Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree In Richmond, Virginia Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree In Richmond, Virginia
Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in America 2023 - Over $100,000 Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in America 2023 - Over $100,000
Top 10 Jobs for US Graduate Students with Highest Salary
Top 10 Jobs for US Graduate Students with Highest Salary
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With the ever-increasing price of higher education, it is crucial that graduates learn as much as possible about the employment market into which they will be entering. This can provide students insight into the level of competition they may face during interviews and help them choose a professional choice.

The healthcare industry is experiencing long-term, phenomenal growth, and the barriers to entry are so high that the field is self-selecting; in other words, not very many people are suited to careers as surgeons, physicians, or nurse-midwives due to the education requirements, stress levels, and responsibilities involved. It is possible to earn big wages and secure well-paying employment if you put in the effort.

Jobs in the following fields often need a master degree and pay well over $100,000 per year in the United States.

Overview of Graduate Salary

Recent graduates can find high-paying entry-level jobs with a solid graduate wage.

While it may be difficult to agree on a universally acceptable salary for recent graduates, it is important to provide graduates with a fair wage.

There are a number of factors that go into determining a graduate's salary, such as the company, location, the employee's gender, and the number of hours worked.

Reports have shown that there are many challenges associated with collecting reliable data on graduate pay.

How many hours each week do grads work?

In what currencies will they be compensated?

What other perks do they get from the company?

What is your preferred exchange rate?

Which standard deviation do you use?

Yet, salary may still be an intriguing metric because of the impact it has on employers, students, and recent graduates.

As was also mentioned, the aforementioned criteria are commonly accepted as constituting a fair compensation for recent graduates. There is no guarantee that a high pay means you are getting a decent bargain.

Taking a lower-paying work elsewhere could help you stretch your money further.

Number of qualified graduates per role in highest-paid careers

Choosing the highest paying major is not the only consideration for ambitious students and recent grads.

By comparing the number of graduates in a given profession with the average number of jobs per year from the BLS, we were able to determine which fields presented the most formidable competition for entry-level positions for recent college grads.

At the other end of the spectrum, computer support experts have it easiest, nearly ensuring a role per graduate, while prosthodontists face the most competition at the beginning of their careers, with 52 grads per role.

The research also shows that, like computer support experts, the following professions have low levels of competition for available positions, making it practically certain that graduates will find employment in their chosen field:

Market researchers (average compensation $60,000; 0.06 college grads needed per job)

Salary for RNs is around $40,000 per year, and there are only about 0.1 new grads for every open position.

Chiefs of Staff (average salary $49,000; required education level 0.4 grads)

Average salaries for petroleum engineers are $63,000 per year, with only 0.81 grads needed for each open position.

Consultants in business development (average salary $50,000; 0.97 graduates per opening)

On the one hand, dental residents on track to become "General dentists" (as mandated by the BLS) have the highest entry-level average wage ($121,000) and the fewest competitors (5 persons per role) in the economy.

On track to become a "Other physician or ophthalmologist," a medical resident will have little competition (three applicants for every opening) and earn an average of $57,000 per year.

Training costs for the highest-paying jobs in the US

We want to investigate the training costs of each position, in addition to the level of competition and average starting pay. All of these median values are averages calculated using both commercial and public sector institutions, some of which are located in other states.

The average cost of training a medical professional is little over $251,000; the average cost of training a computer support expert is just $51,900, or less than a fourth of the former.

Because of the low level of graduate competition and the low cost of education required to become a computer support specialist, this profession is the most financially advantageous option among the highest-paying jobs in the country.

1. Elementary school teacher

Photo: Forbes
Elementary school teacher

Median annual salary: $61,350

A teacher's primary responsibilities in elementary school are to maintain order in the classroom, communicate effectively with students, and teach a set curriculum in accordance with all applicable regulations and policies. It is essential to monitor each student's development and offer supplementary instruction as needed.

Being an effective elementary school teacher requires excellent communication skills and the ability to actively listen to students. Teachers need to be able to adapt to the needs of their students.

In 2020, elementary school teachers earned a median salary of $60,940. The top 25% of earners that year brought in an average of $79,120, while the bottom 25% averaged $48,350.

2. Market research analyst

Photo: onlinedegrees
Photo: onlinedegrees

Median annual salary: $63,920

The primary goals of a marketing research analyst's data analysis are to determine: Just what is it that consumers are looking for? Who are the people who would buy something like this? What kind of price point would be acceptable to potential buyers? Through analysis of historical financial information, they hope to increase the company's bottom line. They compile data from interviews and surveys of potential customers and incorporate relevant statistics into a final report for their clients or management. In most cases, analysts work in an office during standard business hours, though overtime may be necessary for urgent projects.

Analysts in this field usually hold a BA in marketing, though others may have degrees in math, computers, business, or other disciplines. In addition to or in place of a bachelor's degree, research analysts can meet the education and experience requirements to become certified by the Market Research Association; this certification must be renewed every two years.

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3. Accountant

Photo: freshbooks
Photo: freshbooks

Median annual salary: $77,250

When compared to "barrister" or "investment banker," "accountant" just doesn't sound as alluring. You may want to consider accounting and professional services as well-paying graduate career paths if you don't want to be eating baked beans out of a can when you should be living that adult life (it's all a myth, but go with us).

You'll need to put in some time in the classroom, but if you're interested in a career in accounting or another professional service, the "Big Four" firms of Price Waterhouse Cooper, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and KPMG are widely regarded as offering the best graduate training programs in the world. In addition, if the thought of applying to one of the Big Four is too daunting, graduates can rest assured knowing that Grant Thornton is also approved. You have our support either way. Seek out success and a fat bank account.

