Top 10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World Top 10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World
Top 10 Oldest Castles in the United States Top 10 Oldest Castles in the United States
Top 10 most beautiful castles in the United States
Top 10 most beautiful castles in the United States

The United States is not typically thought of as a place where one might find a castle. There are many castles in the United States that were once used as mansions.

It is a common misconception that Europe is full of historic castles. Ancient ruins and ornate palaces are found all over the United States. You should put visiting each of these breathtaking structures at the top of your list.

Top 10 Most Ancient Beautiful Castles in the USA

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10. Loveland Castle in Ohio

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Loveland Historic Castle & Museum In order to express and serve as a reminder of the mighty men who lived during the Golden Age of Knighthood, Chateau Laroche was constructed. Their zeal for honor, bravery, and manliness was what propelled humanity out of the moral dead of the ages and into the gloomy dawn of human hope.

The depravity of humankind today shows the need for similar action. To save society, the ancient Knights organization has already been reactivated. The Knights of the Golden Trail, whose sole oath is to uphold the Ten Commandments, are open to any man of high ideas who desires to aid in the preservation of civilization. The K.O.G.T.'s global headquarters and residence are located at Chateau Laroche.

Consider yourself on the banks of a broad, calm river. Several trees provide shade. or on top of a tower with arches that overlooks a river. Maybe a bench hidden in the gardens for more privacy. There are wonderful picnic locations all over the Castle. There are also picnic-style tables available.

9. Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire

Photo: Yankee Magazine
Photo: Yankee Magazine

The Castle Preservation Society periodically welcomes visitors to the 16-room mansion and 5,294-acre (2,142 ha) mountaintop estate known as Castle in the Clouds (also known as Lucknow) in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. It is located on a rocky outcropping of Lee Mountain, formerly known as "The Crow's Nest," and it has views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Ossipee Mountains.

Millionaire shoe manufacturer Thomas Gustave Plant (1859–1941) built the house in the Craftsman style in 1913–1914 for his second wife, Olive Cornelia Dewey. He gave the estate the name Lucknow, possibly in honor of the Indian city of Lucknow. The private Ossipee Mountain Park, the Crow's Nest observation deck, and a number of other lodges and structures made up the entire property. The mansion, a stable/garage, gatehouses, a greenhouse, farm buildings, and a golf course were all built after the previous structures were demolished. In the end, the property covered 6,300 acres (25 km2).

The home, which was created by renowned Boston architect J. Williams Beal with the help of his sons John W. Beal and Horatio Beal, featured numerous innovations that were uncommon at the time, such as a circular shower, interlocking kitchen tiles, and a central vacuum system. Irving & Casson-A.H. Davenport created the interiors. Electric fixtures were made by Edward F. Caldwell & Co.; Tiffany made the glass; and William Jackson & Company made the bronze and tile work.

The house was foreclosed upon after Plant lost his money in a string of poor investments in the 1930s, but his creditors allowed him to remain in the mansion until his passing, and the furnishings remained with the property. Plant passed away in 1941, and Fred C. Tobey bought the property to log its hardwoods and use as a summer residence for his family. In 1956, Richard and Donald Robie purchased the estate and decided to turn it into a tourist destination.

Today, the Castle Preservation Society, a private 501 non-profit corporation, owns and runs Castle in the Clouds. Visitors can visit the Castle, Carriage House, gift shop, art gallery, Cafe, and Patio from late May to early October. In 2018, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

8. Bannerman Castle

Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr

A small, empty land mass in the middle of the Hudson River, just a few miles north of Cold Spring, is probably something you've noticed if you've ever taken the Metro-North along the Hudson line. It is 6.5 acres in size and is referred to as Pollepel Island. There is only one building on the island, a dilapidated structure that is tucked away among the trees and other vegetation that have taken over the island.

This is Bannerman's Castle, a remnant from the 19th century that has been gradually blending into its surroundings. While Pollepel Island and the castle itself are largely off-limits to the general public, they are open for tours during the summer and fall and provide a great excuse to travel upstate for the day. (Note: Tours are not, regrettably, wheelchair accessible.)

Although the building may appear to have once been a wealthy family's expansive estate, its beginnings are actually somewhat more modest. It served as the hub of businessman Francis Bannerman's northeastern retail empire in the decades after the Civil War. Born in Scotland but raised in Brooklyn, Bannerman began collecting and selling surplus military equipment at a young age. After the war, he started his catalog company.

Top 10 Oldest Castles in the United States Top 10 Oldest Castles in the United States

Check out these 10 most beautiful and oldest castles in the United States in the article below.

7. Belvedere Castle in New York

Photo: Loving New York
Photo: Loving New York

The building, along with the surrounding terraces and pavilions, were all collectively referred to as "the Belvedere," which is Italian for "beautiful view." The Belvedere was created by architect Jacob Wrey Mould and co-designer of Central Park Calvert Vaux. The building originally had no windows or doors as it was intended to be an open-air lookout tower. The entire complex, which was finished in 1872, was created as a location from which to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape. The building, which was made of Manhattan schist, was also intended to be a focal point in the surrounding area, drawing people there. It seems to be emerging from the impressive Vista Rock, where it is perched.

