Top 10 Best Whiskeys You Should Try At Least One Time
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What is Whiskey?

Whiskey is a well-known brand of alcohol on the market today. This wine is born by distillation from fermentation from cereals such as: barley (barley), wheat (wheat), rye (rye), buckwheat (oats), corn (Corn/maize), alcohol content from 40-45%ALC, dark amber brown color.

Depending on the distillation method, different whiskeys will be produced. The alcohol level of Whiskey is quite heavy, ranging from 43-45 degrees. Typically, Whiskey has a light to dark golden yellow color rather than an orange, or amber color. The color of the whiskey will depend on the age and aging time in short or long oak barrels.

Top 10 Best Whiskeys You Should Try At Least One Time

1, Glenlivet

Top 10 Best Whiskeys You Should Try At Least One Time

Glenlivet is a Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, which is a pure product line. This brand is based in Speyside Scotland – this is a cool, wet climate region, with pure spring water from the Livet valley. Thanks to such strong points, the wines here have excellent taste, conquering the most demanding guests.

Glenlivet wine is a blend of many flavors, most notably sweet fruit flavors: dried fruits, pears, apples, citrus... In addition, some versions have a deep sweet pineapple flavor. Each version has a distinctive, spicy oak flavor that permeates the tip of the tongue.

2, Glenfiddich

Top 10 Best Whiskeys You Should Try At Least One Time

Glenfiddich is one of the strong Single Malt Whiskeys. However, it still has the full and passionate flavor of Whiskey, combined with a sweet aftertaste that lasts endlessly until the last drop.

Glenfiddich is distilled at the single malt distillery in Speyside, Scotland. The company is owned by William Grant & Sons in Dufftown, Scotland.

3, Macallan

Macallan is an exceptional whiskey, produced from a single malt distilled in the mecca of Macallan and handcrafted from American, Spanish and European casks.

Macallan's characteristic natural color, softness and multi-dimensional richness make it the world's finest Single Malt.

Macallan is a master of perfection in a quality that is always the same, the same everywhere. Moreover, there is no second country in the world that produces this Macallan wine.

4, Singleton

Singleton wine is a line of wine produced by distillation and fermentation of various types such as dried orange peels, dried peat, burning heather... The alcohol content of the products currently ranges from 40-45 degrees ALC. Singleton wines have an attractive golden color and are often aged in casks, especially in burnt oak or white oak.

Singleton is a brand specializing in whiskey production from Scotland. This brand is famous for the consistent quality of each product line along with standard production processes and especially for its balanced, mellow taste.

The main production materials are barley and malt, carefully selected with pure water distilled and aged in European oak barrels. Currently, the Singleton house brand has been present in many countries.

5,The Legendary Midnight Silkie

Top 10 Best Whiskeys You Should Try At Least One Time

The core release from Sliabh Liag Distillers was a previous Ultimate Spirits Challenge winner for best blended Irish whiskey. Midnight is a tripled distilled peated single malt, matured in an array of casks (sherry, bourbon, oloroso, red wine, virgin oak and imperial stout). Here, orange zest, tobacco, dried fruits, baking spices and a very creamy and lush mouthfeel combine together for an ideal winter sipper.

6, Octomore

This annual release from Bruichladdich found a standout close to home. Aged in a combination of first-fill American Oak whisky and second-fill European oak casks, 13.3 is crafted from 100% Islay barley and comes in at a whopping 129.3 PPM and 61.1% ABV. It was distilled from the 2015 harvest of Octomore Farm Concerto barley and later undergoes two cask different cask maturations. The mouthfeel here is creamy and everything feels a bit bolder than the other 13 releases — the maltiness, the overripe fruit, the dry finish, the minerality. Meanwhile, the peat is certainly present but not overpowering.

7, Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal is one of the most widely available blended Whiskeys in the world. This is a drink that contains many different layers of Barley Whiskey and Malt Whiskey, distilled from many of the same parts of Scotland. The essence of Whiskey is a blend of whiskeys from the original ingredients together to create Chivas (Chivas 12 years, Chivas 18 years, Chivas 21 years ...).

Each Chivas wine will have its own blend formula and the selection of many Whiskeys used to blend together has led to a special taste, smoothness, balance for each wine. This blend recipe is a Chivas family secret that has been passed down to successive blending experts.

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8, Ballantines

Ballantines are blended whiskeys with a long tradition, blending recipes for more than 75 years.

Ballantines have excellent quality, reasonable prices, meeting all the needs of the most demanding customers.

Ballantines wine is trusted by many Vietnamese connoisseurs, often used as a drink in luxurious and classy parties, friends meetings, as gifts for relatives, customers, and business partners.

Ballantines is a line of blended Scotch Whiskey from Scotland. Each Ballantines has a unique recipe to blend and the wide selection of Whiskeys has resulted in a distinct, smooth, even taste for each.

9, Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Top 10 Best Whiskeys You Should Try At Least One Time

Rare Breed is sort of a sleeper whiskey from Wild Turkey, a barrel-proof bourbon that doesn’t get the recognition that many others do. But it is one of the best you can find, a blend of six-, eight- and 12-year-old bourbon that is not cut with water before bottling. The proof varies depending on the batch, but usually falls somewhere between 112 and 120. That’s strong, but not overpoweringly so. This is a wonderful whiskey to sip on, and you can reduce the strength a bit yourself if you’d like by adding some water, although it’s complex enough that you might not want to.

10, Johnnie Walker

The manufacturer has always been careful and meticulous in each production stage to produce Johnnie Walker bottles of quality, excellent taste and characteristic golden amber color. The processes that create Johnnie Walker bottles are closely supervised by leading experts and modern machinery and equipment at the Johnnie Walker brand factory.

Johnnie Walker is a blended Scotch Whiskey, each recipe featuring carefully selected single grain and malt whiskeys sourced from distilleries throughout Scotland.

Some Johnnie Walker wines may include 40 different whiskeys. While others use only a few types.

Best ways to enjoy Whiskey

Top 10 Best Whiskeys You Should Try At Least One Time
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There are many ways to enjoy Whiskey. In each way, you will experience different aspects of the taste.

Drink pure whiskey

With this traditional way of drinking, you will feel the original taste, not mixed with other flavors. This is also a way of drinking that is chosen by many people who love the primitive, rustic and simple.

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Add ice to Whiskey

Adding ice to the whiskey is also a great way to enjoy the distinctive flavor of this wine. There are many types of Whiskey that you can enjoy with ice such as Blended Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, American Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey…

You should choose a large stone, slowly pour the wine from the ice to flow down the glass. This helps the whiskey to achieve the desired coldness while easily spreading the sweet aroma.

Drink chilled whiskey

If you like to enjoy cold whiskey but are afraid of using ice because it makes it easy to dilute, chilling is the perfect way to drink wine for you.

With this way of drinking, just putting the wine in the refrigerator for about 12-24 hours will help the wine be completely cooled, condensing both the taste and the most natural aroma. The coldness of the wine will bring a pleasant feeling, especially on hot days, and it will both cool and retain the most quintessential flavor.

Drink Whiskey with a little water

If you are a poor drinker, this will be the way to drink that you can feel the gentle taste of Whiskey. When you add a little water to the wine, the wine will be lighter and very easy to drink. In addition, the process of dissolving in water is also the time to help the flavor of Whiskey explode most strongly.

Drink Whiskey with juice (Cocktail)

This is also an attractive way to enjoy Whiskey for those of you who have a low drinking capacity.

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