There are two sides to Vermont. On one hand, you have activity and energy in places like Burlington, Brattleboro, or one of the many ski resorts in the state. On the other, you have the peace and reflection of small family farms, forests of maple trees, and endless ways to lose yourself. It is this combination that makes Vermont so unique and sought after. It’s a foodie destination, a nature lovers dream come true, and city dwellers escape into luxury. Vermont’s appeal lies in perfectly satisfying whatever needs you to have.

Check out Top 7 Fascinating to Do in Vermont!

1. Visit Lake Champlain

0253 lake openspace institute
Lake Champlain. Photo: Open Space Institutete

Located on 120 miles stretch between Vermont and New York, and its northern tip in Canada is Lake Champlain. One of Vermont’s most visited nature spots. With 587 miles of shoreline, there is plenty for everyone. Kayakers, canoeists, fishermen, and sailors visit regularly. It is a haven for wildlife and hiking around the lake is fantastic. Birders will find 318 bird species on the Vermont side alone. The lake is named after Samuel de Champlain who claimed to have seen a 20-foot sea serpent in the lake. His was the first, but not the last sighting of “Champy.” Take a lake cruise or cross to New York on one of the ferries.

2. Experience Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

0429 maple pinterest
Morse Farm. Photo: Pinterest

Morse Farm is four-season, everyday fun. The Woodshed Theater has displays and artifacts and a humorous and educational video about the Morse Farm maple process. There’s a nature trail, country store, and an outdoor farm life museum with an antique replica of the Vermont State House. Sprinkled about the farm are whimsical carved soft sculptures created by Burr Morse.

A maple trail leads to the trees where the 200 year Morse farm experience continues. Savor samples of Vermont Maple syrup, jams, and jellies, and you’ll find local crafts and gifts. In the winter, the Ski Touring Center has cross country and snowshoe trails, sliding, snowmobiling and skating. And later in the season, it’s Sugarin’ Time and the Sugar House will have its annual maple tastings, as said from Visit-Vermont.

3. Hike at Mountain Top Inn & Resort

0520 mountain top inn chittenden tripadvisor
Photo: Tripadvisor

Indoors and out, every season of the year, activities are hopping at the idyllic Mountain Top Inn & Resort in the mountains of Vermont. On the 700-acre property alone, you can hike among 40 mails of meadow and woodland trails (or snowshoe and Nordic ski in the winter), play lawn games or tennis or beach volleyball, swim in the heated pool or off the private beach, play disc golf, take a clay bird shooting lesson, go horseback riding or tour a pristine lake in a pontoon boat. In the winter, go ice skating or for a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Nearby is great downhill skiing, several golf courses, orchards, breweries, farms, country stores and charming towns.

4. Dive Into the Life of the Mind at the Athenaeum

0631 athenaeum countrylife
Inside Athenaeum. Photo: Country Life

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum at 1171 Main Street in the northern Vermont town of St. Johnsbury has many great daily activities for adults and kids who want to explore the life of the mind. One example is the Frist Wednesdays series, where experts ramble about interesting topics. Recent topics were Vincent Van Gogh and the Books He Read and Bierstadt’s “Domes of Yosemite,” and the Creation of an American Icon.

5. Meet Vermont's Covered Bridges

0806 bridge pamphotography
Vermont's Covered Bridges. Photo: Pamphotography

Few structures in America combine architectural ingenuity, economic necessity, and romantic idealism better than the covered bridge. Covered bridges flourished in the United States in the 19th century. Pennsylvania has the greatest number of covered bridges, and Vermont, with about 104 covered bridges, has the highest number relative to the state’s size.

In Southern Vermont, some highlights of the many covered bridges include the Bridge at the Green (Arlington Bridge) in Arlington and the Henry / Burt Bridge in Bennington, which is a short distance from the rebuilt Paper Mill Bridge and the Silk Bridge. Covered bridges offer a wonderful opportunity to stop, take pictures, dip your feet in the river, and even to picnic.

6. Ride Awaits Above Quechee

Top 5 Best Things to Do in Vermont
Quechee. Photo: Snyder Donegan Realestate

The spectacular Quechee Gorge in Central Vermont – sometimes called the Grand Canyon of the East – attracts spectators of all kinds. One heart-stopping way to see the gorge and the forested beauty of its surroundings is from a hot air balloon. This is the adventure of a lifetime. Quechee Balloon Rides will take intrepid travelers above the treetops over the Ottauquechee River and the upper valley region for an unforgettable show in the most serene, majestic flying machine knows to man.

7. Explore Historic Park-McCullough House

Top 5 Best Things to Do in Vermont
Park-McCullough House. Photo: Parkccullough

The significance of the Park-McCullough House is in its architectural and historical value. Built in 1864-65, it is a model of the New England Victorian Mansions. They were country homes built in the Second Empire style, which was an architectural style based on the popular architectural elements of the Imperial Bonapartist’s Second French Empire.


Vermonters are pleased and proud to welcome visitors, but during the pandemic, there is the guidance you must follow if you decide to come to Vermont. Do not travel to Vermont if you are sick. See details about what's required if you are coming to, or returning to, Vermont, according to Healthvermont.


People who are coming to Vermont from many out-of-state locations will need to quarantine. Quarantine helps prevent the spread of disease before a person knows they are sick or if they are infected with the virus and don’t have symptoms.

Quarantine means staying at a home or dwelling before doing any activities outside of the home, like grocery shopping or getting together with friends or family. People in quarantine should separate themselves from others and check themselves for symptoms. Learn more about quarantine and see tips about quarantining when you share a home. We strongly encourage anyone in quarantine to sign up for daily symptom check reminders.

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