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If you have strong political ideas, it makes sense to choose an institution that shares your perspectives. Even if you do not consider yourself politically engaged, you may want to choose a school whose core principles align with your own. Indeed, this option has the potential to improve your whole college experience. For example, if you lean right ideologically, you could be interested in applying to conservative universities.

One advantage of attending a school with similar political leanings is that you can make friends who share your values. Conservative institutions tend to attract students that share similar views. Furthermore, student clubs and organizations may be concerned with contemporary political and social problems for which you campaign. In this instance, becoming involved on campus may be easier and more pleasurable.

Furthermore, teachers at conservative colleges are more likely to be right-leaning than those at traditional universities. This way, you will receive an education that is consistent with your principles.

How to Define Conservative Schools

Many Christian schools are conservative colleges. At these institutions, students take a more traditional and structured approach to education. Furthermore, military universities can be more conservative in nature, adhering to tougher norms and standards. Conservative institutions are less tolerant of student drug and alcohol usage.

Advantages of Attending a Conservative College

Whether or not they're a good value financially, there are some advantages to attending a conservative institution.

• Shared values. Many conservative students feel more at ease in a setting where the student body shares traditional values and principles.

• Fostering a sense of community. A common worldview can foster a sense of community, particularly in small, private schools.

• Emphasis on traditions. Conservative institutions may place a strong emphasis on academic traditions and classical education.

• Provide a clear and ethical foundation. Many conservative colleges have honor codes that students must observe. Students who value such standards may benefit from a greater feeling of order and purpose.

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Top 10 Most Conservative Colleges In The US

1. Brigham Young University


Acceptance Rate: 59%

Brigham Young University is a well regarded private university in Provo, Utah, which serves the Salt Lake City area. It is a huge institution, with 28,282 undergraduate students. Admissions are fairly tough, with a 59% admission rate at Brigham Young. Popular majors include psychology, accounting, and exercise physiology. Brigham Young University graduates 77% of their students, with an average beginning salary of $41,100.

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2. Liberty University


Acceptance Rate: 99 percent

Liberty is a Christian academic community that values a faith-based education. Liberty's mission statement is to inspire their students' commitment to a Christian life. The university is located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

3. Bob Jones University


Acceptance rate of 89%

Bob Jones University, a Christian liberal arts institution, is based in Greenville, South Carolina. This university places a strong focus on scripture and "academic excellence". Bob Jones also advises students to abstain from alcohol intake.

4. Cedarville University


Acceptance rate is 65%.

Cedarville is an above-average private Christian institution located in Cedarville, Ohio. It is a tiny university with 3,597 undergraduate students. Cedarville has a 62% acceptance rate, which makes admissions somewhat competitive. Popular majors include nursing, mechanical engineering, and early childhood education. Cedarville graduates 73% of students, and their beginning wage is $35,200.

5. Brigham Young University - Idaho


Acceptance: 97%.

BYU-Idaho is a private institution based in Rexburg, Idaho. It is a major institution, with 17,917 undergraduate students. BYU-Idaho's acceptance rate is 97%. Popular majors include Liberal Arts & Humanities, Human Development, and Business. 50% of BYU-Idaho graduates earn a beginning income of $31,100.

6. Grove City College


Acceptance Rate: 71%

Grove City College is a Christian-based private institution in Pennsylvania. Additionally, the college places a strong emphasis on community. With a tiny campus of roughly 2,500 undergraduates, the college maintains a close-knit atmosphere.

7. Southern Methodist University


Acceptance rate: 52%.

SMU has a diverse range of majors, including "a plethora of new and emerging interdisciplinary fields." SMU, located in Dallas, Texas, aims to teach students critical and creative thinking skills. The university's basic values are open dialogue, integrity, intellectual freedom, diversity, and inclusiveness.

8. Colorado Christian University


Acceptance rate: 100%.

Colorado Christian is an above-average private Christian university in Lakewood, Colorado, near Denver. It is a tiny university with 1,921 undergraduate students. The Colorado Christian admittance rate is 100 percent. Popular majors include psychology, business, and biblical studies. Colorado Christian graduates 58% of students, with an average beginning salary of $34,200.

9. North Greenville University

Acceptance rate is 70%


North Greenville University is a private Christian university located in Tigerville, South Carolina. It is a tiny university with 1,551 undergraduate students. Admissions to North Greenville University are somewhat tough, with an acceptance rate of 70%. Popular degrees include business, liberal arts and humanities, and food, nutrition, and wellness studies. North Greenville University graduates 57% of students, and their beginning wage is $26,600.

10. Utah State University


Acceptance rate: 94%

Utah State institution, a public institution with more than 200 degree programs, began as an agricultural college. Furthermore, the institution focuses particularly on research in the fields of land, air, water, and space. According to their website, Utah State University values diversity and inclusiveness. "USU is dedicated to making sure the campus community is welcoming for all."


Conservative schools are typically located in conservative states. For example, the school's location may indicate its political leanings. Their campuses, which are located near enormous mountain ranges and vast lakes, can provide stunning vistas.

In general, conservative schools prioritize similar ideals. These beliefs emphasize social conservatism and traditionalism. Students at conservative institutions may be interested in social activity for causes that support conservative views.

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