Quick Quick is essentially the French equivalent of those fast-food establishments! A Quick's Giant sandwich is the same as a McDonald's Big Mac.

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5. Quick

If you want to stay close to the classic American fast-food menu, try Quick, the French version of McDonald's. The menus at Burger King and McDonald's are quite similar to Quick's. In essence, the Giant is a Big Mac or Whopper on steroids. Between the buns, two patties are layered with lettuce, onions, and sauce, with a slice of cheese in between. There are also French versions of Happy Meals called Magic Boxes.


Amsterdam, even among the most beautiful cities in Europe, is a little strange. That is quite a distinction. Therefore, it's not surprising that they prepare fast food a little bit differently thanks to FEBO, a Dutch company. FEBO is famous for its lightning-fast service because you order, pay, and receive your prepared meal directly from a massive wall.

In a manner similar to a vending machine, customers can purchase hot dogs, hamburgers, bami, sausages, croquettes, fries, and other delectable deep-fried foods at FEBO outlets. It all started in 1960 when J.I. de Borst created this semi-questionable life choice automated wall by fusing the ideas of an automat and a snack bar.

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7. Telepizza

One TripAdvisor review aptly sums up Telepizza: "Not American." Not from Italy. The language is Spanish. The best Mediterranean pizza company in the world, Telepizza is renowned for its delicious, freshly made pizzas. With its unique spin on the traditional pizza recipe, it has amassed a devoted global following.

As the name suggests, you can order from a distance, and the only objective of this pizza delivery service is to deliver your food as quickly as possible. Pizza with bacon or mushrooms is a good option for the timid. But Telepizza has a very Spanish appeal, and we're talking about some very Spanish goods here. How about a tuna pizza?

8. Cottage

As the name suggests, Chicken Cottage specializes in chicken—from grilled to BBQ to chicken sandwiches. It started in 1994 in North London's Wembley and has since expanded to other parts of the United Kingdom. One of the best things on the menu is the Lamb Quarter Pounder, which deviates from the mostly chicken-focused menu and is served on a sesame seed bun with cheese, onions, and a slice of gherkin.

9. O'Briens

Since 1988, O'Briens has been producing barista coffee and artisan sandwiches. With the exception of the US, O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe has locations across the globe. It was founded in Ireland. If you ever find yourself in one, be sure to try their Irish ham sandwich.

First, let's talk about their Irish ham-based ham sandwiches. They have a few, and you should know that Ireland takes their ham quite seriously if you haven't had any. They take great pride in providing delectable, freshly made salads and sandwiches, some of which are unavailable in the US. The menu has Ballymaloe relish (tomatoes, sultanas, and vinegar), cranberry relish, and herb and garlic mayo.

10. Supermac's

In 1978, this Irish gem was founded in Galway. The claim to fame of Supermac is that it was the first to create two Irish specialties: the snack box, which changes depending on the order, and curry chips, which are french fries drenched in curry sauce. The menu includes fries, Irish dairy ice cream, chicken, cod, and burgers.

In Ireland, Supermac's is like McDonald's, only better. The original founder, Pat McDonagh, is still in charge of them; they were founded in Galway in 1978.

In summary

In Europe, such brands are all quite well-known. Fast food is a rather good option if you're wondering what to eat when traveling across this continent.

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