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Most Delicious Drinks in the World

We travel for various reasons. Culture and history. Food and Drinks.

And the emphasis here is on the drink -- the best, more refreshing liquids found in locations all over the world. While you may be able to toast in a variety of languages, every traveler should know what drink to try when visiting a new and exciting country, because we all get thirsty, right?

Here are ten of our favorite must-drink beverages from around the world:

1. Peru – Pisco Sour

While hiking to the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu, you're probably going to get a little thirsty, so knowing how to celebrate afterwards is crucial! The Pisco Sour, an irresistible alcoholic cocktail made with pisco as the base liquor, egg white, bitters, and lime juice, is the national beverage of Peru. You're probably wondering, "Egg whites in a cocktail?"

Although it doesn't have much flavor, this ingredient is crucial to the Pisco Sour because it gives the drink a perfectly smooth and silky texture. You won't be able to stop at one, we can assure you of that.

2. Brazil – Caipirinha

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Nobody is more adept at unwinding and having a good time than Brazilians. A delicious Caipirinha is the beverage of choice in Brazil. made with cachaça, a Brazilian liquor, sugar, ice, and freshly squeezed limes.

After just one or two of these, you'll be partying like a real Brazilian because the lime juice and sugar are combined to create the ideal balance of sweet and tart.

3. Italy – Campari

Italian aperitif Campari is a bitter beverage with a distinctive flavor and bright red color. A Campari has a potent bitter orange flavor that serves as the foundation for a variety of delectable cocktails, including the Negroni and Campari and soda. A Campari is a must-have during any trip to Italy, no matter the season.

4. France – Absinthe

the emerald fairy. The green bottle of the devil. The French alcoholic beverage Absinthe is one of the most alcoholic beverages in the world, with an alcohol content of about 80% (occasionally higher) and a long history.

Some even claim that absinthe is so hallucinogenic and mind-altering that it should be illegal in some countries. This well-known beverage is a must-try and is once again legal in France after more than a century. How about that proverb? Does absinthe cause love to grow closer? Near enough.

5. Vietnam – Bia Hoi

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Bia Hoi

One of the most flavorful and refreshing beers in the world, as well as one of the least expensive, is Bia Hoi! One Bia Hoi will set you back between 10,000 and 15,000 VND, or about 50 cents USD.

Local street beer called Bia Hoi is very light and cooling in the humid climate of Vietnam. Every night in Hanoi, bia hoi is prepared, then delivered to a number of bars strewn throughout the old town and sold there until the keg is empty.

The freshest beer in the world, Bia Hoi is produced without any preservatives and needs to be consumed within 24 hours of production. This local beverage from Hanoi is perfect for enjoying in the afternoon while observing the many bright scooters that pass by.

6. Japan – Sake

Enjoy a glass of Sake, a popular alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, while you are in Japan. Sake is a crucial component of Japanese culture and history and is regarded as one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world.

Depending on the type you're drinking, sake can be served hot or cold and can have a noticeably different flavor. Japanese people frequently sip their national beverage from a tiny porcelain cup called a sakazuki.

7. The USA – Bourbon

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With wines from California, craft beers from New York, and a host of other delectable libations, the USA can lay claim to a number of very tasty drinks, but it's difficult to contest the quality of American bourbon. Bourbon is a beverage made from corn that is aged in wooden barrels to give it its distinct flavor. Depending on taste, served either straight or on the rocks.

8. Mexico – Tequila

While the majority of people associate tequila negatively with a wild night, I can assure you that they haven't been to Mexico. I didn't fully appreciate the potential of tequila until I visited Mexico. Tequila is always welcome in a good margarita if you don't have the stomach for it straight up.

9. Cuba – Mojito

A traditional Cuban cocktail that has gained enormous worldwide popularity is the mojito. White rum, sugar, lime, soda water, and fresh mint are the main components of a traditional Mojito. This refreshing summer beverage has a delicious balance of mint, citrus, and sweetness that perfectly complements the rum.

10. Spain – Sangria

Sangria is essentially a fruit-filled wine punch, but it is so much more than that in Spain, where it is a way of life. There isn't really a traditional recipe because every establishment offers a unique take on the delicious Sangria. Maybe you'll need to take a sangria tour of Spain, just for research's sake!

Water - the most consumed beverage in the world

Water is the most commonly consumed beverage on the planet. This makes perfect sense because it is necessary for life, but there has been a booming market in bottled and mineral water in recent years. Bottled water sales in the United States totaled $11.8 billion in wholesale dollars in 2012.

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