Top 10 Biggest Solar Farms In Canada
Top 10 Biggest Solar Farms In Canada
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What Is Solar Energy?

This term refers to the energy (heat and light) produced by the Sun. Have you ever wondered why the Sun, the Solar System's largest star, is so hot? It's essentially one massive plasma ball in a never-ending cycle of nuclear fusion. When hydrogen atoms collide with protons, they combine to form helium, releasing massive amounts of energy that reach Earth. This phenomenon is known as the proton-proton chain by scientists.

Because the sun isn't going away anytime soon, it's the ideal long-term source of renewable energy. But wait, how do we use that energy? That's when solar panels come in handy. Each panel contains a PV cell, which absorbs the energy and converts it to direct current (DC). Finally, inverters convert alternating current to direct current.

Solar energy in Canada: Overview

The deposits of coal, oil, and natural gas do not last forever. Wind, water, and sunlight, on the other hand, are limitless sources of energy. That is why world governments are shifting their attention to naturally replenishing resources. G7 and G20 countries are investing heavily in this area. However, the transition to renewable energy is not an easy task.

Canada has a lot of solar power resources due to its large land area. Solar potential is greatest in the southernmost parts of Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. Solar energy is now a popular way to generate power and heat in Canada, and it helps to reduce pollution associated with energy production.

However, due to its high latitude, the country receives relatively little solar radiation. When this is combined with cloudy weather, the capacity factor is only 6%, compared to 15% in America. Solar power will account for approximately 3% of total energy generation capacity in Canada by 2040, according to the Canada Energy Regulator (previously the National Energy Board).

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Facts about solar farms in Canada

-Canada currently has 2,399 MW of solar capacity.

-Canada ranks 22nd in terms of installed solar energy capacity.

-In Canada, there are 48K solar energy installations.

-Solar energy in Canada is expected to reach 13 TWh by 2040.

-Saskatchewan and Alberta have the greatest potential for solar PV generation (6.5-7.15 kW.h/m2).

-Ontario accounts for 98% of all solar power generation in Canada.

-Canadian Solar's net revenue reached $5.2 billion in 2021, up 55% from the previous year.

-In Canada, solar power costs $3.01 per watt on average.

-The federal government of Canada is investing $964 million in renewable energy.

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Top 10 Biggest Solar Farms In Canada

1. Travers Solar Project

Location: Alberta

Capacity: 465MW

Owner: Greengate Power Corporation, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

On grid in 2022

It's a massive project that will see 1.3 million solar panels installed on 3300 acres of land east of Champion, Alberta. The project is still in its infancy (early development stages). Greengate Power, based in Calgary, is the project's developer, with funding from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners.

According to Dan Balaban, CEO of Greengate, the $700 million project, Canada's largest, will generate enough energy to power thousands of homes.

The project's capacity is expected to be 465 megawatts AC and 691 megawatts DC, which translates to enough power for more than 150,000 homes.

2. Brooks Solar Farm

Location: Alberta

Capacity: 400MW

Owner: Solar Krafte

On grid in 2022

The Brooks Solar Farm is a 400 megawatt (MW) plant proposed for 3,900 acres of private land in the County of Newell, Alberta, west of the City of Brooks, and immediately adjacent to the AltaLink Cassils Substation.

The project is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 470,000 tonnes per year while also producing enough electricity to power more than 90,000 Alberta households. The overall capital cost of the project is estimated to be around $500 million, and it will provide significant direct and indirect economic development to Newell and Brooks.

The project will be completed in stages, with commercial operations beginning in late 2022 and lasting for the next 30 years and beyond.

3. Dunmore Solar Project

Location: Alberta

Capacity: 216MW

Owner: Ascent Energy Partners

On grid in 2023

It's a 216-megawatt solar energy project east of Medicine Hat. Ascent Energy Partners is developing the project for owner "Dunmore Solar Inc.," a subsidiary of global renewable investment firm P&T Global Renewable Energy. The project's total estimated cost is around $200.0M. The project is expected to begin operations in 2023.