The expansive views of Turtle Pond and Great Lawn to the north, the Ramble to the south, and the surrounding urban landscape continue to draw tourists to the Belvedere. One of the Park's visitor centers and a gift shop are also located inside the Castle. Visitors can climb up to additional terraces when the building is open for a higher vantage point.

6. Gillette Castle in Connecticut

Photo: Visit CT
Photo: Visit CT

Gillette Castle, a mere shell of what it once was, still commands your attention from HIGH ABOVE THE CONNECTICUT RIVER. William Gillette, an American actor best known for playing Sherlock Holmes on stage, once owned the magnificent castle, but the Connecticut government took possession of it after Gillette passed away. He had neither a wife nor kids.

Since the castle and its surroundings were reopened in 2002 following several years of restoration work completed at a cost of $11 million, more than 300,000 people have visited each year. The park now has a picnic area, hiking trails, and a museum as a result of that work.

The majority of visitors, however, come to see the castle, which is full of peculiarities Gillette personally created, such as odd doorknobs and locks and a system of concealed mirrors for spying on public rooms from the master bedroom.

On the property once stood a steam engine and railroad tracks, both created by Gillette. A portion of the tracks still exists and is used to transport visitors around the lake, but the majority of the tracks were destroyed during the restoration process to make room for the hiking trails.

5. Biltmore Estate in North Carolina


The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina is the ideal day trip during your stay at Orchard Inn because you can spend the whole day there. The Biltmore House, a winery, numerous restaurants, gift shops, hiking trails, and other attractions can be found on the 8,000-acre property. There is always something new to see, regardless of the time of year. For instance, in the winter, the entire mansion is decked out for Christmas, and in the spring and summer, a beautiful rose garden is in full bloom.

The biggest house in America is this amazing structure, which George Vanderbilt built in the late 1800s. This castle from the French Renaissance is situated on 8,000 acres of breathtaking Western North Carolina countryside. The house itself has 250 rooms, including 65 fireplaces, 35 bedrooms, and 43 bathrooms. The Biltmore House has been immaculately maintained; it is just as stunning today as it was when it was first built in the 1890s. When you take a tour, you can see all the guest rooms and amenities that George W. Vanderbilt built for himself and his friends as a mountain retreat!

After touring the house, if you still have some time, go outside and explore the grounds. You can spend hours walking and admiring the scenery on the lovely nature trails that are spread out throughout the property. If you intend to explore the grounds, use this helpful map to decide which trails you want to take.

4. Thornewood Castle in Washington

Photo: II Castello
Photo: II Castello

There are several resident ghosts at the historic Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington, in addition to its lengthy and fascinating history.

Chester Thorne, one of the architects behind the Port of Tacoma, constructed this magnificent three-story manor house. The 27,000 square foot manor, which took nearly four years to build, was finished in 1911. The manor was constructed using only the finest materials, including 400-year-old bricks from an original English castle.

The stained glass panels date back to 1300, and the crystal windows were made in England under the direction of renowned architect Kirkland Cutter. The 54-room English Tudor/Gothic mansion is one of the few authentic private castles in the country, with 28 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms.

The affluent man, Thorne, was driven to create his own castle and dream home because he was mesmerized by the grandeur of old English estates. Thornewood Castle was constructed with solid three-foot-thick foundations, 18-inch concrete and cinder floors, 10-inch walls, and hand-hewn woodwork made from old English oak and joined by solid wood dowels. The original bricks, wood, and windows had to be shipped around Cape Horn to the Pacific Northwest on three different ships.

Thorne hired a landscape architecture company after the house was constructed, and they transformed 37 of the estate's 100 acres into formal English gardens that needed a full-time staff of 28 gardeners. There were 40 servants working inside to take care of Chester, his wife Anna, and their daughter Anita.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World Top 10 Most Beautiful Castles In The World

Europe is the home to many beautiful places and architecture, with a long rich history. Here is top 10 most beautiful castles in the world.

3. Iolani Palace in Hawaii

Photo: Best of Oahu
Photo: Best of Oahu

King Kalakaua and his sister and successor, Queen Liliuokalani, lived in Downtown Honolulu's Iolani Palace from 1882 to 1893. It is a national historic landmark and the only official state residence of royalty in the United States.

When King David Kalakaua, also known as "The Merrie Monarch," built the palace, it stood as a symbol of hope for the Hawaiian Kingdom. This royal residence, which was influenced by European architectural designs, had the first electric lighting system in Hawaii as well as flush toilets and internal telephones. A stunning staircase made of koa, dramatic portraits of Hawaiian royalty, ornate furniture, and royal gifts and ornaments from all over the world are just a few of the lavish interior features.

