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Throughout the last frontier we have a deep sense of pride for all things wildly caught, locally grown and sustainably sourced. We are proud of our small businesses and it is our responsibility to be educated on what products we can buy to keep our money with local, hardworking people throughout the great 49th state.

We also enjoy being one with nature and camping on the beach, exploring in the back-country and outfitting ourselves with the warmest and most durable Alaska Native clothing attire in the entire world. With that being said, you gotta check out these 9 things that everyone in Alaska should avoid at all costs.

1. Farmed seafood

With the exception of responsible aquaculture, of course (we have some of the best farmed oysters EVER.) If you haven't already taken the wild, natural, sustainable Alaska seafood oath... you better get on that STAT. As the third largest industry in the entire state of Alaska, wild seafood is just the name of the game and the claim to our fame in the 49th state.

Alaska’s remote coastal areas and pristine waters make it an ideal place to farm marine shellfish. Pacific oysters, littleneck clams, and mussels make up the majority of Alaska’s aquatic farm products, while the farming of finfish is prohibited. Aquatic farms are located mainly along the vast coastline of the southeast and southcentral regions of Alaska. (adfg.alaska.gov)

2. Or buying fish in general.

If you have the time, always try to catch your own wild Alaska seafood. There is just something you can't deny about fish that tastes better when you've caught it yourself.

3. Eating hot dogs.

Say no to hot dogs and YES to reindeer dogs! When in Alaska... do as the Alaskans do! M.A.'s in downtown Anchorage is one of the best places to grab an epic reindeer dog in the entire state of Alaska.

4. Shopping at big corporate box stores.

Serving Alaska since 1980, Three Bears stores sell anything from guns and hunting supplies to cleaning supplies and delicious meats. Keeping money with Alaska grown businesses what being an Alaskan is all about.

ONLY in Alaska: 9 things tourists should never do
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5. Buying produce without an ‘Alaska Grown’ label.

With so many local Alaskans working tirelessly and putting their blood, sweat and tears into making sure that we have the most delicious products around, eating Alaska Grown is always the responsible (and most delicious) choice.

The Alaska Grown program assures quality in Alaska agricultural production. Only produce that meets the top two USDA ratings qualifies for the coveted Alaska Grown logo. When grading standards do not exist, the state Division of Agriculture develops its own. The logo guarantees that products have the finest flavor, freshness and appearance. Only products produced in Alaska are eligible for this classification, according to cespubs.uaf.edu.

6. Going into the back-country unprepared.

In this wildly uninhabited and unforgiving state, it would just be silly and not smart at all to go into the back-country unprepared. Ever.

7. Staying inside when the Northern Lights are dancing.

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When Mother Nature and the Aurora Borealis come together to give you the most magnificent FREE show of your life, don't offend them by staying inside. Live in the moment and lose out on a little sleep. You'll thank us in the morning.

8. Uttering the words “I am bored" in Alaska.

Unless you want the longest eye roll of the century passed in your direction, don't ever say that you are bored in Alaska. It's freaking ALASKA. Boredom is not possible in the last frontier. Nope, nadda, no way jose!

9. Drinking wine, beer or even seasoning your meat with a product that isn’t from Alaska.

Nowadays with some excellent options in the last frontier, there is no need to give our money to out of staters! Plus, our wines are way better anyway. Same goes for our breweries! With hard working Alaskans crafting the most delicious blends on the market, we won't ever go back the boring stuff.

Say whaaat? Yup, that's right. Say goodbye to traditional seasonings and clean out your cubbord Alaska Seasonings Company and others in the state offer the most superior products on the market. Plus, if you dare to season meat from Alaska without the proper Alaska-made seasoning, your meat just might jump right off the grill and run back into the woods. Don't take that chance.

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