Top 10 Dental Colleges With Highest Acceptance Rate In The U.S
Top 10 Dental Colleges With Highest Acceptance Rate In The US
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What is the average acceptance rate of dental colleges in the US?

The average number of people who get into dental school is 13.1%.

As of 2022, it is harder to get into dental school than medical school. Only 13.1% of dental school applications were accepted in 2022–2023, but 41.9% of medical school applications were accepted from 2021–2023/24.

It may seem like a lot of people are applying to medical school, but keep in mind that the standards to even do that are very strict.

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Five main steps to get into a dental school

You'll need most of a bachelor's degree to get into dental school. You don't have to be finished with college to start the application process, but you will have to finish your degree soon.

1. Get a good grade point average and take a lot of science classes.

There is no set major that dental schools look for, but they do expect you to have a strong background in science, with good grades in biology, chemistry, and physics, generally with lab work. A lot of the time, dental schools look at your science and math GPAs separately from your total GPA.

Dentist schools will also need letters of reference (usually more than one) from a science teacher, so make friends with your teachers. Instead of letters of reference, some dental schools also accept a "committee letter" from a pre-health field. Find out from your school advisor if this service is available at your college.

2. Do really well on the DAT

You will have to take the Dental Admission Test, which costs $525 and takes 4.5 hours to finish.

There are several hard parts to the DAT, including reading comprehension, perceptual ability, quantitative thinking, biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. The sum of all of your grades is called your "academic average."

Some dental schools might care more about how you did on certain parts of the test. One group cares a lot about "quantitative reasoning," while another group cares more about your science grades. This kind of information is usually posted on the websites of dental schools.

3. Follow a doctor around on the job

You are required by most dentistry schools to do at least 30 to 100 hours of observation at a dentist's office, usually with more than one dentist. If you job shadow a dentist, get to know them well. One of them will write you another letter of reference.

4. Do everything that needs to be done.

A lot of dental schools have other requirements as well. Some ask you to do community service, take a test of your people skills like CASPer, pass a test of your manual dexterity, or go through a drug test.

You'll also need letters of reference from professors you've taught before and dentists you worked with.

5. Use the AADSAS to apply.

There is a service called ADEA AADSAS that you can use to apply to dental schools after you have finished college, taken the DAT, and done job shadowing. The AADSAS is a single service that lets you send your DAT scores, papers, letters of recommendation, and anything else to several dental schools at the same time.

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There are 4 key parts to the application:

Your transcripts and grades show your academic background.

Information about you, like your most recent email address, home address, and phone number

Information to back up your claim: your main personal statement and letters of reference

Materials for the program: any extra essays or details that certain schools need

Universities will (possibly) call you for an interview after you've sent in your application.

Top 10 Dental Colleges With Highest Acceptance Rate In The US

1. University of Lincoln Memorial

Accpetance rate: 26.94%

18.8 is the average DAT score.

Average GPA before braces: 3.40

This is a private, non-profit university in Harrogate, Tennessee. It is close to the beautiful Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. It has the best chance of getting people into dental school. There are more doctoral students at LMU than undergraduates.

To get into LMU, you need at least 8 semester hours of basic biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and English. All science classes must include labs. People who want to go to college as an undergrad should have a GPA of at least 3.3 and a DAT score of at least 19.

They also need to do 60 hours of job shadowing in a dentist's office and get at least a 7/12 on the chalk/soap cutting test, which checks their dexterity.

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2. The University of Utah

Accpetance rate: 25.73%

The average DAT score is 21.0.

Average GPA before dental work: 3.72

You can find the U of U in Salt Lake City. It is a big public study university. It is the oldest college or university in the state and used to be called the University of Deseret.

When people apply to the University of Utah, they are looked at "holistically." They do, however, need at least a 3.0 GPA and a 17 on the DAT. Biochemistry, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, English writing, microbiology, physics, and physiology are some of the classes that candidates should have taken.

CASPer and Duet tests must also be submitted, at least 80 hours of dental shadowing must be completed, and 3 letters of reference must be obtained.

3. University of New York

Accpetance rate: 25.49%

The average DAT score is 21.0.

Average GPA before dental work: 3.41

NYU is a private school in New York City that does study. The College of Dentistry is the third oldest dental school in the United States. It is in Manhattan.