4. Registered nurse

Photo: Getty Image
Photo: Getty Image

In every type of healthcare setting, from hospitals and clinics to urgent care centers and emergency rooms, it is the registered nurses who provide the most direct care to patients. A hospital diploma or an associate's degree in nursing from an accredited institution are the minimum educational requirements for becoming a registered nurse in any given state. There is an abundance of employment opportunities, and salaries can be quite high, particularly in highly specialized settings such as the emergency room, neonatal unit, or oncology ward.

Surgical units, obstetrical delivery rooms, ambulatory surgical centers, physician offices, and pain management clinics are just some of the places where certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) can be found at work.

Median annual salary: $77,600

5. Management analyst

Photo: careergirls
Photo: careergirls

Median annual salary: $93,000

Job openings for management analysts can be found in sectors as diverse as the military, the government, the medical field, and the financial sector. Bachelor's degrees in public administration, business administration, finance, or a related field are typically required. For the most part, employers seek candidates with at least a year of relevant administrative experience.

Management Analysts in the United States can expect an average annual salary of $70,174, for a total compensation of $92,735. Using our own Total Pay Estimate model and data on user salaries, we've calculated the median salary for you. The average annual increase in salary is estimated to be $22,561. Bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit-sharing arrangements are all examples of ways in which employees can earn extra money.

6. Project management specialist

Photo: isa
Photo: isa

Median annual salary: $94,500

The success or failure of a project rests squarely on the shoulders of the project manager, who must be a driven and capable leader. The most successful project managers are those who can juggle multiple responsibilities at once, work efficiently, effectively communicate with others, and can be counted on. They delegate tasks to project teams in order to ensure that the project's goals are met, rather than doing everything themselves.

However, the project manager is always responsible if things get off track or are poorly managed.

All businesses that plan on expanding rapidly need to invest in a capable project manager. Working as a project manager is a crash course in risk management, stress resistance, and diplomacy, from identifying and clearing bottlenecks to ensuring the flow of communication in cross-functional teams.

The field of project management is ripe with flexible options for telecommuters and those who prefer to work from home.

It could take a couple of years of working as an assistant before you're ready to take on the rigorous curriculum required to earn the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential.

There is always an initial hurdle to jump over before you can truly appreciate your chosen profession.

In addition, you'll get to interact with a wide variety of people in various settings, broaden your horizons, and expand your professional network to an international level.

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7. Operations manager

Photo: phoenix
Photo: phoenix

Median annual salary: $97,970

If you enjoy being in the background of things, an operations manager role could be perfect for you. This role is essential to the success of businesses of all sizes, and you would have the option of working in a wide variety of fields.

An operations manager oversees the processes that bring a company's products or services to market. A retail store, for instance, would hire an operations manager to oversee all day-to-day tasks, as well as long-term planning and strategy. Opportunities abound and business operations is a rewarding field to enter.

Operations managers are typically tasked with keeping an eye on the big picture for their company. They are in charge of overseeing all operational aspects, including procurement, accounting, human resources, stock management, and information technology. A career as an operations manager can progress through several levels. Chief Operating Officer (COO) is another title for an operations manager. They play a vital part in making sure businesses run efficiently and have everything they need to be successful.

8. Medical and health services manager

Photo: myperfectresume
Medical and health services manager - Photo: myperfectresume

Those interested in job security, high salaries, and the satisfaction of helping others should consider a career in healthcare, but not everyone has what it takes to be a nurse or doctor. Medical and health services managers can benefit from the industry's rapid expansion, but they won't have to worry about the same rapid expansion in the emergency room (sorry).

To get started, a bachelor's or master's degree in management is helpful, and in recent years, healthcare management programs have proliferated, even becoming accessible online.

Median annual salary: $101,340

9. Software developer

Photo: savvycomsoftware
Photo: savvycomsoftware

Median annual salary: $110,140

From identifying issues to be addressed or customer needs to be met, to managing a team of coders, to releasing the finished product to the public, a software developer is responsible for every step of the software development life cycle. Depending on the scope of the project, some developers will focus on management duties while others will dive right into coding. While a master's degree is typically required for management positions, some employers may be satisfied with a bachelor's in computer science, software engineering, or a related field.

You can find highly skilled positions in many different fields with a Master of Science in software engineering. You will not only learn to code, but also to design, build, test, and maintain software, computer applications, and operating systems. Software engineers typically work for private companies or public agencies in the fields of software development, IT support, or computer system design.

10. Financial manager

Photo: hrchannels
Photo: hrchannels

Median annual salary: $131,710

In most businesses, but especially those of a moderate or substantial size, the finance department is crucial. 56 Planning investment operations and evaluating market trends in order to maximize profits while minimizing risk is among their tasks. They also provide financial reports that are used by upper-level management and stockholders.

Controllers, who create financial reports like income statements and balance sheets, treasurers, who develop investment strategies, and risk managers, who take various steps to limit the company's exposure to financial or currency risk, are all examples of the rapidly expanding category of financial managers.

What to consider before applying for a job in the USA

To prevent acting unprofessionally in the workplace, consider the following questions before submitting your next job application:

How can you distinguish yourself as a strong candidate when up against seasoned professionals with years of expertise in the field?

Do you have any interest in a career that requires you to move?

If any travel is necessary, how much should there be?

After all is said and done, how much money do you need to make to meet your basic requirements, begin saving for the future, and repay your student loans?

Several recent grads have found that seeing the actions of people in similar situations to themselves is beneficial when trying to answer these concerns.

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