4. Vauxhall Solar

Location: Alberta

Capacity: 150MW

Owner: Solar Krafte

On grid in 2022

The Vauxhall Solar Farm is a 60 megawatt (MW) solar facility on approximately 940 acres of private land in Taber, Alberta, near the Town of Vauxhall.

The project is expected to offset 70,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year while generating enough electricity to power over 14,000 Alberta homes.

The project's total capital cost is expected to exceed $90 million, bringing significant direct and indirect economic activity to the M.D. of Taber and the Town of Vauxhall.

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5. Airport City Solar

Location: Alberta

Capacity: 120MW

Owner: Alpin Sun

On grid in 2022

The Airport City Solar Project (the "Project") is a 120 MW solar energy facility situated on 627 acres of industrially zoned land located on the west side of the Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

6. Lathom Solar Project

Location: Alberta

Capacity: 120MW

Owner: Greengate Power

On grid in 2022

Greengate Power Corporation (Greengate) owns Lathom Solar LP as a project-specific entity. The Lathom Solar LP will own and operate the project.

Greengate, the company that owns Lathom Solar LP, is a privately held renewable energy company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Greengate Power has developed nearly 1,000 MW of operating or near-construction renewable energy projects in Alberta since 2007, including the country's largest wind and solar energy projects. These projects represent over C$1.5 billion of investment and are expected to provide a clean source of power to more than 350,000 homes.

7. Saddlebrook Solar and Storage Project

Location: Alberta

Capacity: 102,5MW

Owner: TC Energy Corporation

On grid in 2024

The Saddlebrook Solar + Storage Project, which TC Energy is currently building and operating, is a solar and energy storage project. It is made up of a solar-generating facility that will work in tandem with a battery energy storage system.

The solar-generating facility will generate energy using cutting-edge bifacial solar panels, and the battery energy storage system will be supplied by Lockheed Martin and will use their long-duration GridStar® Flow energy storage system.

The Project is entirely on TC Energy-owned land at the Saddlebrook Industrial Park, southeast of the intersection of Highway 2A and Township Road 200 in Aldersyde, Alberta, in 31-19-28-W4M.

8. Grand

Location: Ontario

Capacity: 100MW

Owner: Samsung C&T, CCLI, SNGRDC

On grid in 2015

Grand Renewable Energy Solar PV Park is a ground-mounted solar project which is spread over an area of 325 hectares. The project generates 170,000MWh electricity and supplies enough clean energy to power 17,000 households, offsetting 162,000t of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) a year.

9. Kingston

Location: Ontario

Capacity: 100MW

Owner: Samsung C&T, CCLI

On grid in 2015

Sol-Luce Kingston Solar PV Park is a ground-mounted solar project spread across 800 acres. The project generates 173,000MWh of electricity and provides enough clean energy to power 16,409 households per year, offsetting 119,292t of CO2 emissions (CO2).

10. Enterprise Solar

Location: Alberta

Capacity: 95MW

Owner: Renewable Energy Systems

On grid in 2022

The Enterprise Solar project is being developed by Pattern Canada in Vulcan County, Alberta. The facility will generate revenue for the community, create local jobs, and provide benefits for future generations. Enterprise MPC Solar PV Park is a solar PV power project with a capacity of 65MW. It will take place in Alberta, Canada. The project is currently in the permitting stage, according to GlobalData, which tracks and profiles over 170,000 power plants worldwide. It will be built in a single phase. The project is expected to be commissioned in 2023 after construction is completed.


Wind and solar power have enormous potential in Canada.In Canada, solar power costs $3.01 per watt on average. While Canada isn't a big fan of solar energy right now, the government and global investors are working hard to change that. So, if you live in Ontario or Alberta and have been considering installing a few solar panels in your backyard, now is the time!

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