As a student, you must have taken two semesters (3 quarters) of biology with lab, inorganic/general chemistry with lab, organic chemistry with lab, physics with lab, and English in order to get into NYU's dental school. NYU doesn't say what the minimum GPA or DAT score is.

4. University of Oregon Health and Science

Accpetance rate: 24.78%

21.1 is the average DAT score.

Average GPA before dental work: 3.74

This public research university in Portland, Oregon, is mostly about health studies, as the name suggests. It is connected to two study hospitals. Oregon only has one dental school, and that is at OHSU.

OHSU says that you should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a science GPA of at least 3.0, but most students have much better GPAs. Those who want to apply to the School of Dentistry must have at least a C in the following courses: biochemistry, English writing, math/statistics, general chemistry with labs, organic chemistry with labs, physics with labs, and general biology with labs. Some other "recommended" classes are genetics, anatomy, histology, and more.

5. University of East Carolina

Accpetance rate: 23.19%

The average DAT score is 20.5.

Average GPA before dental work: 3.60

This is the fourth biggest university in North Carolina. It is a public research university in Greenville. The East Carolina School of Dental Medicine was created to help treat the lack of dentists in rural North Carolina, which is a badly needed ar

People who live in North Carolina are the only ones who can apply to this dental school. Find out more about who can be a renter on its website.

6. College of Detroit Mercy

Accpetance rate: 22.64%

The average DAT score is 20.2

Average GPA before dental work: 3.66

The University of Detroit Mercy is a private, Catholic school in Detroit, Michigan. The Jesuits and the Sisters of Mercy are both behind it.

The School of Dentistry is proud to offer low-cost services to the local community. One example is a mobile clinic in a custom-built RV, which is run by student doctors with the help of teachers.

7. Northstate University of California

Accpetance rate: 22.29%

The average DAT score is 20.

Average GPA before dental work: 3.30

California Northstate University is a medical school in Elk Grove, California that is private and for-profit.

There are strict standards for people who want to attend the College of Dental Medicine. Some of the classes that you have to take are English for two semesters, biology with lab for two semesters, basic (general) chemistry with lab for two semesters, organic chemistry with lab for two semesters, physics for two semesters, and biochemistry for one semester. It is also strongly suggested that you take classes in microbiology, physiology, statistics, social studies, immunology, and a foreign language.

8. The Mississippi State University

Accpetance rate: 22.01%

19.6 is the average DAT score.

Average GPA before dental work: 3.53

Ole Miss is another name for the University of Mississippi. It is a public research university. The UMMC School of Dentistry is in Jackson, while the main school is in the town of Oxford. The only dental school in the state is its own.

People who live in Mississippi are given priority at the college.

9. The New England College

Accpetance rate: 21.54%

Average score on the DAT: 19.2 Average GPA before dental school: 3.58

There are several campuses of this private research university in Maine. The College of Dental Medicine is in the town of Portland. The only dental school in northern New England is at UNE, which is the biggest private university in Maine.

Four semesters of general biology, four to eight semesters of anatomy and physiology, four semesters of microbiology, four semesters of general chemistry, four semesters of biochemistry, three semesters of English composition, and 12 semesters of extra work in physics, biology, chemistry, calculus, or biology. Also, you need at least a C grade.

10. Minnesota State College

Accpetance rate: 21.14%

The average DAT score is 20.7.

Average GPA before dental work: 3.62

There is a public research university called UM in the Twin Cities, which are Minneapolis and Saint Paul. A lot of people call it "Public Ivy." There is only one dentistry school in the state. It is important to note that this is the only dental school between Milwaukee and Seattle.

The academic range for the 2020 class at the University of Minnesota was 2.71 to 4.0 on the GPA scale and 17 to 26 on the DAT. Those who want to apply should have GPAs and DAT scores that are well above the lower ends of these levels.

Dental schools with the highest average debt

University of Southern California – $99,495

New York University – $124,055

Case Western Reserve University – $140,038

Dental schools with the lowest average debt

University of Connecticut – $132,469

East Carolina University – $132,899

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston – $161,854


It is tough to get into dental school no matter how you look at it.

But graduates from the most selective dentistry schools don't always do the best financially.

It's true that Harvard and Columbia only accept 5% of applicants to their dentistry schools. However, dentists who went to colleges with less prestige, like East Carolina University and Marquette, make more money 4 years after graduation.

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