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Weirdest Things in Cuba - Photo: Worldometer.

Cuba is a tiny Caribbean island that has been isolated from the rest of the world for many years. It has only recently, starting in the early 2000s, become less remote and a popular tourist attraction. Cuba is known as one of the world's most colorful regions and is home to some of the most unusual wildlife.

Here are the top 7 most bizarre Cuban facts that you probably didn't know!

1.Christmas celebrations with no presents

On Noche Buena, or Christmas Eve, Cubans celebrate Christmas. The meal of choice is a whole suckling pig cooked in a backyard oven, and the celebration is enormous. Inviting neighbors and coworkers as well as gatherings of families and friends. As a result, Christmas Day is spent recovering rather than celebrating.

2.Fiesta of the Red and Blue

The Fiesta of the Red and Blue is the second item that needs to be mentioned.

The town of Majagua in Ciego de vila reportedly comes alive with a celebration of peasant culture in the first few days of November every year.

Revellers participate in local ceremonies, dance, and eat food from the area. Residents are free to choose between the red and blue sides of the town, which compete in dance contests. Viewers will be able to sample a small portion of traditional rural life.

3.Help with the honeymoon by pinning money to a bride’s dress

If you are fortunate enough to be invited to a wedding, you will observe that the male guests will dance with the bride and pin money to her dress. If you are a female guest, you will not participate in these activities. Participation in this custom, which is designed to assist newlyweds in covering the costs of their honeymoon, is considered to be appropriate etiquette.

4.Burn away bad experiences on New Year’s Eve

Before setting off fireworks to celebrate the good things that are going to happen in the new year, Cubans believe that it is important to burn an effigy first, as they believe that this helps get rid of any bad things that may have happened in the previous year.

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5.Burning Rag Dolls is a New Year’s Eve tradition

Many Cubans burn life-sized rag dolls on New Year's Eve to say goodbye to the previous year.

After the Cuban Revolution, this custom was all but forgotten, but it has recently gained popularity once more. At the stroke of midnight, Cubans typically congregate in streets and squares to burn the dolls, which are known as monitors.

Another New Year's custom is to rub an uncooked egg all over your body, paying special attention to the soles of your feet and your head, and then smash the egg while wishing for the coming year. This ritual purifies you for the coming year while the egg absorbs anything negative in your life. See a doll in the shape of a human being engulfed in flames; this represents the demise of your regrets and unpleasant memories. to the following year!

Many Cubans practice the tradition of casting a bucket of water into the street at midnight in an effort to exorcise the previous year and usher in whatever good fortune the new year may bring. Another practice that has gained popularity is waving goodbye to neighbors while walking around the block with a suitcase in the hopes that this farce will actually come true and secure them a trip abroad.

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6.Hitch-hiking is a common way of travelling

There are a lot of local hitchhikers on the main roads in Cuba, which is something you'll notice while traveling there. In Cuba, the vast majority of people do not drive.

Even though Cuba's transportation system has recently improved, many people still hitchhike because buses are frequently overcrowded and infrequent. Legally, government vehicles must pick up hitchhikers. It's common to hitchhike when traveling.

7.Cuba’s main music genre is Son

Although salsa is well-known throughout the world, Son Cubano is the most popular musical style in Cuba. Son Cubano, like many other types of Cuban music, is influenced by both Spanish and African music. The Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club helped make it popular after it developed in eastern Cuba in the late 19th century.

The caledoniaworldwide website suggests that Son Cubano is still a popular musical style, particularly in the venues in Santiago de Cuba. Son Cubano is distinguished from other types of Cuban music by its intriguing combination of instruments, which includes bongos, trumpets, claves, and the tres guitar, which is specific to son music.

The songs typically focus on people's daily lives, though son singers, also referred to as soneros, occasionally improvise while performing.

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