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In China and Korea, you can find rice wine with creatures at the bottom (mice corpses) called baby mice wine. Newborn mice simply enter the wine where they then drown. There are those not much older than three days. They have no coat and have their eyes closed. In one bottle, 10-15 baby mice are allowed to drown. The wine is then left to ferment together with the corpses for at least 14 months. The taste can be likened to gasoline and can be attributed to the rotting dead baby mice.

Dead Baby Mice Wine – A Terrible Drink!

Dead Baby Mice Wine – well that’s something that should come to your mind if you are in Korea or China and you are hunting for some out-of-the-world and outright revolting drink. We are pretty darn sure that by now, you are already horrified to your very core but hey, we just told you the name!

Yes, we know that the name speaks a lot but there is much more to it. In case you are wine aficionado, you might be already aware that something like this exists but for those who drink just on special occasions, the name Dead Baby Mice Wine is definitely a deal breaker! Not just deal breaker, it can literally obliterate the willingness to drink wine in the first place.

Okay, instead of beating around the bush, let us find out what this drink is all about and just in case you are interested in tasting it, where can you find it. You know what? When you think of unusual food or drinks, you kind of think oriental and this Dead Baby Mice Wine is no different. Though the exact country of origin for this drink can be argued upon, today it is widely available in countries like Korea and China but finding it in Vietnam is also possible – you might just need to search harder.

Concept behind Dead Baby Mice Wine

Oriental people have long been known for their highly advanced medical knowledge that defies all explanations by western medicines. The Dead Baby Mice Wine is no different. It is thought to have excellent medicinal property and highly effective against one of the most terrible diseases – asthma.

Of course, this wine has been around for many centuries and is a traditional drink. So, whether it was China or whether it was Korea that developed this disgusting wine is debatable. However, though highly effective against asthma, this wine is also said to have the capability of dealing with other diseases pretty well including hepatic or liver diseases. Sometimes, it is said to the ‘cure-all’ medicine. This might be a bit of exaggeration but it can actually possess the ability to tackle a lot of diseases, if not all.

It is said that in ancient times, villagers who failed to buy expensive medicines for their ailments, they used to get hold of this wine to deal with diseases. Precisely how effective this disgusting concoction is is curing ailments is questionable because, there aren’t enough (or perhaps any) medical studies and researches in modern medical world that confirms this. But, considering the fact that west has always managed to impose racial hegemony on other countries and has always managed to take credit for something that never they never discovered or invented, we choose to believe that Dead Baby Mice Wine indeed has some medicinal properties, according to factslegend.

Taste and Ingredients of Dead Baby Mice Wine

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This is perhaps the part you have been waiting for. So, let’s put an end to everything useless and focus on what we want to know. The first question, what kind of taste to expect? Those who have tasted this wine say that it tastes very much like gasoline. As far as getting high is concerned, one usually won’t expect such outcome from wine but this Dead Baby Mice Wine does not belong to the belong to the league of ordinary wines. A couple of cups and you should be high enough to shake hands with kites.

What about the ingredients? This is where things really get nasty. In the bottle you can actually see dead baby mice – not one or two but at least a dozen! In order to make the wine perfect, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the mice are no older than 72 hours (3 days). There are other requirements too! They shouldn’t have open eyes and there should not be any hair on their bodies.

Once you have these mice ready, all you have to do is drop them one by one in a bottle of rice wine while they are still alive. Allow them to drown and keep them there for 12-14 months for fermentation. Once that period is over, the wine with medicinal properties is ready. The dead mice are however not taken out of the bottle. They stay there. Some people say that you actually need to eat one of those dead little mice. Damn! That’s kind of disgusting!
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