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There are so many tasty British culinary delights and here is a list of recommended everyday foods enjoyed and eaten quite regularly all across the UK. With KnowInsider, let's explore right now!

Fish & Chips

How could fish and chips not be at the top of this list? Curry puts up a good fight, but there’s something strangely British about eating fish and chips straight from the wrappings on a bench in a seaside town. Even when it’s raining, traditional fish and chips makes a warm and filling meal for any stomach. Some would say that the secret to the perfect fish is found in the batter, and you can find the secret of the bubbles in this article. Others say that it’s all in the condiments. Whichever side of the net you fall on, fish and chips is definitely our favourite and is one of the ultimate British dinners to tuck into over and over again.

Roast (with all the trimmings)

Once upon a time, families in the UK would sit down together on a Sunday and enjoy a big roast lunch. Although this tradition has waned somewhat over the recent years, the roast remains a popular meal in the UK. The delicious feast consists of roasted meat (beef, chicken, lamb or pork) and a selection of vegetables.

These might include roast potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. A roast may also include stuffing and Yorkshire puddings; a batter of eggs, flour, and milk which rises in the oven. Roast beef is traditionally accompanied by a peppery horseradish sauce and English mustard. Roast pork, on the other hand, comes with apple sauce. And roast lamb always comes with mint sauce or redcurrant jelly. Whatever ‘trimmings’ you add, though, the gravy is arguably the most important part. This usually contains the meat juices and a splash of red wine.

Classic British pork pie

Created and perfected in the tiny Leicestershire town of Melton Mowbray, the hand-raised pork pie is a must for any British picnic – and, more often than not, any British party buffet. Surrounded by a sturdy crust, made with lard and hot water in the traditional way, the pork filling is cooked within the pie before the crust is filled with gelatin made from the pig’s bones. This jelly preserves the cooked meat, meaning that the pie can be stored and transported without spoiling; as such, it has established itself as the perfect snack for a summer afternoon.

Bangers and Mash

In truth, it’s one of the simplest meals to make but one of the most satisfying and filling meals. This is especially so if you get some really creamy (or cheesy) mash and regardless of what anyone else says, add a little extra butter when it comes to your table.

If you’re making this at home, maybe tell the cook (even if the cook is you!) to not add the butter at the start and let the diners add it themselves to their desired quantities. Though be warned, it all ends up being filled with calories.

Shepherd’s pie

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The UK is famous for its heart-warming pies, but the most comforting of these is undoubtedly shepherd’s pie. This popular winter-warmer is the perfect family meal and very easy to make. It simply consists of minced lamb cooked in gravy or sauce with onions and topped with a layer of fluffy mashed potato.

The recipe has many different variations, and you can add other vegetables such as peas and carrots to the filling. Some people also add a layer of grated cheese on top of the potato for extra flavor. According to early cookbooks, people created the dish as a cheap and easy way to use up leftover meat from the Sunday roast. If you aren’t a fan of lamb, though, you might prefer shepherd’s pie’s cousin, cottage pie; this uses minced beef instead.

Bacon Sandwich

A bacon sarnie is literally a bacon sandwich but is a quick breakfast favourite across the UK. This is made even more special when the buns have just been baked and the bacon has just been cooking (preferably ever so slightly crisp). It’s typically quite cheap as well so it’s a good grab-and-go option if you have a full morning/day of sightseeing ahead.

Welsh Cawl

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Having never been a fan of soups (and by inference stews too) due to how hungry I am shortly after and how bland some soups are but I am quite surprised at how much I love Welsh cawl.

It is such a perfect winter warmer and is comprised of swede, potatoes, carrots, leek, some stock and a meat of some sort (my favourite is lamb) though you can quite easily make a vegetarian version.

It is so surprisingly filling (which could explain why I love it so much) and very healthy too! There’s nothing better than coming home a blisteringly cold winter evening, warming up by the fireplace with a bowl of Welsh Cawl, Cheese and some crusty bread in hand.

Bread and Butter Pudding

It is quite literally a pudding made of bread and butter which for some reason I never thought about when I first had it – mostly because it doesn’t taste like just plain bread and butter but instead is this delicious sweet dessert that is a firm British favourite.

One of the best twists I’ve had of this is using a croissant or a brioche instead of regular bread (which is a bit of a cheap departure from the British theme) but it makes it even tastier!

Lancashire hotpot

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Similar to shepherd’s pie, this hearty stew is made from mutton or lamb and vegetables, topped with sliced potatoes. One of the main differences, however, is that you cook it in a heavy pottery dish used to make casseroles. The dish is cooked very slowly under low heat to ensure that the meat is succulent and tender. The dish originates from the northwest of England and dates back to the era before industrialization. During this time, families would work at home and had time to attend to cooking over many hours. Simple to prepare and cheap to make, Lancashire hotpot remains a popular British food, especially during the colder winter months. People often eat it with pickled red cabbage or beetroot. Similar stews are scouse from Liverpool, Irish stew from Ireland, and cawl from Wales.

Cream tea

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We’ve saved the sweetest till last! The quintessential British ‘afternoon tea’ wouldn’t be complete without tea and scones. This teatime treat consists of a pot of tea – preferably Earl Grey – with either lemon or a dash of milk; plus scones. These are dense, bread-like cakes made from flour, butter, and milk. They traditionally come with strawberry or raspberry jam and clotted cream; a rich yellow cream with a crusty top. You simply cut the scone in half, spread it with jam and clotted cream, and enjoy. This iconic British food is associated with the South West of England; especially Devon and Cornwall, where you will find it in numerous cafés and tearooms.

Above is the list of the 10 iconic foods in the UK that KnowInsider wants to recommend for you. If you like it, please follow us for more amazing news, and if you have any comments, feel free to put them in the comment section below.
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