After opposition forces overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893, a provisional United States government was established. In the end, the Hawaiian Islands became a part of the United States in 1898. Iolani Palace served as the state capital of Hawaii from 1959—the year it became the 50th state—until 1968. The Iolani Palace was renovated and opened to the public in 1978 after deteriorating over time.

Imagine the magnificent state dinners and balls held here as you stroll through the throne room, reception area, and dining room of this American palace designed in the Florentine style. View the royal family's private residences while hearing the tragic tale of Liliuokalani's imprisonment in an upstairs bedroom after the overthrow. View the ancient regalia of Hawaiian royalty, including the King and Queen's two golden crowns as well as swords and priceless jewelry, on the basement level. See the Iolani Coronation Pavilion, where Kalakaua was crowned king in 1883, on the expansive palace grounds.

Be aware that Iolani Palace is located in the heart of an important district that is worthwhile of a walking tour. The King Kamehameha I statue and Aliiolani Hale are located across South King Street. The State Capitol building and Washington Place, where the governor resides, are directly behind Iolani Palace.

The revered Kawaihao Church, Honolulu Hale, which houses the mayor's and city council's offices, and the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives are all to the east. The Hawaii State Art Museum, as well as Downtown Honolulu and Chinatown, Oahu's primary financial and artistic district, are located to the west.

2. Boldt Castle in New York

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

In the Thousand Islands area of the U.S. state of New York, Boldt Castle is a significant landmark and popular tourist destination. It is situated on Heart Island in the Saint Lawrence River and is open to visitors on a seasonal basis between mid-May and mid-October. In Jefferson County, Heart Island is a part of the Town of Alexandria. The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority now maintains it as a tourist attraction. George Boldt, an American millionaire, originally built it as a private mansion.

For several summers, George Boldt and his family resided in an earlier frame cottage on Hart Island (the island's original name), which they significantly expanded. George Boldt was the general manager of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City and the manager of the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. One of the largest private homes in the United States was to be built in 1900 thanks to an ambitious construction project that George Boldt started. He hired hundreds of workers and the architectural firm G. W. & W. D. Hewitt to construct a six-story "castle" as a gift for his wife. Four additional masonry buildings on the island are also noteworthy architecturally. On nearby Wellesley Island, the Boldts had a sizable estate with farms, canals, a golf course, tennis courts, stables, and a polo field, as well as a sizable yacht house that is equally distinctive.

After the sudden passing of Boldt's wife, Louise Kehrer Boldt, construction on the Boldt Castle abruptly stopped in early 1904. Boldt never visited Heart Island again, but he spent every summer in the 1000 Islands until his passing in 1916. The castle and other stone buildings were left out in the elements for 73 years, occasionally being vandalized.

Today, visitors can travel to Boldt Castle from Alexandria Bay, New York, Clayton, New York, Gananoque, Ontario, Rockport, and Ivy Lea, Ontario by ferry, private boat, or tour boat. The public can explore the majority of the grounds and buildings for a fee. Private boats can also moor for no charge at Heart Island. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a location on Heart Island at Boldt Castle, which serves as a port of entry. Since visiting the island counts as entering the United States, visitors from Canada must present proper identification when checking in.

1. Hearst Castle in California

Photo: Ventura County Star
Photo: Ventura County Star

Hearst Castle is a historic, opulent estate in San Simeon, California, on the Central Coast of California, formally known as La Cuesta Encantada (Spanish for "The Enchanted Hill"). The castle was designed by publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst and his architect Julia Morgan, and it was constructed between 1919 and 1947. Hearst Castle is now a museum that is free to the public and listed as both a National Historic Landmark and a California Historical Landmark.

The original 40,000 acres (162 km2) of the William Randolph Hearst estate had been purchased by George Hearst in 1865, and Camp Hill, the future location of Hearst Castle, was used by the family for camping trips when Hearst was a young boy. Approximately $11 million, or $164,197,697 in 2020, and estates, including the land in San Simeon, were left to Hearst in 1919. The proceeds from his media empire, which included newspapers, magazines, and radio stations, allowed him to continue building and collecting over a lifetime.

Soon after Phoebe Hearst passed away, he hired Morgan to construct "something a little more comfortable up on the hill," which is how the current castle came to be. As "America's first truly independent female architect," Morgan made history in the field of architecture. She was the first woman to study at the Paris School of Beaux-Arts, the first to run her own firm in California, and the first woman to receive the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal. Her most well-known creation is the castle at San Simeon, which she worked on closely with Hearst for more than twenty years.

Hearst and Marion Davies had to leave the castle for the final time in May 1947 due to Hearst's declining health. He passed away in 1951 in Los Angeles. 1957 saw Morgan's passing. The Hearst family donated the castle and a large portion of its furnishings to the State of California in the same year. Since then, it has been in operation as the Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument, which welcomes about 750,000 tourists a year.

The American Land Conservancy and California State Parks Department have collaborated with the Hearst family under a land conservation agreement signed in 2005 to preserve the area's natural features. This area is the location of the castle that Shaw is credited with saying "God would have built if he had the money".

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