Top 10 Least Popular States to Visit in The USA
Top 10 Least Popular States to Visit in The USA

We are primarily interested in traveling to foreign locations. It's remarkable to consider how much there is to see in one's own country while traveling to other states.

There is no shortage of lists ranking the various states in the United States, whether it be the finest places to live, do business, or have fun. Economists, businesses, and the media all make these kinds of assessments, but what do ordinary Americans think?

Americans favor their home state or current residence

Which state, regardless of where you currently reside, do you consider yourself to be from? was a question that YouGov posed to respondents before the survey. Regardless of where you are from, which state do you currently reside in? 77% of the time it was displayed, Americans chose their home state, almost exactly matching the percentage of times they chose their current state of residence (79%).

A third of Americans say they are currently residing outside of their state of residence. 70% of the time, these respondents chose their home state, with residents claiming superiority in 81% of comparisons.

Top 10 Least Popular States to Visit in the USA

1. Alaska

Photo: cntraveler
Photo: cntraveler

Annual visitors: 2.53 million

If Alaska were just a little bit closer than "next to Russia." The journey to the last frontier is arduous and chilly, but it is totally worthwhile. We predict that Alaska's tourism numbers will decline even further in the near future because half of the state's visitors arrive by cruise ship. However, you are not required to be residing on a lido deck amidst soaring fjords and turquoise glaciers. Cars, planes, trains, snowmobiles, and even dog sleds are used for exploration in this vast country that is home to a variety of majestic wildlife and wilderness.

For such a small city, Juneau has a very impressive food scene, and the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage is the best place in the country to see polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. Alaska is fortunate to be the only state in our vast country with a view of the northern lights, so long as you can brave the depths of winter.

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2. Wyoming

Photo: planetware
Photo: planetware

Annual visitors: 9.2 million

The majority of Yellowstone National Park, which spans over two million acres and occupies the northwest corner of the state, is located in Wyoming, which is located immediately south of Montana. Old Faithful, Lower Falls, and the Grand Prismatic Spring are just a few of the famous sites that are likely familiar to Americans from pictures and paintings, but actually seeing them in person is a wonderful experience.

Even if you're not a big fan of the great outdoors, Yellowstone has hotels and motels if you don't feel like tenting in the wilderness, and if you do, permits are simple to obtain before beginning your adventure.

Wyoming shares a Western heritage with Montana, but goes one step further by having dude ranches that allow visitors to participate in ranching activities like fixing fences and driving cattle in addition to offering horseback trips and fishing expeditions.

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3. Delaware

Photo: hotels
Photo: hotels

Annual visitors: 9.2 million

Almost the entire state of Delaware appears to be occupied by welcoming beachfront communities. Rehoboth Beach is one of the most progressive places in the area, with many LGBT-owned and operated businesses, two LGBT-friendly beaches, and a boardwalk, bandstand, and amusement park that make it seem like little has changed since about 1952. The bandstand hosts bands at free summer concerts and is one of the best places to eat on the coast with a variety of amazing restaurants and bars.

Due to their relative calmness and family-friendliness while still being home to world-class beaches with sailing and surfing opportunities, Bethany Beach, South Bethany, and Fenwick Island are collectively referred to as "The Quiet Resorts" and are located further down the coast. Since only 1982 has alcohol been sold in Bethany Beach, there are currently only a few bars in the community, and sales end at 11.30 p.m.

Delaware is so fascinating because of its blend of the cosmopolitan culture to the north and the Southern charm and traditionalism. The state is an eerily fascinating place to visit thanks to its hills, beaches, farms, and sporadic cities or colonial manor houses.

4. Montana

Photo: forbes
Photo: forbes

Annual visitors: 12.6 million

Montana? The fourth LEAST visited state is the one that is home to both Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Yep. We shouldn't need to convince you to travel to Montana; the aforementioned national parks and Big Sky region should be sufficient justifications.

However, we urge you to visit Whitefish, which has developed into a popular resort town outside of Glacier with excellent skiing, as well as Livingston, a town that proudly wears its wild past and adventurous spirit on its surprisingly artsy sleeve. The Blackfoot River, which was made famous in the movie A River Runs Through It, and Missoula's robust beer scene make it the ideal location for fly fishing. And if you enjoy any other outdoor pursuit—stargazing, hiking, biking, mountaineering, dressing up as a bear, hunting, snowshoeing, rafting—you can probably find the best location for it nearby no matter where you are at any given time.

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5. Vermont

Photo: forbes
Photo: forbes

Annual visitors: 13 million

Vermont can be rough and tumble with its forests, hiking trails, and abundance of plaid shirts and pickup trucks, but it can also be cozy and quaint with its covered bridges, antique stores, and maple syrup.

In this all-seasons state, winters are spent skiing at resorts like Stowe, Manchester, and the imaginatively named Mount Snow, and summers are spent lounging by lakes and swimming holes. Spring is energizing and wholesome, and fall is when the foliage bursts into its yearly display of reds and golds.

The best examples of the aforementioned bridges can be found in Bennington County, where wooden Victoriana seems to span every creek and stream. They consist of the 88-foot-long Silk Road Bridge, built in 1840 to span the Walloomsac River.

Due to the fact that 75% of the state is covered in forest, Vermont is a great place to go hiking, camping, or fishing. Spend a day or two in the woods and experience life as an explorer, moving between towns and startling moose. Discover Vermont's "Little Grand Canyon"—the stunning Quechee Gorge—and experience nature alone in the world.

After spending the day outside, reward yourself with a treat by taking a craft beer tour through Burlington, stopping at various local breweries and pubs along the way. Alternatively, visit the world-famous Ben & Jerry's factory for a tour and an ice cream of your choice.

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6. Rhode Island

Photo: discovernewport
Photo: discovernewport

Annual visitors: 26.2 million

Geographically speaking, Rhode Island is indeed a small island. But it makes up for its diminutive size with grandeur. This state has it all, from breathtaking seascapes to top-notch wineries to significant historical sites. Along its more than 380 miles of shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay, enjoy some sun and surf. Alternately, venture outside and discover the fascinating Block Island, which is 13 miles offshore. The island's small, quaint town is located nearby and is accessible via ferry from the famed Point Judith Lighthouse.

Plan a trip to Prudence Island for excellent bird watching at the Prudence Conservancy or to see harbor seals at the National Estuarine Research Preserve for a fantastic view of local wildlife. Many of the austere mansions in Newport County, which once served as a popular summer retreat for affluent New Yorkers, are open to the public for tours.

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7. Kansas

Photo: Kansas
Photo: Kansas

Annual visitors: 36.5 million

To begin with, Kansas will pay you to move there so that you can explore the area. The state will pay your income taxes for the following five years if you move to one of its rural communities. Given how stunning Kansas' rural areas are, which cannot be emphasized enough, this is not a bad deal. And some of them are positively bizarre in the best way. Consider Lucas, the Kansas city known as the "Grassroots Art Capital."

There aren't many things better than spending a quiet morning exploring the state's protected marshes or quiet fishing lakes, which are home to migratory birds. But don't think that spending time in nature alone is the only good reason to travel to Kansas (or, you know, buy a house there). Famous breweries, art galleries, urban murals, mouthwatering new food trucks, and botanical gardens that host live music performances when the weather is nice can all be found in Wichita. Kansas is in that enviable sweet spot where everything is available.

8. Nebraska

Photo: visittheusa
Photo: visittheusa

Annual visitors: 20 million

The best multi-day sporting event might be the College World Series. However, they use aluminum bats, and the intramural softball team at my alma mater was hardly even there. Without a doubt, it is still worthwhile to hit. But allow us to offer some suggestions for reasons to visit Nebraska besides Warren Buffett or college baseball...

Football. Despite the team's recent struggles (see ya, Bo! ), Memorial Stadium in Lincoln has sold out every game since 1962, and the supporters continue to be some of the most passionate in the sport. Additionally, they treat visitors politely, which is a rarity in major stadiums.

If you'd rather play a sport than watch one, Nebraska is one of the top locations in the world for quail and pheasant hunters; the yearly One Box Hunt in Broken Bow attracts famous people and the best hunters every October and is regarded as one of the most prestigious hunts in the nation.

Finally, you must visit Scotts Bluff National Monument or Chimney Rock National Monument before leaving Nebraska. Both are tall stone monuments that date back millions of years and were carved out by prairie winds.

9. Mississippi

Photo: attractionsofamerica
Photo: attractionsofamerica

Annual visitors: 24.7 million

The origin of American music can be found here. Start your musical education in Tupelo, where Elvis lived, and where you can hike three distinct music trails to learn about the origins of blues and country music. These trails pass through cotton fields, churches, train depots, and nightclubs. The Americana Music Triangle is a 1,500-mile highway route through five states with historical stops connected to a variety of regional music genres, including blues, jazz, country, rock & roll, R&B/soul, gospel, Southern gospel, Cajun/zydeco, and bluegrass. Mississippi is also home to three of the Americana Music Triangle's five driving trails.

When you've had enough of Buddy Guy, there are 26 miles of white sand beaches here with clear water, with hardly any of the tacky T-shirt shops or tourists you'd find in Florida. Additionally, Gulfport and Biloxi both have casinos, unlike other beach towns on the Gulf. While you're there, visit the Beau Rivage for the best nightlife in the region or travel to Ocean Springs to visit the Walter Anderson Art Museum.

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10. North Dakota

Photo: worldtravelguide
Photo: worldtravelguide

Annual visitors: 22.6 million

Teddy Roosevelt had such a deep love for North Dakota that he purchased a ranch and turned it into a national park. At the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, visitors can see not only an albino buffalo but also Dakota Thunder, the largest buffalo in general and one of 63 national wildlife refuges in North Dakota.

However, it's not just farmland and bull moose. Fargo, located in an underappreciated state, is one of America's most underrated cities. A vibrant brewing community that is experiencing a beer boom can also be found among its highly walkable streets, along with a diverse food scene that extends beyond hot dishes and into fine dining and international cuisine. A surprising punk undercurrent permeates the music scene, and bars range from the gloriously divey Empire to the farm-to-glass cidery Wild Terra. But even in a place that defies expectations, there are a few things you can count on without a doubt: Yes, the visitor center has a display of the Fargo wood chipper.

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